Educated Minds of Pakistan Think Differently about India? Let’s find out.

What does the Youth of Pakistan think about India? 

What does the Youth of Pakistan think about India?
What does the Youth of Pakistan think about India?

When it comes to India and Pakistan, the very first thing that comes to everybody’s mind is agitation and regular breaking news of ceasefire violations and terrorism. The media networks of both states try to prove that the other one is a culprit. But have anyone reading this has wondered what do the educated minds of Pakistan think about India and Indians? Of course, there is much more in Pakistan than just terrorism and common people like the one that lives in India also exist there.

We Tried to dig into this question and sought to get some response on the question:

What do the educated and informed Pakistanis think of India and Indians?

Neman Ashraf, who lives in Pakistan Responded to the question on Quora with an answer. In his words,
I’ll be honest but a bit frank as well. So bear with me.

An original democracy 

They understand and keep striving to enforce the true meaning of the word, “Rule of the public”. Instead of following blindly behind Political parties. They work to improve the “political system” itself. I don’t think their leaders can manipulate and fool them with ease as much our politicians do. Our people usually post a criticizing share on social media and that’s it. While in India I think people kind of go viral for even tiny issues and keep shouting until justice is done. That is delightful to see. ( Even you might be delighted at you ? )


 In India, A large number of different cultures are knitted together in a close and perfect manner. Be it religion, culture, food, language, customs. You name it. They have it. As they say “Kos Kos pe badly pani, char kos pe vani”. And yet they make it work. (Agree? )

Aggressive growth

In his words, He remembers watching English documentaries about the poor quality life of India in the 90s. And now all he can find is Progress, Improvement and a sense of Confidence. He says “I like to think that the middle class of India usually has no problem relating to Jobs or money like it was back in the old days. I may be wrong on this, however. It seems like they are just on one mission to get ahead in “everything”. Be it their military, space program, economic trades or tourism. Though we broke chains of enslavement together India seems to be some kind of motivational steroids. Many of you might have your head held higher by now.


On speaking about tolerance, He did add a witty sarcasm concerning about Indo -Pak relations.   He Says “It is one thing to tolerate criticism, and another to embrace it with a smile. Which requires a high level of maturity and wisdom. Being a Pakistani, Though I try to remain unbiased about India/Pakistan relations or rivalry discussions.  If words could kill, My sarcasm would burn the readers. Yet I experience, Many Indians not only appreciate me but also expect more of such criticism and hard-hitting sarcasm. You can get to them with reasoning. They would even go another mile and defend my argument against their own countrymen when I am criticized biasedly. That’s something I truly adore.”

( This is something that sometimes, in turn, backfires Nationality on social media  )


However, he added the word “Sleeping giant ” that might sound odd to many of us. ( It’s the individual opinion of Him ) . He Says ” India is like a sleeping giant that is constantly making its presence felt across the globe. The glorification of India is not a question of mere rhetoric now. Their geostrategic ambition and importance are well recognized. Hate em for that 🙂 Haha. No, I don’t. They rightfully deserve it “.

And now the big pill.

The misconception  I hate to say it. But I honestly think Indians do wonder about Pakistan

“if it’s really a ticking time bomb” Or “Is Pakistan actually going to be a problem”. Yes, we have issues that concern Indians. Yes, Pakistani people aren’t thrilled about India either. ( He Speaks his heart out )

One major and mutual concern is terrorism. I assure you, we do not cherish such a thing. We are a victim as well. when I say “I do understand an average Indian’s concern”. I mean it. But we should not let false propaganda get better of us. Our electronic Media can do a better and productive job. ( He admits !! Woah at least some of them admits this . )

 It’s important to introspect before you support someone or separate yourself from someone.

Veena Malik Used Unacceptable words for Pm Modi and Deserves a fitting Reply .

Whatever you get from being negative, I hope it’s enough. Because it’s costing you plenty.

This was an honest Opinion by Nmean Ashraf , A Police Constable and blogger in Pakistan . Well we have only one thing to say and that is it takes guts to say something like this .

Do you like to mention something on behalf of Indians to him ?

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