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World cup fever is on. Cricket lovers don’t miss out on any match. Looking at the matches played by all the teams till now, Afghanistan really needs some blessings.

This year, luck is not on Afghanistan’s side. Unfortunately, they have not been able to win a single match till now. Yesterday, history repeated again. And, they lost the match over again.

Afghanistan vs England Cricket CWC 2019- Gulbadin Naib

But one incident which happened yesterday was so weird. This was something unusual. When you hear about it; you will really wonder if Cricket is still a gentleman’s game.

It was Match No. 21 of the ICC Cricket World Cup. Afghanistan’s captain tried to pull Eoin Morgan to get him run out. That’s true. This incident was captured in the video. But as the saying goes, luck favors the brave and it did; captain couldn’t get Eoin run out. He safely crossed the crease. To save himself from embarrassment, Afghanistan Captain Gulbadin Naib laughed and picked up the bat and returned it to Eoin. Watch the video here:

Even, Naib said this to media, “We missed a catch of Morgan, and we lost the match there only”.

No doubt, England is amongst the top contenders of the World Cup.

Naib further added, “They didn’t give us any chance in the match. They played so well. And, Eoin is one of the best players. His batting skills are so good”.

Though Afghanistan couldn’t win yesterday’s match but they played really well. They scored 247 and batted out full 50 over for the first time. This was really a big achievement for them. Nab himself said that their team is improving every day. It’s good that they played for the whole 50 over, it’s a good sign.

Afghanistan vs England Cricket CWC 2019

They are trying their best. Initially their one of the best keeper plus Batsman, Mohammad Shahzad had to leave the team because of the injury. And, now their whole team is having a hard time. We hope for their best. May be they perform really well in the next game.
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We hope may the deserving team win the trophy. And, they keep on entertaining us like always.

What do you think who will win the trophy? Will Afghanistan win the next match?
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