Where Do Games Developers Look for New Online Casino Ideas

There is one part of the human species that our robot counterparts will never be able to do effectively: generate ideas. Games developers and those who envisage titles for online slots possess imagination, creativity, and the knowledge to pull it all together. As much as it requires an eye for design, it also requires some business know-how. But from where do online casino game developers get their ideas?

Slot Games

With the vast differences in types of daily jackpots games at Royal Panda show, almost anything can be made into an online casino game. Broad, well-known themes have been transformed into slot games, such as Aztec Spins, Atlantis, and Dragon’s Luck. Other forms of entertainment, such as racing, have been transformed into the 24-Hour Grand Prix game. Indeed, there are even slot games based on sports – which are popular themselves. Even seasonal occasions, such as Christmas, find themselves the subject of online slot games, as we can see with Jingle Bells Power Reels.

Online slot games can take on many different themes. One of the main reasons why developers are so varied with the types of games they offer is because they have such a good platform for finding players. Unlike other forms of entertainment, which may need proof that audiences want the game, online casino sites have a wide range of different kinds of players. Experimental themes for slots can be selected and published on the site and developers know that from the hugely varied audience, someone will be likely to click and play.

The low barrier to entry for players engaging with online casino sites explains why there are some riskier choices of games. Unlike console games, which are a large investment and need a guaranteed set of sales, online casino titles can be deployed and played with little investment from players. They don’t need new hardware or software and can often try sites using welcome bonuses and free spins.

Table Games

One may assume that table games are fixed. Some, like poker, have been played for centuries, with this gameplay largely unchanged. So, coming up with new ideas for these games may seem impossible. But the move to online casinos opened up a flood of creativity that helped game developers use the themes of classic games such as poker and roulette and modernize them for new audiences.

Live versions of these games are the best examples of this. While the live versions of blackjack, baccarat, poker, and roulette don’t change the core gameplay, they do change how players interact. Centuries ago, players had to be there in person. The advent of digital meant that players could then engage online. Developers then combined the benefits of both, so that players could see the dealer in front of them live.

Games such as roulette have many variants – from European rules to American rules, Arabic roulette to speed roulette. The minor changes to the format of the games can actually have a large impact on players. For example, European roulette has only a single zero slot, while American rules roulette has two. This means the odds are stacked against the player more in the latter.

Of course, the challenge for new variants of these table games is that most have dedicated players and fans. People who fondly play poker, for instance, may be unlikely to change the style of poker they play. Some games take a while to master, so they may be unlikely to switch to a different format.

Games developers have a difficult job of ensuring that they are constantly producing something new for online casino players. But thanks to the low barrier for entry to the industry, there are plenty of options for developers to try something new and unique. Sometimes these games are played infrequently and dropped. Other times, they become the favorite game on the site.

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