Who Are the Favorites to Win Eurovision This Year

Arguably one of the biggest forms of entertainment on television each year – particularly across Europe – has to be the Eurovision song contest. It’s always been an intriguing affair with odd performances, tactical voting, and the classic no-points score for at least one nation. Here’s who some of the favorites are for the 2021 edition.

Who the favorites are ?

When it comes to understanding who the favorites are for the competition, a rather useful indicator of such can be the Eurovision betting odds, which will show who the betting service providers believe are the favorites are. For this year’s Eurovision, the runaway favorite is the tiny island of Malta with current odds of 11/4 which contrasts those at the bottom of the pile significantly. Looking a little bit further down comes Switzerland at 9/2, France at 6/1, and Bulgaria at 7/1. On the other end of the scale comes Estonia, Albania, and Spain, who each have odds of 200/1. For those interested, the UK have been put as rank outsiders with odds of 100/1 to take victory.

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Cheer It for Malta

As well as betting odds, previous performances in Eurovisions gone by could be a useful barometer of future iterations too. It could be argued that a win for Malta is arguably long overdue. Since the turn of the millennium, they have finished second on two occasions in 2002 and 2005, and also registered third places in both 1992 and 1998. In total, since they made a return to the competition in 1991, Malta have reached the top ten in 12 out of a possible 15 contests. However, it is at this point where things begin to change for the small island. Since that second place in 2005, Malta have struggled to make an impact, registering just one top ten result in the last fifteen years back in 2013. The same period has also seen them finish last in 2006 and they have failed to qualify for seven separate finals, with some of them coming in two consecutive years.

Switzerland Also Has a Chance

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Maybe, then, a better bet for the favorites are those touted as being second-best, one of Europe’s only landlocked countries, Switzerland. It is of course infamous for its premium watches, chocolate, and the fact it doesn’t have a dedicated car industry too. On the matter of previous Eurovision results, unlike Malta, the other nation with a red and white national flag, have won the competition in 1956 and 1988, the latter coming thanks to the entry of a young Celine Dion before she experienced superstardom in the 1990s.

However, much like Malta, their performances in recent years look to have taken a small tumble. Since the introduction of the semi-finals in 2004, Switzerland have failed to progress in 11 out of 16 competitions. Despite this, they did reach their first top five in 26 years by finishing fourth in 2019 which provides them with a better chance of success perhaps than Malta. As well as arguably having a better chance of winning Eurovision than Malta, Switzerland is also a nation that has been consistently rated as one of the best places to travel in not only in Europe but also the world.


It’s definitely fair to say that both Malta and Switzerland are in with a shout of winning the Eurovision contest, especially given the latter’s recent successes. The whole world will likely be watching and if the likes of Malta can pull something out of the hat, then they will join other nations on a long and prestigious list of winners.

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