Wanderlust- Why You Should Travel For A Few Months

Most people have jumped on a plane and travelled to some part of the world, but typically, people travel for a short break away in search of an escape from normal life for a week or two. Taking the plunge and packing a bag to travel for a few months isn’t something everyone will want to do. But if you have a wanderlust and constantly find yourself daydreaming about traveling to far-flung places around the globe, consider packing a bag for a few months and let the world show you what it has to offer.

Below, we will debunk some of the long-term traveling myths and provide you with great advice for long-term travel. You’ll be booking flights by the end of it!

The Career Conundrum

The people who don’t want to travel for a couple of months at a time will have many reasons why they don’t want to. At the top is the career conundrum. Many people worry they won’t be able to get a job when they get back. However, it’s an obstacle that’s easy to overcome.

The first thing you can try is to ask your manager if you can take a few months unpaid leave, with some of it paid if you have employee vacation days to use. You will be surprised at how many companies would not have one good employee in the office for a month rather than having to hire someone, wait for them to complete their notice period, and then train a new person to the standard you’re at now.

Why should you travel - Money Corundum
Why should you travel – Money Corundum

The next to consider is whether the career you’re in is transferrable to other roles, which all are. If you have qualifications and experience, the majority of the time, it is easy to find a job upon your return. If you search a career website right now, you’ll see hundreds of jobs waiting for you to take. Even if you have to work in a completely different industry for a while until you find a suitable career, there will always be a job to come back to.

The Money Worries

It’s expensive enough to go on an all-inclusive vacation for a week or two, let alone go traveling for longer – right? All-inclusive vacations tend to be so expensive because you’re booking a package deal. The booking process, if you’re going for longer, is different. People book individual flights and typically cheaper hostels and only need a few thousand dollars for the entire trip.

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Don’t let that scare you. Traveling for longer isn’t something you’d be able to do without consistent savings and a lot of planning – so it is possible to have the thousands that you’d need. An example of the average cost of a month traveling around Thailand — the Land of Smiles and one of the most popular backpacking spots — is around $1200. That’s for flights, hotels or hostels, and food and excursions.

Why should you travel - The Money Worries
Why should you travel – The Money Worries

You must do your research and find the cheapest deals. Sometimes you’ll find you will take three flights instead of one because it’s a few hundred dollars less to do so. Utilize blogs such as ClickTravelTips for advice on how to plan your money and book an inexpensive trip. Hostels are typically always cheaper than hotels, and there are some very good hostels in Thailand and the rest of the world.

The Experiences

The experiences you will have is one of the main reasons you should move mountains to go traveling. There’s a sense of adventure that comes with backpacking around the world and a sense of community. If you go to prime backpacking spots, such as Thailand (it’s a great example to use), you’ll find you meet people along the way that make the experiences even better.

Of course, there are literally hundreds of other destinations globally great for backpackers, such as Europe and South America. The experiences you have will obviously vary depending on where you are in the world, but you would spend your time exploring the cultures, the history, and the fun that each part of the world has to offer.

Thanks to TripAdvisor, you can pretty much plan your whole journey before you get there – from the hostel to the excursion. TripAdvisor is full of, well, advice.

The Freedom

The sense of freedom you get from backpacking should be enough alone to have you jumping on a plane. The trouble with life is that it can feel so full-on yet monotonous. We live for the weekend and work to pay the bills – that’s the reality of modern-day life. Most people dream of breaking the cycle but never find a way of doing it. Traveling is the perfect solution.

Why should you travel - For the Freedom
Why should you travel – For the Freedom

If you can find a way to save money and leave your job behind for a few months, the freedom you’ll feel is unbeatable. To live your life entirely for living is a freedom like no other.

The Return

Most people worry about the return, so let’s ease your mind. We’ve spoken about how typically easy it is to get a job upon return, but there are things you can do to make sure you’re settled when you’re home.

Many people chose to save a bit of extra money for their return so they can pay bills, buy food, and do what they need to do before returning to work. Saving that extra bit of money as a safety net is always advised, especially when you’re traveling. Plan for your return long before your return by trying to get a job lined up, having money to fall back on, and having somewhere to stay while you settle back into normal life.

Traveling is a great way of pushing yourself to do something that not everyone gets to do. You’ll have amazing experiences, learn a lot about yourself, and meet great people along the way. Start planning your trip today by finding your perfect travel destination.

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