With defeat in 4 states out of 5 .Is this the start to end of the Modi era?

With Congress looking for a very strong finish in what was being touted as the semi-finals of 2019 elections. Looks like Congress is back into the picture with heads held high. Sweeping BJP out of Chhattisgarh completely and a just crossed the finishing line win in Rajasthan. The Congress party is all set to take on BJP in 2019 elections head on. Can they win over?

We want to win the 2019 elections and we will win it but we don’t want to remove anyone from the country said Rahul Gandhi taking a jibe at BJP’s ‘Congress-Mukt Bharat’ campaign

But with defeat in states that BJP had been ruling for 15 years have raised issues of concern for BJP think tank and we all are in doubt whether this is the end of Modi era?

BJP 2019 elections
end of the Modi era? BJP 2019 elections Image Credits: DNA India

The Congress is eyeing its best performance in state elections in recent times – sweeping BJP after 15 years in Chhattisgarh, in position to win Rajasthan, and holding a slim lead on the BJP in Madhya Pradesh, with big gains in all three. Congress chief Rahul Gandhi said it was “time for a change,” crediting party workers for the result and promised “strong governments” in the states that his party set to win.

“This is a clear message to the prime minister and the BJP that the country is not happy with what they are doing…it will be difficult for them to win the 2019 elections,” Gandhi said at a press conference on Tuesday evening.


Dr. Raman Singh accepted the moral responsibility of the defeat, but we are yet to hear from other leaders of M.P and Rajasthan. BJP spokesperson Dr. Sambit Patra, however, claimed that it is not due to RaGa but due to anti-incumbency that they have not performed as expected.

Votes are being counted today in five states in what has been billed as the semifinal before next year’s Lok Sabha election. Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh have been ruled for the last 15 years by the BJP and Rajasthan for the last five. The party had also won 60 of the total 65 parliament seats in these heartland states as it swept the 2014 general elections, in which the Congress was reduced to its lowest tally ever in the Lok Sabha.

Here is a list of reasons that could have been behind the election results:
BJP 2019 elections
BJP 2019 elections Image Credits: Times Now

Dissatisfaction among farmers and youth – While all the leaders claim to work in the best interest of poor and oppressed, the opposition claimed that the governments did not do their bit. They also pointed out at the policy failure in employment creation and a huge number of farmer’s suicide in the states.

GST disadvantages
GST disadvantages

GST and Demonetization – Congress has time and again iterated that demonetization was a hoax and took the economy backward. Can there be a possibility that people did take them seriously? After their claims were backed by the RBI stats to some extent. Also, has the business community lost faith in BJP after their business faced hiccups and roadblocks due to GST and demonetization?

Fallout with RBI and CBI

Did the voters agree that the governments were trying to dominate and destroy the autonomous status of independent bodies like RBI and CBI.  Did the recent fallouts indicate that the government is trying to dictate the governance?

win the 2019 elections
win the 2019 elections Image Credits: Dailyhunt

Communal angle – Did the voters get offended by the recent communal statements given by top BJP leaders. Have the voters started to believe that instead of development the government is more interested in the polarization of votes and suppression of minorities which are otherwise averse to the party?

Anti-Incumbency – BJP was reigning M.P. and Chhattisgarh for the past 15 years. Can it be just due to the lack of excitement about the ruling parties? People might just want to explore new options.

While these could have been all the possibilities there is no denying that 2019 is going to be a rocky road for the BJP since the Congress has worked aggressively on restructuring their organization and campaign. Do you think Modi will be able to win over 2019 elections?




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