Rajasthan:Woman walks up to the police station naked, while the onlookers clicked photographs !

We can hear and sometimes notice a positive change in our society. But as soon as we start believing that the things have started to change, we come across an exception. One such news that questions the status and helplessness of women came from Churu in Rajasthan.

Honor is meant to be guarded and protected for all. Every human deserves basic respect and protection of dignity. But imagine a situation where a woman had to shun her prestige to save her life. Imagine the amount of pain and insult she might have gone through. All the beautiful pictures of women empowerment came crashing down and started looking like ugly jokes.

Rajasthan rape news: The woman walks up to the police station naked: The Incident as it happened

Woman walks up to the police station naked
Rajasthan rape news: A woman walks up to the police station naked. Image Credits: TimesNow

The incident happened in Churu, where a woman had to walk naked to the police station to report harassment by her in-laws. The incident occurred in Bidasar area of Churu, where the woman reported harassment by in-laws in absence of her husband.

The attitude of the onlookers was even more shameful. Instead of helping the woman, the locals started clicking pictures and shooting videos on their mobiles.


The woman hails from Akola district of Maharashtra and her husband is a laborer in Assam. The victim got into a verbal fight where her mother-in-law and sister-in-law beat her up and even tore her clothes. Therefore, she had to go to the police station in a naked condition. The police have arrested the in-laws and have provided protection and shelter to the woman.

Rajasthan:Woman walks up to the police station naked
Rajasthan rape cases: Woman walks up to the police station naked. Image Credits: News18

Sujangar ASP, Sitaram Mahich gave details about the FIR and informed that the police have deleted CCTV footages of the woman. This has been done to prevent the images from getting viral on social media and bring more humiliation for the victim.

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Why and how such incidents take place is the Question we are asking!

However, this incident is shameful for us as a society and makes us hang our heads in shame. The in-laws not only assaulted their daughter in law but also let her out of the house in that situation. Tearing the clothes and still not being ashamed is the next level of shamelessness and hard-heartedness. The conduct of the people on the way was even more shameful because most of them are the much-touted Moral Police. Instead of helping the victim, they started clicking pictures, because hey! who Humanity? and Why not!

Rajasthan News Woman walks up to the police station naked
Rajasthan rape news: Woman walks up to the police station naked. Image Credits: The Indian Express

Think about this for a minute, is prestige and honor reserved only for the elite. Can a poor woman’s honor be compromised just like that! Is the duty limited only to the police and women cell? Did we not fail as a society when we became dumb and shameful witness to the event and did nothing to help a mother or sister as a woman?

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