Wondering Which Pair Of Sunglasses To Buy? Be a Trend Setter this Season and Stand Out

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Which Pair Of Sunglasses are in trend?

1. Retro Cat-eye!

Sunglasses are one of those accessories that can either make or break your look. If you pair classic aviator with a minimalist outfit it’ll be too simple. Yes, it’s a lot of pressure to put on just one accessory but it’s true! We’re quite sure you have a ‘to-go’ pair of sunglasses. But it’s essential to pair the right shades with the right outfit. We have a perfect guide for you to pick the most trending sunglasses of 2018 which have also created a buzz in the B-town!

This style is so 50’s but its evergreen and classic. You can pair it with any minimalist outfit or wear a simple chic cat-eye sunglass with a bright-colored outfit to stand out. These shades are always a part of big celebrities’ wardrobe and we witnessed Deepika Padukone, Shraddha Kapoor, and even Beyonce wearing the same. It’s definitely the best pair of glasses for this season.

How to be a Trend Setter
How to be a Trend Setter

2. Tinted Lenses

It’s important to sync up your new pair of sunglasses with your clothing. Black or brown lenses are too mainstream and boring. Adding a little color with make outlook fabulous! These go best with whites, off whites, creams, and beiges.
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Ray-Ban: 7,400/- INR (Starting range)
Flea Market: 200/- INR (Approx)

3. Wayfarer

These sunglasses have been in trend since the 1950s. Celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Madonna got these in trend and they have been in trend since then. But it is also very essential to choose the right style. Wayfarers come in various lens style such as cat-eye, oval, diamond, square, triangle and so on. These sunglasses are unisex. And both partners can rock the look.

Which Pair Of Sunglasses are in trend
Which Pair Of Sunglasses are in trend

4. Reflectors

It’s like a forest fire! This style of sunglasses has created a buzz in the fashion industry like no one else. They come in bright striking colors like neon yellow, pink, blue, green, etc. These come in different frames but our favorite is the classic aviator frame with reflector lenses. Just remember not to wear these sunglasses with a loud outfit. These really stand out when worn with plain chew tees.

Dior: 15,000/- INR (Starting)
Flea Market: 250-300/- INR (Approx)

5. Round Frames

These sunglasses look best on oval/long shaped faces. Though they look cute on round shape faces too but it’ll give a rounder look to your face. If you want to show off your ‘on-fleek’ eyebrows, these sunglasses are the BEST! They come in various lens and frame colors. Just pick the one you like and then you’re all set to slay!

Versace: 16,000/- INR (Starting Range)
Flea Market: 350/- INR (Approx)

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Though all high-end brands have these sunglasses you can always have a cheat code! All flee markets have these styles, especially in Delhi and Mumbai. These are a few sunglasses trends which never goes out of style in any season. Be it gloomy monsoons or sunny winters, there will be a constant style statement. Just pick the right color and you’re good to go. So boys and girls, go and kill them with these fashionable sunglasses like no one else!

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