Aaron Rodgers and Pat McAfee show ESPN just wanted Black athletes to ‘stick to sports’

Black employees at ESPN, both past and present, have not had the opportunity to make news for their voice on issues that extend beyond sports, unlike Aaron Rodgers and Pat McAfee.

Employing coded language such as "stick to sports" and "shut up and dribble" ensures that black athletes and employees are kept quiet.

Accusations have been made against ESPN for contributing to a culture that stifles the voices of black people by limiting their capacity to express themselves on matters unrelated to sports.

Additionally, it brings to light the fact that ESPN has a long-standing policy of not recruiting black personnel, which makes the current situation much more problematic.

While Rodgers and McAfee have enjoyed the freedom to speak out on various subjects without fear of penalties, black workers at ESPN have never had the same level of freedom throughout their careers.

This article comes to a conclusion by arguing that the actions of Rodgers and McAfee are evidence that ESPN only wanted black players to "stick to sports" and keep mute on topics that went beyond the playing field.

The article's opinions do not reflect those of ESPN or any of its affiliates; rather, they are the author's.