20+ Best Online Travel Websites In India With Discount Coupons

Our world is full of wonders and mysteries. And the human mind is designed to be curious about the things and places it hears about. So, it is only natural to yearn to see all these wonders in front of our own eyes. This is why we wander, we roam, or in other words, we travel. Traveling is perhaps the best of all cures for the mind. In these days of increasing workload, societal pressure, stress, depression, and anxiety, packing your bags and leaving for a destination you’ve never been to before is just the antidote you need. We are here to make your travel easier by providing you with a list of the best travel websites in India where you can book cheap flight tickets.

Travelling was more like aiming in the dark until a few decades ago. You had no directions back then, just instructions by word of mouth. But today, with the internet being the star of the century, we have everything just by simple Google search. But, it matters which source you choose to get information delivered from.

List Of Top 20 Online Travel Websites In India

travel websites in India


Established in 2004 by a group of IT professionals, Skyscanner was initially a flight search engine where one could get access to information on all flight details and rates on one page.

Travel websites in India

Today, the company is one of the most successful online travel companies. All your travel queries can be resolved by searching on the Skyscanner website or by installing and looking up the Skyscanner app. Skyscanner helps you navigate to your favorite destination by helping you with every detail about the place and showing you the cheapest flight tickets, the best choices for accommodation, as well as easily accessible car hire. 

The website: SkyScanner

You can utilize information from Skyscanner in either of the two ways: 

If you already have a place in mind, you can just search and book for the best options by just looking up at Skyscanner. The website also lets you know of modified fare changes if any in the selected destination, once you avail the Price Alerts feature.

Or, in case you aren’t sure whether where to go, just try searching ‘Everywhere’ on Skyscanner and you’ll be suggested mind-blowing destinations at prices you’re comfortable with. 

In 2018, Skyscanner was awarded the best travel app by Tripzilla online magazine. Skyscanner is currently available in over 30 languages. The company holds a great deal about sustainability, which is why you can also choose their ‘Greener choice’ label. By choosing this feature, flights that emit fewer CO2 are handpicked for your travel. It is one of the best travel websites in India.

Skyscanner also provides excellent money-saving deals on flights, hotels and car hire. While some of these deals are limited to a short period and modified daily, few other ones are fixed deals.

You may look up the deals granted on Skyscanner here:

Skyscanner Deals

Here are some travel coupons available from Skyscanner:

Skyscanner Deals from Grabon


Travel websites in India

Airbnb is an online travel company that offers you the best options for cozy accommodation at your dream destination. It acts as a middle party between hosts who wish to rent their place, this might be a homestay, a rental or lodging, and the guests who want to find someplace to stay can book these places via Airbnb. All you have to do to find the ideal accommodation is to go to their website and enter the details. You have to provide the check-in and check-out dates and the number of persons who shall be traveling. At this for your desired destination and price, several options show up from which you can choose your favorite. 

As already mentioned, since Airbnb acts only as a broker, so, the guest might need to provide further details, like for example a scanned copy of government-issued verification, if the host insists. There is also a facility for secure messaging where the guest and host can communicate during the deal. As you may have heard of it as one of the best travel websites in India, Airbnb is the right online travel booking choice for you.

According to recent reports, more than two million people use Airbnb to afford a convenient stay outside their home city, making it one of the best travel websites.

Apart from looking for accommodation, you can also rent your house as the host and earn money via Airbnb.

The website: AirBnb

You can also avail of highly economical coupons on Airbnb bookings. We include some of them below:

Airbnb Deals from Business Insider:

Deals from Grabon:

Airbnb Deals from desidme:

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Travel websites in India

MakeMyTrip is one of the most used online travel companies in India. It provides a safe environment for travelers with the best travel options and details available on the internet. One of the highlights of MMT is that the transactions are assured to be safe. To access service, one has to just go to the website or the MMT app and provide details regarding the dates for traveling and the number of persons. A list of options for traveling which includes cheap flight tickets, train tickets, bus tickets, and cab services, and accommodation, as well as local or international packages designed by MMT for that destination, appear on your screen. The process is simple and secure.

The website: MakeMyTrip 

MakeMyTrip offers various attractive offers and cashback deals for travelers. To benefit from these deals, you may visit

Here are some additional travel coupons available from MakeMyTrip which further makes it one of the best travel websites in India:

MakeMyTrip Deals from Coupons India:

Deals from Grabon:

MakeMyTrip Deals from CouponDunia:


Travel websites in India

Yatra is a top travel website in India. Founded in 2006, Yatra functions through the official website and its mobile application. Through Yatra, you can choose convenient and cheap flight ticket options, browse for comfy accommodations at a reasonable price, and book bus and train tickets for traveling. There are also wonderful holiday packages available via the agency to different destinations across the globe. 

Recently, Yatra added a feature where tourists can book cruise voyages on the website. Another new feature is the adventure section through which packages involving bike trips, helicopter tours, camping and trekking tours can be availed. On Yatra, you can also check for the list of monuments in the place you’re planning to go to. 

Yatra also features a special travel category called Privy. It includes premium offers, high-class facilities, and guidance from top travel advisors to make your journey a memorable, royal experience. 

The website: Yatra

Yatra offers plenty of top deals on flight tickets, hotel prices, bus bookings, and holiday packages. Here are the links to these deals provided by Yatra:

Yatra Deals:

Deals for Hotels:

Yatra Deals:

Yatra Deals for Buses:

You can access coupons on Yatra here:

Yatra Deals Frin Coupons India

Deals from Grabon

Yatra Deals from Zoutons

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Travel websites in India

Cleartrip is an online travel company in India. Based in Mumbai and Dubai, the company offers services for booking flights, hotels and train tickets at economical rates. Cleartrip also delivers tour and activities packages across various destinations in India and the Middle East. One can use Cleartrip by checking the website or by installing the Cleartrip mobile application available on PlayStore. 

There is a special feature called Expressway in Cleartrip. This helps travelers to access all the details of their travel bookings and transactions in one go, by saving them. Another feature called Pricewatch helps users to have an automatic refund for booked flight tickets whenever the price goes down. 

Flexifly is yet another feature in Cleartrip which helps users who fly frequently. With Flexifly, you can flexibly change the date or time of travel in emergencies. Also, you can switch flights between airlines, without worrying about any penalty by using Flexifly. 

In 2018, Cleartrip was awarded the best mobile app for travel by Mobexx Awards. 

The website: Cleartrip

Cleartrip extends cashback offers on flight and accommodation prices. To learn more about these offers, visit the links provided below:

Cleartrip Deals

Deals on Fridays

Cleartrip Deals Festive Offers:

Deals for Airtel Payments Bank users

Here are some Cleartrip coupons you can utilize:

Cleartrip Deals from Grabon:

Deals from ClearTrip:

Cleartrip Deals from Coupons One India:

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Travel websites in India

Trivago, based in Germany is a travel website and metasearch engine owned by Expedia. It is designed exclusively for availing cheap accommodation services for travelers. 

The main features of Trivago are the rating index of travel destinations and the hotel price index which helps compare rates conveniently compared to other websites. 

You can either check the best hotels at cheap rates on their website or by installing the mobile application. You may enter the name of the place and the desirable travel date on the website if you already have a place in mind. Or, if you are yet to decide a destination, you can explore places on Trivago and choose the staying options. Reviews by other travelers also assist you in making the best choice. This exclusive feature makes it rank on the top in the list of the best travel websites in India.

The website: Trivago

We hope these awesome Trivago coupons come of your assistance:

Trivago Deals from Coupon India:

Deals from Grabon:

Trivago Deals from retailmenot:

Deals from Desidime

Trivago Deals from Fabpromocodes:


Travel websites in India

Based in New Delhi, EaseMyTrip is an online travel company in India founded in 2008. On EaseMyTrip, you can book cheap flight tickets, bus and train tickets as also convenient cab services. The company also extends holiday packages. You can either check various activities available in different locations or just provide the destination you wish to go to, and they’ll show you desirable packages. You can also book visas to countries across the globe on EaseMyTrip. A new feature enables us to present travel e-gift cards to loved ones. The features, the coupons and the ease of use, make it one of the top travel websites in India.

The website: EaseMyTrip

Below are some of the hottest deals and offers on EaseMyTrip:

EaseMyTrip Deals:

Discount Coupons on Flight:

EaseMyTrip Deals:

Discount Coupons EaseMyTrip:

Do check out these EaseMyTrip coupons too:

Discount Coupons from Coupon Dunia:

Discount Coupons Grabon:

EaseMyTrip Delas from talkcharge:


TripAdvisor is an America-based global online travel company. On TripAdvisor, you can find the best accommodations, things to do, restaurants and holiday homes once you enter the destination you’re planning to head to. TripAdvisor also assists in booking cheap flight tickets and cruises at reasonable prices. Reviews by travelers and hosts at TripAdvisor are voted most helpful by numerous tourists. You can use the filter option to choose the price range that is comfortable for you while looking for service from TripAdvisor. 

Along with giving information about various locations, TripAdvisor also extends packages for travel and activities of different places. According to recent reports, TripAdvisor is considered one of the world’s largest travel platforms.

The website: TripAdvisor

Some coupons of TripAdvisor that you can make maximum use of are added below:

Discount Coupons Groupon:

Discount Coupons Grabon:


Travel websites in India

Goibibo or Ibibo group is a travel company based in India. It is a subsidiary company to MakeMyTrip. Goibibo simplifies flight bookings, finding hotels and booking train tickets, bus tickets, and cabs. You can either go to their website or get the app and browse for service. 

An additional highlight of Goibibo is that you can explore destinations in India state-wise, as it acts as a travel guide for every location. We recommend Goibibo as one of the best travel websites in India.

The website: Goibibo

Check out hot deals on hotels, flights and other bookings on Goibibo:

Discount Coupons from GoIbibo:

You should also definitely try these coupons of Goibibo:

Discount Coupons Grabon:

GoIbibo Deals:

GoIbibo Coupons:

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Travel websites in India

It is a travel website, part of the Expedia group, an online travel shopping company based in America. Expedia helps you with affordable travel and stay options. With a varied range of cheap flight and hotel options, it is a popular name in the travel industry. Expedia also offers car hire choices at convenient rates. 

The service is available via the official website as well as a mobile application. There is a feature called flight+hotel on Expedia. This feature shows you the travel packages for the said destination. Under another section, you can get to know more about holiday activities. 

The website: Expedia

There are some cool deals available on Expedia. To know more, check the link below:

Expedia Deals:

Grab travel coupons on Expedia by clicking below:

Expedia Deals from Retailmenot:

Expedia discount codes from

Discount Coupons Groupon:


Travel websites in India

Established in 2005, Travelguru is an online travel company in India, based in Mumbai. The chief objective of the website is to provide travelers with excellent options in accommodation. From hotels to homestays, Travelguru does not miss out on any detail. One has to just go to the website and enter the destination in mind to see numerous accommodation choices. One can also book cheap flight tickets on Travelguru. The website additionally extends great holiday packages for your dream vacation. 

Travelguru has an adventure section which provides adrenaline junkies with mind-blowing adventure packages. These include bike trips in the Himalayas, as also camping and trekking activities. 

The website: Travelguru

Like most other travel websites, Travelguru offers users some amazing deals on their prices. Check them out here:

Travelguru Hotel Deals:

Don’t forget to get hold of these coupons!

Discount Coupons Grabon:

Travelguru Discount Coupons from Couponzguru:


Travel websites in India

Ixigo is an online travel company based in India. It was established in 2007. On Ixigo, you can explore, get information about destinations and find things to do in a specific location. Also, you can book cheap flights, get train and bus tickets and select and book hotels to stay while on your trip. Ixigo gets you the latest information out there and compares a huge range of hotels and flights to provide you with the option of your convenience. 

All kinds of bookings and exploring places can be done on the official website. Ixigo has some exclusive offers ready always making it one of the best travel websites in India.

The website: Ixigo

Check out the hottest deals on Ixigo here:

Ixigo Offers:

Below attached are coupons from Ixigo:

Deals from Grabon:

Ixigo Deals from Coupondunia:

Discount Coupons from Desidime:


Travel websites in India

It is an online travel company owned by Booking Holdings. Kayak offers you a wide range of options on flights, hotels and car hire. Based in Stamford, Connecticut, Kayak can be accessed on the official website or on a mobile application that is available in more than 18 languages, in over 30 countries across the globe. 

You have to just enter the desirable travel dates and you are provided with a variety of cheap flights and hotels, as per your need, from which you can choose your pick. 

On Kayak, one can explore different destinations and their unique aspects. If you wish to get the travel planned for you, you may select any of the holiday packages on Kayak, designed for the place you want to visit.

The website: Kayak

Kayak offers astonishing deals on flight tickets, hotels, and packages. Here’s where you can check them out:

Kayak Deals:

You won’t want to miss out on these attractive coupons either.

Deals from Grabon:

Discount Coupons from Business Insider:

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Travel websites in India

It is an online travel company based in Singapore and is a subsidiary of Booking Holdings. Agoda aims to render services in accommodations and cheap flight bookings. Along with the official website, the company has also launched a mobile application with the same name. 

You can just browse through various flights and hotels as per your requirements, after providing the name of the location you wish to explore. Agoda is highly rated by users all around the world.

The website: Agoda

On Agoda, you avail of some baffling deals that you would regret missing out. Check them out here:

We thought you’d love to check out these coupons, too:

Deals from Grabon:

Travel websites in India

A well-known travel website in India, is owned and the chief establishment of Booking Holdings. It is based in Amsterdam and available in 43 languages. The company delivers varied options in hotels, car rental, and cheap flight options among others. You can also book taxis or cabs to pick you from the airport you’re traveling to. also helps you connect more with other travelers and travel communities. You just require to go to the website or install the app to avail of services. On giving them information about the place you want to visit or by deciding one from the varied collection of locations on the website, you are rendered with a range of traveling and accommodation options. 

The website:

To access remarkable cashback offers from, visit the link given below: Deals:

Here are some coupons available for

Deals from Grabon:

Discount Coupons from CouponDunia:

Discount coupons from Zoutons:


cheap flight tickets Travel websites in India

Redbus is an online bus ticketing platform based in Bangalore, India. It is a subsidiary of the Ibibo group. Redbus provides bus service in India, Indonesia, Singapore, Columbia, Malaysia, and Peru. 

To put it in simple words, Redbus lets you browse and find the ideal bus service according to your requirement. On the website or their mobile application, you have to just provide the source and destination of your journey as also the date of travel, and you’ll get to pick from among the best services available. 

A sustainable initiative by Redbus is the rPool option where you can carpool to travel short distances. There is a special section to book buses from pilgrimage tour packages as there are several pilgrimage spots in India. Bus Hire feature lets you hire buses for traveling as per your need. 

Redbus is especially popular among tourists owing to its punctuality and laudable customer service. Redbus offers a 25% refund if the booked bus service is delayed more than half an hour to arrive at the said location. There are about 25000 bus operators on board at Redbus.

The website: Redbus

Check out these ravishing deals at Redbus :

Redbus Deals:

And don’t forget to grab these coupons either:

Discount Coupons from Coupons OneIndia:

Deals from Grabon:

Deaks from Desidime:


Travel websites in India

Founded in 2006, Via is an online travel company in India, based in Bangalore, India. Via delivers a huge range of options in flight bookings, hotels and bus bookings. You can also check out some great vacation packages on Via. 

Via has some great apps to provide you with the best assistance. You can also browse the website to find great choices. Exploring through amazing locations to spend a holiday, you can book cheap flight tickets, buses, and accommodations with Via. 

The website: Via

We thought you won’t want to regret missing out on these deals on Via.

Via Offers:

How about some cool coupons too?

Via Discount Coupons:

Deals from Grabon:

Via Discount Coupons:


cheap flight tickets Travel websites in India

A travel metasearch engine that is a part of Kayak, Momondo is a subsidiary to Booking Holdings. On Momondo, you can book cheap flight tickets, hire car services and find cozy hotels to stay at while on your vacation. Momondo enables you to compare prices within a wide range of options to bring to you the best according to your needs. 

One can also plan their trip on Momondo by clicking on the section called My Trips. Inspiration is a travel blog website operated by Momondo where travelers can blog about their travel experiences. Passionate travelers planning to visit a particular destination can look up for suggestions from these blogs. Momondo is available in over 10 languages. For using services from Momondo, you have to just visit the website given below.

The website: Momondo

Here are some great cashback offers from Momondo:

Momondo Deals:

Don’t miss out on these Momondo coupons either:

Discount Coupons from Coupons:

Deals from Couponlawn:

Cox and Kings

Travel websites in India
Cox and Kings

Founded in 1758, Cox and Kings is one of the oldest travel agencies in the world. It is based in India and the United Kingdom. The company arranges primarily in India, as well as around 17 different countries across the globe. You can look up and book cheap flights, cab services, buses, trains, cruises, hotels, and even explore the attractions to visit in any tourist destination. 

While looking for holidays on the website, you’ll find some interesting sections like Duniya Dekho which is for international destinations, Bharat Dekho which is exclusively for destinations in India, and Getaway Goddess which is carved out especially for women travelers, among others. 

Cox and Kings also show you uniquely picked locations for family holidays, adventure holidays, romantic holidays and women’s holidays. 

The website: Cox and Kings

Cox and Kings provide you with discounts on their packages and also get you amazing offers on flights, hotels and other services. Check it out here:

Cox and Kings Deals:

Deals on Cox and Kings:

We also provide you with some exciting coupons of Cox and Kings to help you book cheap flight tickets:

Deals from Grabon:

Discount Coupons for Cox and Kings:

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cheap flight tickets Travel websites in India

Hotwire is an online travel company that is owned by Expedia Group. Based in San Francisco, Hotwire renders amazing service in helping you fetch the best hotels, cheap flights and car rentals at a reasonable rate.

You can either directly go to the website or install their mobile app to access the services. By providing them with the location’s name, you are displayed with a wide range of options from which you can choose according to your convenience. There is also an option called Bundles, through which you can book all three i.e. the desirable hotel to stay, the flight to travel to the place and car rental for local transport. 

The website: Hotwire 

You should also not miss out on these great coupons available for Hotwire services which help you book cheap flight tickets:

Deals from Groupon:

Hotwire deals from Retailmenot:

Hotwire Deals from Rakuten:

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