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About Us

We are an Internet Media Company that works to reach out millions of online users in the upcoming years. We create specific stories with the intent to keep our audiences aware and knowledgeable.

Our focus is to create content that appeals to users in term of quality and information, and we have chosen to go diverse in our content creation. Have a look at the niche we are working on-

  • Entertainment-Hollywood, World of TV, and Bollywood
  • Fashion and Lifestyle
  • Food and Markets
  • Place reviews
  • Book reviews
  • Inspirational stories and quotes
  • Sports
  • Travel
  • Trending news
  • Health and Fitness
  • Technology

And a bit of everything!

At Godofsmallthing, our users can assure “NO FAKE CONTENT”. We only deliver the true and the best to our readers.

Our Staff

Godofsmallthing as an organisation has now a team extended to 18 people, including-

  • 5 professional writers
  • 4 marketing specialists
  • 1 graphic designer
  • 3 video editors
  • 5 interns (max)

We work day and night to develop quality content for our audiences. Our team members are filled with enthusiasm and talent and we together work towards a single goal, “Our reader’s satisfaction”. Follow us and get updated with important day to day happenings of technology, fashion, health and fitness, sports, world of TV, entertainment, and more.

7 thoughts on “About Us Company : Godofsmallthing

  • ravi khanna

    You stoke the name of this website from a book by the same name written by one of the greater contemporary Indian writer, Arundhati Roy. Removing the ‘s’ at the end of things, does not change that fact. At the very least try to be creative. She would be applaud pure trash you chose to highlight on this site. Fanning right wing war cries and anti-muslim and anti-dalit hatred! This is not partiotism, it is bigotry.

    • gaurav229

      I must say you should go on and explore our posts 🙂 you will have a changed opinion .

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        I hope you will be fine. Actually I need your service for paid guest posting.

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        I want long-term relationship with you.
        I shell be very thankful to you this kind 🥰
        I’m waiting for your kind response.

        Best regards
        Jam Adeel

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    • Sanjay Gupta

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