Fastest 50 in ODI Cricket with Video Highlights

As the world grows dynamic so does the sport of cricket. The game of bat-ball has changed tremendously over the decades. The gentleman’s sport has turned into a rocketing spirit based on the ball hitting merit. With the arrival of the Twenty20s and now the T10s, the glowing spectacle of flying balls over the boundaries define 21st-century cricket. However, today we shall focus on One Day Internationals and recount the top 15 fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket history. For it is prudent to understand the skill set a batsman needs to score the fastest fifty in ODI. Taking a glance at the power hitters who scored the fastest 50 in ODI cricket would give us an idea. Watching players hit the fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket is exciting but is it that simple?

Exciting but not easy we must say! As much as we love watching the cover drives penetrating grass or the big lofts out the stadiums, every shot comes off an artistic batsman often under severe pressure. Scoring fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket takes great form, massive hitting prowess, and intelligent shot placing. Let’s pay our tribute to the best of batsmen who scored the fastest 50 in ODI in their careers to find a spot in today’s list. 

Here is a list of top 20 fastest 50s in ODI cricket of all time: 

16. Chris Gayle19
15. Brendon McCullum19 
14. JM Kemp19
13. Mark Boucher19
12. Aaron Finch18
11. Brendon McCullum18
10. Shahid Afridi18
9. Glenn Maxwell 18
8. Shahid Afridi18
7. Shahid Afridi 18
6. SP O’Donnell18
5. LS Livingstone17
4. Martin Guptill17
3. Kusal Perera17
2. Sanath Jayasuriya17
1. AB de Villiers16
Fastest 50s in ODI cricket
Fastest 50 in ODI Cricket
List of Fastest fifties in ODI Cricket

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16. Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle Fastest Fifty
Chris Gayle

Details of Gayle’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

VenueGros Islet
DateMarch 2, 2019
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

On March 2, 2019, a shocking Gayle-storm swept the English bowlers in the final ODI of five-match series. Smashing 77 off just 27 deliveries, Chris Gayle showcased a sensational performance to lead Windies to victory. The universal boss scored his fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket while achieving this feat. Charging with nine sixes and five fours, Gayle thrashed premium bowlers like Chris Woakes and Mark Wood. 

This fastest fifty in ODI cricket came off just 19 deliveries. Honestly, it is not a surprise to find the six-machine standing at 15th position in this list. 

Watch Chris Gayle’s fastest 50 in ODI

Buttler & Gayle Go Huge In Record Breaking Match | Windies vs England 4th ODI 2019 - Highlights

15. Brendon McCullum

Fastest 50 in ODI Cricket AB De Villiers
Brendon McCullum

Details of McCullum’s 2nd fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateDecember 31, 2007
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

In the third ODI against Bangladesh on the new year’s eve of 2007, Brendon McCullum his nickname – Mr. Fantastic. A blistering stroke comprising six sixes and nine fours snatched the series away from the Tigers. The kiwi opener recorded his fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket. An unparalleled performance came off McCullum’s willow just at the right moment. 

New Zealand’s Brendie achieved this feat smashing off 19 deliveries. He managed to post a total of 80 runs after facing only 28 balls. History was created after Brendon McCullum, who scored fastest 50 in ODI of his career, walked back to the pavilion. 

Watch 50 off 25 balls Brendon mcCullum vs Australia

50 off 25 balls! Brendon McCullum Magic vs Australia

14. Justin Kemp

JM Kemp Fastest Fity
Justin Kemp

Details of Justin’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateFebruary 27, 2005
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Six down on the scoreboard and jogged in Kempe to finish the match brought on track by Gibbs and Smith. A well-known proteas finisher, Justin firmly gripped his bat to play some of the most memorable strokes. With a strike rate above 250, Kemp bashed five fabulous sixes and two crucial fours. By the end, South Africa had won. All due to Kemp who scored the fastest 50 in ODI of his career. He made this record off just 19 balls. 

The sheer temperament and hard hitting skills puts him as 13th in the list of fastest 50s in ODI cricket. 

Watch Justin Kemp’s fastest 50 in ODI

13. Mark Boucher

Mark Boucher Fastest Fity
Mark Boucher

Details of Mark’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

VenueCape Town
DateOctober 22, 2001
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

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In a match where Kristen & McKenzie both posted centuries, Martin was the tail-ender who brought a conclusion to the game. Batting constantly at 250+ strike rate, Martin only looked for boundaries in the death overs. Willing to lead the Triangular series, Martin put every inch of effort to secure a win for his team. Boucher hit four sixes and placed two fours, making the fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket of his career. 

The feat came off 19 deliveries. Martin who scored fastest 50 in ODI for South Africa, today ranks 12th among all timers. 

Watch Mark Boucher’s fastest 50 in ODI

Mark Boucher - 2nd Fastest 100

12. Aaron Finch

Aaron Finch Fastest Fifty
Aaron Finch

Details of Aaron’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

OpponentSri Lanka
DateAugust 31, 2016
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

First over in the second innings of the 4th ODI was a maiden in favor of Sri Lanka. But it could hardly mean anything because the bowling attack witnessed two Aussie lions on the pitch. After Warner faced 6 dots, Finch couldn’t stand patiently and thus launched four fours in the second over. Though the Australian team was chasing a baby target of 213 in an ODI, the openers wanted T20 flame. It was visible in Aaron’s style of batting. The ball blaster hit eight fours and three sixes to suffice his thirst. 

During this rampage, he almost touched the fastest 50 in ODI cricket ever. He was at a perfect 49 runs in 15 balls. But he couldn’t achieve it. Rather he secured the fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket off 18 balls. 

Watch Aaron Finch’s fastest 50 in ODI


11. Brendon McCullum

Brendon McCullum Fastest Fifty
Brendon McCullum Personal Best

Details of McCullum’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateFebruary 20, 2015
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Among the group A matches of ICC WC 2015, one was New Zealand Vs England. The former had no proud past performance at Wellington to boost their playing XI morale. However, this match changed it forever. A defining victory moment arrived when English batting line-up was bowled out at 123. Credits to Tim Southee’s sensational seven-wicket haul. Nevertheless, kiwi star opener Brendon McCullum advanced to the pitch with an intention to end the match then and there. 

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He broke his own 2007 record by hitting an 18-ball fastest fifty in ODI. McCullum made the fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket that day, with eight fours and seven sixes. An unforgettable match in the WC Hall of Fame.

Watch the news of Brendon McCullum’s fastest 50 in ODI

Brendon McCullum Smashes Fastest 50 in World Cup History

10. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Fastest Fifty
Shahid Afridi

Detaila of Shahid’s 3rd fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateMarch 4, 2014
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

It was the 8th match of the 2014 Asia Cup, taking place at Mirpur surrounded by Bangladeshi cricket fans. The audience had not expected to see such a mesmerizing run chase. After Ahmed Shehzad’s fifth ODI century, it was time for formidable Pakistan skipper Afridi to shower sixes. And he did so. With a strike rate over 230, Afridi grounded two fours and blasted seven spiffing sixes. Conclusively, Pakistan won the match with the last ball remaining. 

In an attempt to match his previous records, Shahid scored his 3rd fastest fifty in ODI cricket. 

Watch Shahid Afridi’s 3rd fastest 50 in ODI

9. Glenn Maxwell

Glenn Maxwell Fastest Fifty
Glenn Maxwell

Details of Maxwell’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateNovember 2, 2013
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

The 7th ODI when Australia toured India in 2013 was a match of record making. Indian hitman Rohit Sharma owned the match with his double century and 16 sixes. Nevertheless, super-hitter Glenn Maxwell displayed his Aussie strength once his chance came. Chasing an incredible target of 384, Maxwell lit his willow on fire. With three fours and seven over the ropes boundary, Maxwell totaled 60 when he got out. 

A black day for bowlers from both sides. India and Australia together hit the most number of sixes in a One Day International ever. As for Glenn Maxwell, he scored his fastest fifty in ODI cricket. Despite everything, Maxwell will be remembered as the one who scored the fastest 50 in ODI of his career that day. 

Watch Glenn Maxwell’s fastest 50 in ODI

8. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Fastest Fifty (1)
Shahid Afridi

Details of Shahid’s 2nd fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateSeptember 21, 2002
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

During the ICC Champions Trophy of 2002, Netherlands had the bad luck of facing Pakistan. This is because, while they played a natural ODI game, Pakistan played T20 even before its introduction. By now Pakistan’s favorite all-rounder Afraid was leading both sides, bowling as well as batting. This match gave him a chance to match his eight-year-old record. And he came quite close to making things happen. Smashing a rhyming six sixes and four fours, Shahid finished not out with a score of 55. 

In the end, the match scoreboard highlighted Shahid’s 305.5 strike rate. Afridi scored his second fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket history. 

Watch Shahid Afridi’s 2nd fastest 50 in ODI

Shahid Afridi 55 off 18 balls vs Netherlands 2002 Champions Trophy YouTube

7. Shahid Afridi

Shahid Afridi Fastest Fifty
Shahid Afridi Fastest Fifty

Details of Shahid’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

OpponentSri Lanka
DateOctober 4, 1996
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

The much talked about innings is here at last. The KCA Centenary Tournament match which made the Nairobi stadium memorable in history. Boom boom Afridi was born on this day. After Saleem Elahi’s wicket, a young fellow appeared on the crease. On being taken for granted, he proved his worth. In a marvelous inning, Afridi scored 102 sailings of 11 sixes and pounding 6 fours. What was extraordinary? He made 102 out of 40 deliveries. 

Shahid Afraid attained his fastest fifty in ODI cricket facing 18 deliveries. Teen Afridi’s batting attitude defined the next decade Pakistani batsmen. Shahid who scored his fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket that day, is the only player to feature thrice in the top 10.

Watch Shahid Afridi’s fastest 50 in ODI

Shahid Afridi fastest 50 runs in ODI Cricket , Amazing bating|Cricket History

6. Simon O’Donnell

SP O'Donnell Fastest Fifty
SP O’Donnell Fastest Fifty

Details of Simon’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

OpponentSri Lanka
DateMay 2, 1990
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

At the historic stadium of Sharjah, Simon came out to bat at number 4. The first inning was slow until the power hitter walked in. Blasting off six sixes and four fours, Simon took the match to the next level. Maintaining a strike rate over 250, Simon O’Donnell introduced high speed cricketing to the world. 

He totaled 74 off 29 deliveries. An 18-ball fastest fifty in ODI cricket made Simon O’Donnell rank at the top of this list until 1996. Simon who recorded the fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket of his time, became a legend in this match. Aussies put up a target of 333 but Sri Lankans had already lost morale witnessing an implausible inning.

Watch Simon O’Donnell’s fastest 50 in ODI

5. LS Livingstone

Details of LS Livingstone‘s half century in ODI cricket

DateJun 17, 2022
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

The quickest half-century by an Englishman in a one-day international was scored by Liam Livingstone against the Netherlands on Friday at Amstelveen when England compiled a record 498 for four.

Livingstone almost missed AB de Villiers’ 16-ball fifty against the West Indies in 2015 for the title of second-fastest fifty in ODIs. Sanath Jayasuriya (against Pakistan), Kusal Perera (against Pakistan), and Martin Guptill (against Sri Lanka) are the other players in the format to have scored fifty runs off just 17 balls.

As England surpassed its record of 481 for six against Australia to create the highest-ever ODI innings total, Livingstone remained unbeaten on 66 off 22 balls.

The 28-year-old passed his captain Eoin Morgan, whose 21-ball fifty against Australia in 2018 had previously held the record for the quickest English ODI score by a batsman.

To reach the record, England mounted on three centuries-old cavalries. Before Jos Buttler’s incredible 70-ball unbeaten 162 devastated Netherlands, Phil Salt (122 off 93) and Dawid Malan (125 of 109) both hit their first ODI hundreds.

Watch LS Livingstone’s fastest 50 in ODI

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4. Martin Guptill

Martin Guptill Fastest Fifty
Martin Guptill Fastest Fifty

Details of Martin’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

OpponentSri Lanka
DateDecember 28, 2015
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

When Matt Henry and Mitchell McClenaghan showcased a mystical performance, the Sri Lankan batting line-up was down at 117. An easy run chase marked a gutsy game by Guptill. If Sri Lankans had scored a little more, Martin probably would have hinged at the fastest century. Nonetheless, he made the most out of it. Breaking Brendie’s record, Martin posted the fastest fifty in ODI cricket for New Zealand. 

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Shooting eight sixes on the spectators and nine fours down the ground, Martin who scored fastest 50 in ODI of his career, was labeled a power hitter.

Watch Martin Guptill’s fastest 50 in ODI

Unbelievable batting Martin guptill

3. Kusal Perera

kusal Perera Fastest Fifty
kusal Perera Fastest Fifty

Details of Perera’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateJuly 15, 2015
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Pakistan had posted a suitable target of 288 in the 2nd ODI. But what came up next was unexpected. Kusal knocked thirteen commendable fours and two boundaries over the top. With this, he made his fastest fifty in ODI career. Though Yasir Shah had caught Kusal to end his sensational inning, Sri Lanka won the match at the close. Kusal who scored fastest 50 in ODI of his fueled the opening boost at  the strike rate of 270+ 

Nobody could imagine the 3rd fastest 50 runs in ODI cricket history would arrive on the day. Such a mind-blowing batting style cautioned Pakistan that winning their foreign tour was not a piece of cake. 

Watch Kusal Perera’s fastest 50 in ODI

Highlights: 2nd ODI at Pallekele – Pakistan in Sri Lanka 2015

2. Sanath Jayasuriya

Sanath Jayasuriya Fastest Fifty
Sanath Jayasuriya Fastest Fifty

Details of Jayasuriya’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

DateApril 7, 1996
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

It was the 1996 Singer Cup being played Asian rivals – Sri Lanka, India, and Pakistan. Sanath Jayasuriya had already built his stature in the fastest ODI century of the time. Now facing a modest total of 215, he came out to bat and launched an assault on the Pakistani pacers. As expected, Sanath set off a barrage of boundaries. With eight class cricketing fours and five fierce sixes, the Sri Lankan opener posted 76 on the scoreboard. He achieved the exceptional feat of the fastest fifty in ODI cricket in just 17 deliveries. 

Sanath Jayasuriya, who scored the fastest 50 runs in ODI of his career, defined a new format of cricket. Sanath hailed as a cricketing explosive with the fastest fifty in ODI for around 19 years until superman revealed himself. 

Watch Sanath Jayasuriya’s fastest 50 in ODI

Jayasuriya Fastest ODI 50 vs Pakistan - Ball by Ball

1. AB de Villiers

Fastest 50 in ODI Cricket AB De Villiers
Fastest 50 in ODI Cricket: AB De Villiers

Details of ABD’s fastest half century in ODI cricket

OpponentWest Indies
DateJanuary 18, 2015
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

God descended to watch AB de Villiers bat against the Windies in Johannesburg. An innings that not only defined the speed cricketing of today but showed what the future can be. An ODI made into a Twenty20 and then suddenly turned into a T10, all in just a single match. De Villiers was batting persistently at the video game-like strike rate of 330+ as he clobbered sixteen sixes into the sky. None of the West Indian bowlers was spared, captain Jason Holder took the worst hit. As Mr 360 gunned every ball like a bullet towards the boundary, every cricketing soul on earth hailed him as the greatest batsman. 

AB de Villiers scored the fastest fifty runs in ODI cricket off just 16 balls. The undisputed champion will probably rule a generation with this record until a mighty angel takes birth. 

Watch fastest 50 in ODI by AB de Villiers

AB de Villiers fastest 100 of all time

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