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Rujuta Diwekar tips: How To Stay Fit and Healthy Naturally? – God of Small Thing

Renowned Indian nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar unveils a holistic approach to health and fitness, steering clear of fad diets and emphasising sustainable practices. Diwekar, celebrated for her work with celebrities like Kareena Kapoor Khan, advocates for a healthy lifestyle that goes beyond mere weight loss. Here are eight key principles from Rujuta Diwekar for staying fit and healthy in today’s fast-paced world.

Lifestyle tips by Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar tips :

1. Breakfast Rituals:

Diwekar stresses the importance of consuming something within the first fifteen minutes of waking up, avoiding stimulants like tea or coffee. This kickstarts the metabolism, leading to increased energy levels, stabilised blood sugar, and improved fat burning. A morning routine inclusive of a nutritious meal helps maintain a healthy weight and supports heart health.

2. Do not start your day with Tea or Coffee

top health and fitness tips Do not start your day with Tea or coffee

Before you drop the idea of thinking it is impossible to do without Chai, we are telling you to wait only 15 minutes before drinking it. Do not drink it first thing in the morning. Consume some soaked almonds and raisins or maybe some seasonal fruit or a banana. And enjoy your favourite tea or coffee after that. Now that might not be as difficult as you thought. Here are some Best Healthy and tasty food to jump-start your day. You can also start your day with Detox water. 

Masala Chai over Green Tea

Masala Chai Over Green Tea

The idea is to consume what we have been doing traditionally. Drink your regular tea according to your taste, limiting the intake to 2 or 3 times at max. Many studies indicate that too much green tea consumption adversely affects health. So enjoy your Chai guilt-free.

Detoxing has been a popular trend In India since the ancient ages. We can find many practices for detoxifying the body. Detoxifying has now become a popular trend across the globe. And most people follow this trend to lose weight quickly. Thus, we can find millions of people searching for the best detox drinks for weight loss. However, detox waters are not just about weight loss, they are of several other benefits. Find some amazing detox recipes here.

3. Do not forget to exercise

top health and fitness tips Exercise

Promoting the necessity of cardio exercises, Diwekar recommends activities that don’t stress weight-bearing joints. Cycling and swimming emerge as excellent choices, providing cardio-respiratory benefits without straining joints, tendons, or ligaments. Regular light cardio contributes to the improved mobility of fatty acids in the system, supporting heart health. Rejecting extreme measures like starvation, Diwekar introduces the Rule of Pi, suggesting exercising once every 3.14 days. This balanced approach priorities both regular exercise and a wholesome diet, promoting sustained fitness over drastic measures.

It will be really helpful for you if you fuse your detox schedule with some strengthening exercises. Here are some Best Yoga Asanas For Weight Loss that you can try!

4. Ghar ka khana is the key to health

Lifestyle tips by Rujuta Diwekar

Rujuta Diwekar suggests that it is absolutely fine to indulge in delicacies, but we must always ensure that those are freshly prepared at home. The processed and preserved food contains bad carbs and is low in nutrition. Also when we overheat or reheat the food, it loses nutrients. So eat freshly prepared food only. If possible, try not to reheat it again and again. Got no time to cook in Morning? Don’t worry try these 5 minutes healthy breakfast ideas

5. Go Conventional, Eat Local

Rujuta Diwekar has been one person who has been very vocal against the latest fad of Superfoods. For example, we prefer eating quinoa over our local Dalia and poha. Not only is quinoa super expensive, but it also is not native to our land. When we eat locally, we are giving our body the kind of food it is seasoned to, the food which suits our body naturally. When we start eating foods from other continents, the natives of those places will have a deficit for those items. And our farmers will not be able to continue with the farming profession as we are not buying what they produce. So by eating local and seasonal food, we are doing good, not only for our bodies but also for our ecology. In opposition to the superfood trend, Diwekar advocates for embracing local and seasonal foods. By choosing traditional options over expensive and non-native superfoods, individuals not only support their bodies but also contribute positively to local ecosystems and farming communities.

6. Finish your dinner three hours before bedtime

Rujuta Diwekar says, “ A person should finish his or her dinner 2-3 hours before bedtime so, in this plenty time the body digest the food and you can sleep peacefully. For dinner, eat rice with sambar, rasam or dal and any vegetable you want to add . For the rice, pick hand-pounded or single-polished rice, instead of brown rice for your everyday use. Here are the some healthy food to build resistance.

Now before you start, if you are completely new to fitness and workouts. we recommend you to go through the basics before starting to work out. So here are a few Fitness Tips for beginners on How to Start Exercising and stick to it-Explained. Every link in the article will open in New Tab so finish reading the link above and come back here. We will be waiting 🙂

7. Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated Drinking enough water is crucial for each day It regulates body temperature, prevents infections, and keeps organs functioning properly. Drinking enough water and being well-hydrated also improves sleep quality. Apart from water Rujuta Diwekar says,” you must drink homemade lime juice and buttermilk daily”. You can also try detox drinks for hydration.

8. Take a short afternoon nap

Rujuta Diwekar says that having an afternoon nap will “help you sleep better. It will help you get optimum levels of growth hormones and IGF (Insulin-like growth factor). It will accelerate fat loss also.” She recommends that a person should take out at least 20-30 minutes every day for a quick nap in the afternoon. Explaining the other health benefits, she also says: “Those who have gone through heart surgery, are suffering from thyroid, PCOD, hormonal problems, diabetes, acidity and digestive issues or those struggling with insomnia and have broken sleep should also try and take an afternoon nap.” Highlighting the crucial role of sleep, Diwekar advocates for regular sleep patterns. Irregular sleep can inhibit overall growth and impact various bodily functions, including the heart. For optimal heart function, she recommends a solid eight hours of sleep alongside cardio exercises.

Rujuta Diwekar’s approach to health and fitness transcends the superficial allure of rapid weight loss, focusing instead on sustainable practices that nourish the body from within. Her principles serve as a guide for those seeking a balanced and enduring journey towards overall well-being in the contemporary age.

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