Top 20+ Highest team scores in ODI With Statistics and Video Highlights

One Day International follows a limited-overs format in cricket. It was inaugurated on January 5, 1971, when England met Australia at the Melbourne Cricket Ground. ODI quickly gained popularity and teams across the world started to take up this format. By the turn of this century, teams began putting up the highest team score in ODI. But do you know – what it takes to score the highest total in ODI? the highest ODI score by a team? the highest runs in ODI by team India? Or maybe, which team has the most number of the highest total in ODI? Read this article to know the top 20 highest team scores in ODI. 

Sr. No.TeamsScores
21. India401/3
20. New Zealand 402/2
19. India404/5
18. England408/9
17.South Africa408/5
16. South Africa411/4
15.Sri Lanka411/8
14. India413/5
12. Australia417/6
9.South Africa418/5
7.South Africa438/4
6.South Africa438/9
5.South Africa439/2
4.Sri Lanka443/9
1.England 498/4
Highest team score in ODI
Highest team score in ODI. Image Copyright: Godofsmallthing

Here is a list of top 20+ highest team scores in ODI with video highlights:

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21. 401/3 India Vs South Africa (2010)

India won by 153 runs

Highest ODI Scores
India vs South Africa 401 – 2010

Details of 20th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.02
DateFebruary 24
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

A match where the God of cricket showed how the game is played. Sachin Tendulkar created history at Captain Roop Singh Stadium on this day. Scoring the first double century in ODI cricket history, Sachin laid down another unbeatable milestone. High-quality strokes with genius-level placement and consistency marked Tendulkar’s innings. After Sehwag’s early dismissal, Kartik, Dhoni, and Pathan took turns to join the master blaster on the pitch. South Africa’s bowling attack stood helpless as India posted the highest team score in ODI cricket. 

Scoreboard pointed to a target of 402 but even de Villiers’ chase century couldn’t save the match for South Africa. The 5th highest total in ODI by India helped the team finalize this series win. 

Watch Sachin Tendulkar 200 runs Vs South Africa Full Highlights

20. 402/2 New Zealand Vs Ireland (2008)

New Zealand won by 290 runs

Highest ODI Scores
New Zealand Vs Ireland 402 – 2008

Details of 19th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.04
DateJuly 1
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Probably Ireland’s greatest ODI defeat came in 2008 against New Zealand. Kiwi openers McCullum and James Marshall took every chance to humiliate Irish bowlers. With their maiden centuries, they set up the highest total in ODI – 402 and 2 wickets down. Sky reaching sixes and grass piercing fours built up unforgettable innings. The Mannofield Park in Aberdeen bore witness to a historic match in the ODI hall of fame. 

When Irish batsmen padded up aiming for a decent chase, they failed terribly. The Southern-Mason duo decimated their batting line-up within 29 overs. As a result, New Zealand won by 290 runs. The highest team score in ODI really paid off. 

Watch Ireland Vs New Zealand 1st innings

19. 404/5 India Vs Sri Lanka (2014)

India won by 153 runs

highest score in odi cricket
India Vs Sri Lanka 404 – 2014

Details of 18th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.08
DateNovember 13
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Hitman was born in this very match against Sri Lanka. Indian opener Rohit Sharma raised his willow to add a golden record in ODI history. Becoming the third Indian to score a double century, Rohit scored 45 runs more than any other batman ever. At the end of first innings, Rohit Sharma had a score of 264 placed by his name. With Kohli’s 66 runs, the Indian opener embraced support to post the 4th highest runs in ODI by team India. Rohit’s incredible innings comprised of nine sixes and 33 formidable boundaries down the ground.

Chasing a mammoth target of 405, Matthews and Thirimanne’s late partnership fell short. Medium-pacer Dhawan Kulkarni picked up four major wickets and India won the match by 153 runs. 

Watch Rohit Sharma 264 Runs in 173 balls Vs Sri Lanka 2014 HD

18. 408/9 England Vs New Zealand (2015)

England won by 210 runs

highest one day score
England Vs New Zealand 408 -2015

Details of 17th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.16
DateJune 9
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

This match is considered special in cricketing history as the makers of the game ensured their comeback. What is called the new era in England’s one day cricket actually began from this very match. Power hitter Jos Buttler and star batsman Joe Root blasted off to make centuries that put a score of 408 onboard. This became the first time England built up the highest total in ODI crossing the 400 marks. England skipper Morgan’s half-century in the middle and all-rounder Rashid’s 69 runs, also played crucial roles. 

As kiwis took the crease, the English bowling attack launched itself in full force. Overpowering the highest team score in ODI was impossible as New Zealand collapsed by 31.1 overs. They could only put up 198 runs on board and England proclaimed a new era victory. 

Watch England Hit Record 408-9 in ODI Vs New Zealand 2015

17. 408/5 South Africa Vs West Indies (2015)

South Africa won by 257 runs

South Africa Vs West Indies High Score
South Africa Vs West Indies 408 -2015

Details of 16th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.16
DateFebruary 27
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

This was star batsman de Villiers second stint at crushing the Windies side. ICC World Cup of 2015 became all the more exciting when South Africa managed to post another highest total in ODI. There are many more as you go down the list. The fastest 150 runs in ODI cricket came off de Villiers’ willow in just 66 balls. A slow pitch in Australia witnessed the highest team total of all time. Regards to Amla-du Plessis partnership which sustained the innings early on. Jason Holder in his ten overs suffered a century against his pace bowling. 

The day couldn’t have been worse for the West Indians as they lost all the wickets by 33 overs. Their batting line-up couldn’t match de Villiers’ lone score of 162. Imran Tahir proved successful with five wickets and at 151 runs, Windies fell off. 

Watch SA vs WI: South Africa thrash Windies by 257 runs

16. 411/4 South Africa Vs Ireland (2015)

South Africa won by 201 runs

Highest team scores in ODI
South Africa Vs Ireland 411 -2015

Details of 15th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.22
DateMarch 3
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Amla-du Plessis’ 247-run partnership hailed at Canberra. During the same ICC World Cup tournament, another mesmerizing highest runs in ODI by team South Africa as they posted 411 on the scoreboard. Later on, Miller and Rossouw managed a 110-run partnership to stabilize the big total. Irish camp played only to save its net run rate in the tournament. 

Two Irish middle-order batsmen put up a fight for a dignified chase while South African pacer Abbott searched out 4 wickets. First innings highest team score in ODI rarely gets beaten. 

Watch SA vs IRE: South Africa thrash Ireland by 201 runs

15. 411/8 Sri Lanka Vs India (2009)

India won by 3 runs

Highest team scores in ODI
Sri Lanka Vs India 411 -2009

Details of 14th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.22
DateDecember 15
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

A sensational chase innings came forth from the Sri Lankan camp match. Something extraordinary happened at Rajkot on this day. Sri Lankan opener Dilshan wrecked the Indian side as he amassed 160 runs for the team. Batting over a strike rate of 200, Sri Lanka skipper Sangakara clobbered balls over the ropes reaching a score of 90. Indian pacers and spinners looked tensed as the match seemed to slip away from their grasp. Nonetheless, Harbhajan Singh and Zaheer Khan had to decide their fate. 3rd highest runs in ODI by team India could have been chased had Bhajji not bowled out Dilshan. Sri Lanka scored 411/8 but India managed to win the match by 3 runs.

Watch Last Ball Thriller | India Vs Sri Lanka at Rajkot

14. 413/5 India Vs Bermuda (2007)

India won by 257 runs

highest score in odi cricket
India Vs Bermuda 413 -2007

Details of 13th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.26
VenuePort of Spain
DateMarch 19
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

It was one of the early matches during the ICC World Cup of 2007. Indian batting line-up included the big six who played massive and mesmerizing strokes with class and culture. One down, Sehwag jogged in to replace Uthappa. He took time to adjust while Ganguly looked for spaces to push boundaries. Soon, Sehwag took charge and with brute force landed a century after two years. For the whole match, the Indian side played cautiously to construct a good target. However, when India was four wickets down, young Yuvi and master Sachin sprung up to launch bullets off their bats. 

Consequently, the 3rd highest runs in ODI by team India was found on the scoreboard. When Indian spinners got their chance, they bowled out Bermuda for 153. This highest total in ODI was then the greatest score in World Cups. 

Watch India v Bermuda | 2007 World Cup | Full Highlights

13. 414/7 India Vs Sri Lanka (2009)

India won by 3 runs

highest score in odi cricket
India Vs Sri Lanka 414 -2007

Details of 12th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.28
DateDecember 15
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Remember the 14th ranked among the top 20 highest team scores in ODI, this is the same match. To reveal the suspense, Sri Lanka couldn’t beat India’s 2nd highest total in ODI – 414 runs. This was a last-over win for India. 

In the first innings, Sehwag’s jet speed strokes got him to post 146 off 102 balls. His dynamic power hitting was joined by Dhoni who scored 72 off 53 balls. Raina and Kohli were budding batsmen back then, who contributed to the gigantic total with their quick boundaries. A sensational match rolled into ODI cricket history. 

Watch India scored 414 Runs and win by 3 Runs | Sri Lanka V India

12. 417/6 Australia Vs Afghanistan (2015)

Australia won by 275 runs

highest one day score
Australia Vs Afghanistan 417 -2015

Details of 11th highest ODI score by a team

Run Rate8.34
DateMarch 4
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Ranking 11th in the list of top 20 Highest team scores in ODI is the match where Australia thrashed Afghanistan. Aussie opener David Warner played a breathtaking inning while the Afghani bowling attack seemed helpless to get around. Steve Smith’s slow but important 98-ball 95 empowered Warner’s hard hits from the other end. However, it was not until Maxwell stomped on the crease. His mind bowling reverse sweeps and eye-popping scoops won hearts that day. Batting over a strike rate of 220, Maxwell somehow managed to overshadow Warner for a while. With seven sixes and six fours, Maxwell put up 88 off 39 balls. Altogether, Australia posted the highest total in ODI cricket and pushed the opponent to chase an impossible target. 

The Afghanistan side obviously couldn’t sustain the Aussie pace attack on the fastpitch of Perth. Mitchell Johnson annihilated the Afghani batting line-up and managed to pick 4 wickets in his 7.3 overs. The highest team score in ODI seemed unlikely to be chased down, thanks to David Warner who became Man of the Match. 

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Watch AUS vs AFG: Australia thrash Afghanistan

11. 418/6 England Vs West Indies (2019)

England won by 29 runs

Highest ODI Scores
England Vs West Indies 418 -2019

Details of 10th highest score in ODI cricket

Run Rate8.36
VenueSt George’s
DateFebruary 27
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Jos Buttler scored his career-best with 150 runs to lead England to the highest One Day score. Captain Morgan knocked a century as well to ensure victory in this match. Together with the help of a strong opening partnership, 3rd highest runs in ODI by team England were set.

Making the second-highest run-chase in ODI history, magnificent Gayle took charge. With 11 quiet fours and 16 electrifying sixes, he rekindled hope in Windies home ground. Support from Darren Bravo helped Gayle to punch bullets off the ground. Again, when these two lost their wickets, Windies seemed to pack their bags. Surprisingly, tailenders Brathwaite and Nurse rejuvenated the innings. Nonetheless, master spinner Ali Rashid couldn’t imagine losing a winning match. 

As a result of Rashid’s 5-wicket haul, Windies were put down at 389. 

Watch Buttler & Gayle Go Huge in Record Breaking Match | Windies vs England 4th ODI 2019

10. 418/5 India Vs West Indies (2011)

India won by 153 runs

highest score in odi cricket
India Vs West Indies 418 -2011

Details of 9th highest score in ODI cricket

Run Rate8.36
DateDecember 8
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Muscle man Sehwag proved his worth, breaking Sachin’s record, as India sped to the highest total in ODI. Clobbering his maiden double century, Sehwag took every chance to launch the balls across boundaries. A firm opening partnership with Gambhir solidified India’s better chances of victory in the match. Thunderous innings by Sehwag comprised 25 unstoppable fours and seven sky-reaching sixes. Sehwag scored the unbeatable 219 runs off 149 balls. 

The highest One Day score of 418 ranks 9th in the list of top 20 highest team scores in ODI. When Windies padded up to chase the humongous highest total in ODI, they faltered. Although they played till the last over, India managed to win by a massive margin of 153 runs. 

Watch India vs West Indies Wickets World Cup 2011

9. 418/5 South Africa Vs Zimbabwe (2006)

South Africa won by 171 runs

Highest team scores in ODI
South Africa Vs Zimbabwe 418 -2006

Details of 8th highest score in ODI cricket

Run Rate8.36
DateSeptember 20
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Mark Boucher bulldozed the Zimbabwean side with his spectacular innings in this match. No doubt South Africa started off very well as both its openers scored their maiden fifties in ODI. But as soon as Boucher held his willow to meet the bowling attack, even his team stood mesmerized. In just 68 balls, Boucher launched himself to his career-best of 147 runs. He scored the fastest century for the South African camp and reached up the coveted list, second only to Shahid Afridi. He achieved this feat off 44 deliveries. Back in 2006, this meant big as  T20 had not been introduced yet. Lashing out on bowlers, Peterson, Bosman and ultimately Boucher helped South Africa to post their 4th highest total in ODI. 

After the first innings, it was pretty clear that no one could chase down such a target. Nevertheless, the Zimbabwean batting line-up made every effort to keep up their defiance. Opener Duffin played quality strokes against some of the best bowlers in the world. And with Masakazda and Chibhabha, Zimbabwe was able to finish at a good score of 247 for 4 wickets. A decent cricketing match as this ranks 8th among the top 20 highest team scores in ODI. 

Watch South Africa vs Zimbabwe 3rd Momentum ODI

8. 434/4 Australia Vs South Africa (2006)

South Africa won by 1 wicket

highest one day score
Australia Vs South Africa 434 -2006

Details of 7th highest score in ODI cricket

Run Rate8.68
DateMarch 12
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

This match recalled the 1999 World Cup final where Aussies had crushed Proteas to mark their superiority. Openers Gilchrist and Katich set the stage for Australian skipper Ricky Ponting. On his arrival, South African bowlers couldn’t find a spot to hide. One stroke after another and Ponting, with 9 sixes and 13 fours, forged a fearful 164. Later came Mike Hussey who took a chance with the willow to shoot bullet balls at the boundaries. 

The Proteas pace attack was destroyed. They could never imagine history repeating itself. A marvel like Kallis stood with an economy of 11.6 at the end of the first innings. South African captain Smith had to empower the team and somehow face the highest One Day score. 

Watch Australia 434 Vs South Africa | One of the historic Innings

7. 438/4 South Africa Vs India (2015)

South Africa won by 214 runs

highest score in odi cricket
South Africa Vs India 438 -2015

Details of 6th highest score in ODI cricket

Run Rate8.76
DateOctober 25
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

3rd Highest runs in ODI by team South Africa was made against India. A batting-friendly pitch of Wankhede provided the Proteas with the right opportunity to thrash India on their own turf. The big three – du Plessis, de Kock, and de Villiers each embraced a century after another. Neither pacers nor spinners could halt the strokes and fielders spent the day running around. Mega strikers like  Sharma and Kohli only watched and learned that day. 

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South Africa literally owned the game. Chasing the highest One Day score ain’t a joke, though Rahane and Dhawan tried their best. Under the pressure of a big target, Indians lost their most wickets to Rabada and Steyn. South Africa won the game by 214 runs and gave the Indian camp a chance to rethink their ODI strategy. 

Watch IND v SA 5th ODI – South Africa 438/4

6. 438/9 South Africa Vs Australia (2006)

South Africa won by 1 wicket

highest one day score
South Africa Vs Australia 438 – 2006

Details of 5th One Day match highest score

Run Rate8.78
DateMarch 12
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Yes, you’re right to be surprised. They did it. Not even in the wildest of dreams could Aussies think that Proteas would chase the highest total in ODI. 

When Smith took the challenge to empower the team in crisis, he opened to bat at a strike rate near to 200. Next, he smashed boundaries as if he was unleashing decades-old fury. Losing the partner at an early stage did slow Smith’s morale. But Gibbs entered the arena like a boss, his stance on crease assured Smith that his team stood with him. They didn’t play, they fought. This was the legendary pair’s chance to remove the indelible mark of ‘chokers’ that they had borne since the 1999 defeat. 

In the aftermath of this feeling, came a magical partnership of 187 from 121 balls. The highest team score in ODI meant nothing to the Proteas. They lifted their willows as a symbol of regaining lost glory. Stubborn Aussies fought back to reassert dominance. Taking it to the last over, Brett Lee gave a good length delivery and Boucher drove it over mid-on. As Boucher reached fifty, Proteas won the match by a single wicket. On this day, South Africa made the greatest run chase in ODI history. 

Watch World Record Score chase by South Africa vs Australia

5. 439/2 South Africa Vs West Indies (2015)

South Africa won by 148 runs

Highest team scores in ODI
South Africa Vs West Indies 439 -2015

Details of 4th One Day match highest score

Run Rate8.78
DateJanuary 18
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

In the year 2015, South Africa made 400+ runs in four ODI matches i.e. the highest by any team in a calendar year. This match set them on the path to achieving such a feat. The game where de Villiers unleashed the Devil inside him. Making and breaking world records, de Villiers firmly put the opening partnership under shadows. Big time striker Amla scored his career-best of 153 not out, while Rilee Rossouw registered his maiden ODI century. 

All these wonderful career-best records were eventually overshadowed by de Villiers who batted with the opponent-mocking strike rate of 330. The fastest fifty and fastest century in ODI were recorded in this match and by a single man. Scoring 44-ball 149, de Villiers built a skyscraper on an already established monument. South Africa ranks in the top 10 highest team scores in ODI. 439 is the highest One Day score for South Africa.

Watch AB de Villiers fastest 100 of all time

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4. 443/9 Sri Lanka Vs Netherlands (2006)

Sri Lanka won by 195 runs

Highest team scores in ODI
Sri Lanka Vs Netherlands 443 -2006

Details of 3rd One Day match highest score

Run Rate8.86
DateJuly 4
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

The highest runs in ODI by team Sri Lanka was against Netherlands. Bettering South African best of 438 in March 2006, the lions made a world record. Sri Lanka’s highest total in ODI became the greatest total in this cricketing format back then. Jayasuriya and Dilshan took turns to massacre the Dutch bowling attack. Helpless and incapable to take early wickets, Dutch bowlers conceded 443 in 50 overs. 

This match ranks 3rd in the list of top 20 highest team scores in ODI. A legendary feat since 2006. It wouldn’t be right to say that the Netherlands just surrendered. They played their best innings ever as two strong partnerships were witnessed at Amstelveen. The highest runs in ODI by team Sri Lanka are remembered to this day. 

Watch Jayasuriya and Tharanga Break World Record For Opening Partnerships | ODI 2006

3. 444/3 England Vs Pakistan (2016)

England won by 169 runs

Highest ODI Scores
England Vs Pakistan 444 -2016

Details of 2nd One Day match highest score

Run Rate8.88
DateAugust 30
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Treading on the path of new era glory, English batsmen chose the right moment to set records at their home ground. Second in the list of top 20 highest team scores in ODI, England actually attained the highest One Day score back then. While Buttler reaped England’s fastest fifty, Hales’ 122-ball 171 knock led his team to seal the series. Joe Root and skipper Morgan added to the 2nd highest runs in ODI by team England. 

Pakistan faced a tough situation and struggled to put up a fight. They came off with an out-of-the-box world record as lead pacer Amir hit 22-ball fifty. To date, it is the highest score by a No.11 in ODI cricket. An incredible highest One Day score helped England to win the match by 169 runs. This comes under the top 10 highest team scores in ODI.

Watch Record Breakers: England Hit Highest Ever ODI Score of 444/3 v Pakistan 2016

2. 481/6 England Vs Australia (2018)

England won by 242 runs

Highest ODI Scores
Highest team score in odi: England: 481/6

Details of highest team score in ODI cricket

Run Rate9.62
DateJune 19
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

Remember when England decided to introduce a new era for the Invincibles, within 3 years time they did it. An out-worldly highest runs in ODI by team England marked the day when kings returned to claim what was rightfully theirs. In this match the English army with sheer will and brute force, they took down their arch enemy Australia. After a steel strong opening partnership, Roy was dismissed in an unfortunate run out. Scoring 82 off 61, Roy was in the pavilion and English Achilles, Alex Hales arrived at the battlefield of Nottingham. Like warriors, Bairstow and Hales invaded the Aussies. With every willow-ed assault, Australian hopes to make a comeback were brutally crushed. 

And when Bairstow was down and even Buttler couldn’t keep up the pace, the chief commander took charge. Contributing to the highest One Day score ever, came captain Morgan’s fastest fifty for England. First, among the top 20 highest team scores in ODI, England mounted 481 on the scoreboard. 

As expected, Aussies had to meet the worst fate. Forced to chase down the highest total in ODI ever, Australian camp lost all wickets by 37 overs. England made a legacy in One Day International as the team won by a mega margin of 242 runs. 

Watch England Smash World Record 481-6 | England v Australia 3rd ODI 2018

1. 498/4 England Vs Netherlands(2022)

England won By 232 Runs

Details of highest team score in ODI cricket

Run Rate9.96
DateJune 17(2022)
SOURCE: ESPNcricinfo

England defeated the Netherlands by a score of 498/4 in an ODI in Amstelveen, breaking their world record. As many as three individuals scored hundreds, helping England surpass their 481-run world record set in 2018 against Australia at Trent Bridge. Dawid Malan scored 125 runs off 109 balls, surpassing Phil Salt’s 122 off 93. Then, Jos Buttler launched the quickest 162(70) for England, just missing AB de Villiers’ record-breaking 150. In addition, Liam Livingstone, who came into the game at number six, was the most brutal as he quickly reached fifty runs for England in ODIs. After the bowler delivered an excellent yorker, he too came close to being the quickest fifty-run scorer but just missed.

Eoin Morgan, who had rejoined the team as captain, was fired for a duck at this time. While Jason Roy, who pulled a run back from his relative, also only managed to score a single. It’s interesting to note that this location has already seen a 400-plus score, when Sri Lanka hit 443 back in 2006, a number that was a world record at the time. In the meanwhile, England has scored 400 points before. They previously struck 444/3 against Pakistan at Trent Bridge in 2016. This would be their third such total. In addition to today, they also scored 481 against their bitter rivals Australia in 2018 at the same location.

World Record Highest Score 498 I Netherlands v England ODI Cricket Highlights | Eng vs Ned Cricket

Which country scored the most 400s in ODI?

South Africa leads all other nations in terms of the number of players who have achieved an ODI score of 400 or higher, having done so six times as of August 2018. Both teams have scored more than 400 runs in a One-Day International match twice; the first time this occurred was in the match between Australia and South Africa in 2006, and the second time it occurred was in the match between India and Sri Lanka in 2009.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the highest score in 50 over cricket?

The Netherlands were the recipients of an absolute thrashing at the hands of England, who also made history by recording the highest-ever total in one-day cricket with a score of 498/4. The incredible performance by England throughout their innings left Twitter users in a state of complete and utter astonishment.

Which team scored the most 300 runs in ODI?

India has scored the most 300 runs in ODI. They have scored 300+ runs for a record 101 times. In a one-day international match held in Sharjah in 1996, India defeated Pakistan with a score of more than 300. This happened after eight other teams had scored 300 or more in an earlier one-day international. However, as a result of India’s outstanding batting performance over the preceding three decades, the Asian side became the first ever nation to become the first team to ever surpass the 300+ mark 100 times in ODIs.

What is the world record ODI score?

The English cricket team now has the highest ODI score, which they achieved against the Netherlands (498/4). They won their match against the Netherlands on June 17, 2022, at the VRA Cricket Ground in Amstelveen by a score of 498 runs despite losing four wickets.

What is the lowest score in ODI?

The third ODI of Sri Lanka’s tour of Zimbabwe on April 25, 2004, at Harare, recorded the lowest score ever in an ODI. After winning the toss, Sri Lanka chose to field. Chaminda Vaas, Zimbabwe’s longtime foe, once again destroyed them. As the Man of the Match, he finished with several 4/11 and an economy of 1.22. Zimbabwe gave up after achieving the lowest ODI total of 35 runs in 18 overs, at a run rate of 1.94. Three fours and shockingly no sixes appeared in their innings. Interestingly, Extras and DD Ebrahim shared the best scoring for Zimbabwe with seven goals each. With just 1 wicket lost, Sri Lanka won the match in 9.2 overs.

Has India scored 400 in ODI?

Yes, India has scored 400 in ODI. India posted the highest total in ODI above 400 on 5 different occasions. India ranks 9th among the top 20 highest team scores in ODI. In the ODI format, both sides have twice amassed 400+ runs; the first time was in the 2006 match between Australia and South Africa, while the second time was in the 2009 match between India and Sri Lanka. There have been 21 times when a team has amassed a 400+ total as of June 2022.

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