Top 10 Best Indian Boxers Of All Time With Stats

Indian boxing has seen a rich history written with exceptional talents that have left an incredible mark on the sport both nationally and internationally. From the early pioneers who paved the way for future generations to the contemporary icons who continue to shine on the global stage, the country has a legacy of remarkable boxers. These Indian boxers have displayed unparalleled skill, hard work, and resilience, contributing significantly to the growth and recognition of boxing in India. With a combination of outstanding technique, determination, and unwavering spirit, these top 10 Indian boxers have cemented their places in the history of the sport, leaving a lasting legacy that inspires aspiring athletes across the nation.
These Indian boxers have not only demonstrated remarkable athletic prowess but have also overcome various challenges and obstacles to achieve their exceptional feats. From battling financial constraints to enduring rigorous training regimens, these athletes have showcased unwavering determination and resilience, reflecting the true spirit of Indian boxing. Their accomplishments have not only brought glory to the nation but have also inspired countless individuals to pursue their dreams in the sport. With their remarkable achievements, these top 10 Indian boxers have played a pivotal role in elevating the profile of boxing in the country, garnering admiration and respect from the global sporting community. As their stories continue to inspire future generations, their contributions to Indian boxing remain an integral part of the country’s sporting history, highlighting the remarkable journey of Indian pugilists on the world stage.

Best Indian Boxers Of All Time

  • Mary Kom
  • Vijender Singh
  • Lovlina Borgohain
  • Amit Panghal
  • Laishram Sarita Devi
  • Akhil Kumar
  • Shiva Thapa
  • Vikas Krishan
  • Hawa Singh
  • Dingko Singh

The history of boxing in India can be dated back to ancient times, although the sport began to take on significance in the modern era with the establishment of the Bombay Presidency Amateur Boxing Federation in 1925. Despite intermittent victories in the preceding years, it was only during the early 2000s that India began to make a lasting impact on the international boxing scene. This marked a turning point in the country’s boxing narrative, as Indian boxers started consistently clinching prestigious titles and achieving remarkable feats on the global stage.

1. Mary Kom


Early Life

There is no need for any introduction to The Mary Kom in the Indian Boxing arena. Mangte Chungneijang Mary Kom, popularly known as Mary Kom, is a distinguished Indian boxer, celebrated politician, and former Member of Parliament in the Rajya Sabha. Mary Kom was born on 24 November 1982 in the village of Kagathei, located in the Churachandpur district of rural Manipur, India. Her upbringing was marked by financial struggles, as she was raised in a modest Kom family. Her parents, Mangte Tonpa Kom and Mangte Akham Kom worked as tenant farmers in the jhum fields.

Mary Kom in Olympics and Championships

Renowned as “Magnificent Mary,” she has made significant contributions to Indian sports, becoming the first Indian female boxer to qualify for the 2012 Summer Olympics, where she clinched a bronze medal in the flyweight (51 kg) category. Her trailblazing journey continued with a gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, followed by another historic gold at the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Her extraordinary prowess in the sport is exemplified by her remarkable six World Amateur Boxing Championship titles, a feat unmatched by any other female boxer.

Legendary Mary Kom Awards

Mary Kom’s exceptional achievements have earned her several prestigious accolades and honors, including the Padma Vibhushan, India’s second-highest civilian award, in 2020, the Padma Bhushan (Sports) in 2013, the Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna award in 2009, the Padma Shri (Sports) in 2006, and the Arjuna Award for Boxing in 2003 solidifying her status as a true sporting legend.

On the 25th of April 2016, Mary Kom was nominated by the President of India to become a member of the Rajya Sabha, the upper house of the Indian parliament. This appointment marked a significant recognition of her contributions not only to sports but also to society at large. Additionally, in March 2017, the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports, under the Government of India, entrusted Mary Kom with the responsibility of being a national observer for boxing, alongside Akhil Kumar. This move reflected the government’s acknowledgement of her invaluable insights and experience in the field of boxing, as well as her potential to contribute meaningfully to the development and progress of sports in the country.

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As a national observer, Mary Kom was expected to provide guidance, support, and strategic inputs to nurture and promote the growth of boxing in India, thereby fostering a culture of excellence and achievement in the sporting arena.

OlympicsBronze (London)2012
World ChampionshipsGold2002
World ChampionshipsGold2005
World ChampionshipsGold2006
World ChampionshipsGold2008
World ChampionshipsGold2010
World ChampionshipsGold2018
World ChampionshipsSilver2001
World ChampionshipsBronze2019
Asian GamesGold 2014
Asian GamesBronze2010
Asian ChampionshipsGold 2003
Asian ChampionshipsGold 2005
Asian ChampionshipsGold 2010
Asian ChampionshipsGold 2012
Asian ChampionshipsGold 2017
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2008
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2021
Commonwealth GamesGold 2018

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2. Vijender Singh

VIJENDER SINGH best boxer indian

Early Life of Vijender Singh

Vijender Singh Beniwal, born 29 October 1985, is a prominent Indian professional boxer and political figure. Hailing from a Jat family, Vijender Singh was born in Kaluwas village, situated approximately 5 kilometers from Bhiwani, Haryana. His father, Mahipal Singh Beniwal, serves as a bus driver with the Haryana Roadways, while his mother is a homemaker.

Vijender Singh Indian Boxer Olympics and Medals

Notably, he made history as the first Indian boxer to secure an Olympic medal, winning a bronze at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. His success continued with bronze medals at the 2009 World Championships and the 2010 Commonwealth Games, along with silver medals at the 2006 and 2014 Commonwealth Games, all achieved in the middleweight division.

World ChampionshipsBronze2009
Commonwealth GamesSilver2006
Commonwealth GamesSilver2014
Commonwealth GamesBronze2010
Asian GamesGold2010
Asian GamesBronze2006
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2007
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2009

Politics and Personal Life

Transitioning into the professional sphere, Singh signed a multi-year agreement with Queensberry Promotions through IOS Sports and Entertainment in June 2015. However, this move ruled him out of contention for the 2016 Olympics, an event where he had the potential to participate for the fourth time. Besides his boxing career, he has actively engaged in politics, notably contesting the 2019 Lok Sabha elections from the South Delhi constituency.

In 2011, he tied the knot with Archana Singh, and together they have two sons, Abir Singh and Amrik Singh. Singh attributes his inspiration to the likes of boxing legends such as Mike Tyson and Muhammad Ali, boxing promoter Don King, and the iconic character Rocky Balboa from the renowned Rocky film series.

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Vijender Singh's historic boxing Bronze Medal at Beijing 2008 | Athlete Highlights

3. Lovlina Borgohain


Early Life and Sporting Beginnings of Lovlina Borgohain

Lovlina Borgohain, the Indian boxer, made her mark in the world of sports with her remarkable achievements and exceptional talent. Born on October 2, 1997, in the Golaghat district of Assam, Borgohain was raised in a family that faced financial challenges. Her journey in boxing began as she followed in the footsteps of her twin sisters, who were kickboxers. Notably, her potential was recognized during the Sports Authority of India’s trials at her high school, Barpathar Girls High School, leading to her selection under the guidance of Coach Padum Chandra Bodo in 2012 at the SAI STC Guwahati. Over the years, she was also coached by Sandhya Gurung, refining her skills and shaping her into an outstanding boxer.

Lovlina Borgohain Victories and Controversies

Borgohain’s career was marked by various significant milestones, starting with her victory at the 1st India Open International Boxing Tournament in New Delhi, where she clinched the gold medal. Her journey continued with a silver medal at the 2nd India Open International Boxing Tournament in Guwahati, solidifying her position in the sport. Despite facing controversy over her selection for the 2018 Commonwealth Games, she persisted and secured a bronze medal at the AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships held in New Delhi in 2018, showcasing her resilience and determination. Her success continued with a bronze medal at the 2019 AIBA Women’s World Boxing Championships, establishing her as a formidable force in the boxing world.

Lovlina Borgohain Olympic and Recognition

In the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, Borgohain’s remarkable performance earned her a bronze medal, making her the first female athlete from Assam to achieve this feat. Her excellence was further acknowledged through prestigious awards such as the Arjuna Award and the Khel Ratna Award, honoring her contributions to the world of sports. Her dedication and commitment to her sport have not only brought her numerous accolades but have also inspired a generation of aspiring athletes. In addition to her sporting endeavors, Borgohain has been actively involved in various initiatives and was appointed as the deputy superintendent of police by the Assam Government in 2022, reflecting her contributions to society.

World ChampionshipsBronze2017
World ChampionshipsBronze2018
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2017
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2021

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4. Amit Panghal

AMIT PANGHAL best indian boxer

Early Life and Army

Subedar Amit Panghal was born on 16 October 1995 in Mayna village of Rohtak, Haryana. His family background, including his father Vijender Singh Panghal, a farmer, and his elder brother Ajay Panghal, who served in the Indian Army and was also a former amateur boxer, played a crucial role in shaping his early years. Panghal’s connection to the Indian Army has been significant. As of March 2018, he has been serving as a junior commissioned officer (JCO) in the 22nd Battalion of The Mahar Regiment. His dedication to both his military service and boxing has been exemplary, earning him accolades and recognition within the armed forces.

In April 2020, Subedar Amit Panghal was honored with the prestigious Vishisht Seva Medal for his exemplary service and outstanding contributions.

Boxing Struggles and Achievements of Amit Panghal Indian Boxer

Panghal’s journey in boxing began at the Sir Chhoturam Boxing Academy in 2007, inspired by his brother’s footsteps. His initial success at the National Boxing Championships in 2017 marked the beginning of an illustrious career. Subsequently, he secured a bronze medal at the 2017 Asian Amateur Boxing Championships in Tashkent, a significant milestone in his early career.

The turning point in Panghal’s career arrived with his gold medal win at the Strandzha Cup in Sofia in February 2018. Further accomplishments at prestigious events, such as the 2018 Commonwealth Games and the 2019 Asian Boxing Championships, solidified his position as one of the most promising boxers on the international stage. Panghal’s notable achievement as the first Indian boxer to secure a silver medal at the 2019 AIBA World Boxing Championships cemented his reputation as the best Indian boxer in the history of the sport. His performance in the 52 kg category final against Shakhobidin Zoirov of Uzbekistan demonstrated his tenacity and skill, despite settling for the second spot.

Amit Panghal Olympics and Boxing Future:

His qualification for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics underscored his determination and resilience. Although he entered the Olympics as the world no. 1 in the 52kg category, his journey in the tournament faced challenges, culminating in a defeat by a split decision against Yuberjen Martínez, the Rio Olympics Silver Medalist.

Panghal’s boxing progress remained evident in subsequent events, including the 2021 Asian Amateur Boxing Championships in Dubai, where he secured a silver medal in a closely contested final against Shakhobidin Zoirov. Notably, his recent victory at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham reaffirmed his position as a top contender in the 51kg flyweight category.

Amit Panghal’s journey in the world of boxing stands as a testament to his perseverance, dedication, and unwavering commitment to excellence, both in the sport and his service to the nation through the Indian Army.

World ChampionshipsSilver2019
Asian GamesGold2018
Commonwealth GamesSilver2018
Asian ChampionshipsGold2019
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2021
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2017

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Amit Panghal (IND) vs. Kiaran MacDonald (ENG) Commonwealth Games 2022 Final (51kg)

5. Laishram Sarita Devi


Early Life of Laishram Sarita Devi

Laishram Sarita Devi, hailing from Khunou Thoubal in Manipur, was born into a Meitei Hindu family as the sixth child among eight siblings. Her upbringing included assisting her parents in daily chores such as collecting firewood and working in the fields, contributing significantly to her robust physical endurance and stamina.

Laishram Sarita Devi Boxing Career

Sarita Devi embarked on her professional boxing journey in 2000, drawing inspiration from the renowned boxer Muhammad Ali. She made her mark in the sport the following year, representing India at the Asian Boxing Championships in Bangkok, where she clinched a silver medal in her weight category. This achievement served as a stepping stone for her subsequent successes, including a gold medal at the 2006 World Championships held in New Delhi.

Her exceptional performance in the 3rd World Women’s Boxing Championship in Russia in 2005 allowed her to join the police department of Manipur, where she was initially appointed as a Sub-Inspector (SI). She later rose through the ranks, achieving the position of Deputy Superintendent of Police (DSP) in February 2010.

Notably, Sarita Devi’s professional journey also included a silver medal at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, solidifying her position as a prominent figure in women’s boxing.

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The 2014 Asian Games Controversy – Laishram Sarita Devi

Sarita Devi’s participation in the 2014 Asian Games in Incheon, South Korea, was marred by controversy. Despite her strong performance in the semifinals against South Korea’s Park Ji-Na, where she seemingly dominated the match, the judges’ decision favored her opponent with a 0-3 defeat verdict. This contentious outcome led to a heated protest by the Indian team, which was ultimately rejected by the AIBA’s technical committee. Sarita Devi’s subsequent refusal to accept her bronze medal, followed by its later acceptance, further intensified the controversy surrounding the event. This series of events eventually led to her coaches’ provisional suspension and a subsequent one-year ban imposed by the AIBA.

Laishram Sarita Devi Achievements

World ChampionshipsGold2006
World ChampionshipsBronze 2005
World ChampionshipsBronze2008
Asian ChampionshipsGold2003
Asian ChampionshipsGold2005
Asian ChampionshipsGold2008
Asian ChampionshipsGold2010
Asian ChampionshipsGold2012
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2001
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2017
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2019
Asian GamesBronze 2014
Commonwealth GamesSilver 2014

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6. Akhil Kumar

AKHIL KUMAR best indian boxer

Early Life of Akhil Kumar Male Indian Boxer

Akhil Kumar was born on March 27, 1981, in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh, India. Over the years, he has actively participated in various administrative roles aimed at nurturing and promoting boxing in India. Notably, he served as a member of the High Powered Committee of Khelo India and as a member of the Talent Identification and Development Committee (TIDC) for boxing within the Khelo India program. Akhil Kumar was also part of the National Anti-Doping Agency (NADA) as a panellist, contributing to the cause of fair play and ethics in sports. Furthermore, he played a crucial role in the selection committees for the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna and Arjuna Award and the Bhim Award in Haryana. His dedication to sports was further emphasized through his successful completion of the SAI NS NIS Diploma in Sports Coaching (Boxing).

Akhil Kumar Career and Medals (Indian Boxer)

Akhil Kumar’s sporting journey began in 1999 when he secured a gold medal in the 6th YMCA Junior International Boxing Championship. His success continued with multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals, including a remarkable Best Boxer award. Notably, he triumphed in the 4th Commonwealth Federation Boxing Championships in 2005, securing a gold medal by defeating his opponent from South Africa.

He continued to shine on the international stage, clinching the gold medal at the 2006 Melbourne Commonwealth Games in the Bantamweight 54 kg category, where he displayed remarkable skill and tenacity in the final rounds. Akhil Kumar further demonstrated his prowess by securing victories at the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the AIBA World Cup 2008, earning a notable bronze medal in the latter. He is one of the famous boxers of India.

Akhil Kumar Awards and Recognition

In recognition of his exceptional contributions to Indian boxing, Akhil Kumar was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 2005. This award symbolizes his dedication, sportsmanship, and outstanding performance in the field of boxing.

Akhil Kumar’s contributions, both as an accomplished boxer and as a dedicated sports administrator, have left a lasting impact on the Indian boxing community.

Commonwealth GamesGold2006
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2007
AIBA World CupBronze2008

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7. Shiva Thapa


Early Life of Shiva Thapa

Shiva Thapa, born on 8th December 1993 in Guwahati, Assam, comes from a family deeply involved in sports. Inspired by his father Padam Thapa, a karate instructor, and influenced by the legendary bouts of Mike Tyson, Thapa’s early exposure to athletics laid the foundation for his future in boxing. Despite financial constraints, the Olympic Gold Quest recognized his potential and extended significant support, acknowledging his talent and determination.

Shiva Thapa Career

Thapa’s journey in amateur boxing began with notable wins, including a bronze medal at the 2008 Children Asia International Sports Games and a gold medal at the Haider Aliyev Cup. His achievements further expanded, with a silver at the 2010 Youth Olympics and a gold at the 2012 Asian Olympic Qualifiers, making him the youngest Indian to qualify for the Olympics. Thapa’s accomplishments continued with a gold at the Asian Confederation Boxing Championship in 2013 and a bronze at the AIBA World Boxing Championships in 2015. Despite some setbacks, Thapa’s persistent dedication and consistent performances have solidified his position as one of India’s top boxing talents making him one of the famous boxers of India.

Shiva Thapa Awards and Personal Life

Thapa’s achievements have earned him various accolades, including the prestigious Arjuna Award in 2016 and recognition as the ‘Assamese of the Year’ in 2013. His involvement in social causes, charity events, and his active participation in the boxing community underline his commitment to giving back and inspiring others. Currently employed with the Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Ltd., Thapa continues to receive support from the Olympic Gold Quest and Anglian Medal Hunt Company, emphasizing his enduring impact on Indian boxing.

World ChampionshipsBronze 2015
Asian ChampionshipsGold2013
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2017
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2021
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2015
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2019

Shiva Thapa’s journey shows resilience, talent, and a relentless pursuit of excellence, positioning him as a significant figure in the Indian boxing landscape.

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8. Vikas Krishan


Early Life and Background Vikas Krishan

Vikas Krishan Yadav, born on February 10, 1992, hails from the boxing-rich district of Bhiwani in Haryana, India. Recognized as one of India’s premier boxers, Yadav has made significant strides in both amateur and professional boxing, showcasing exceptional talent and determination on various prestigious platforms.

Raised in the Hisar district, Yadav’s early years were shaped by his father’s profession in the Electricity Department, which eventually led the family to settle in Bhiwani. At the young age of 10, he was drawn to the Bhiwani Boxing Club, where he underwent rigorous training that set the foundation for his illustrious boxing career. Later, he received further training at the Army Sports Institute Pune, solidifying his skills and passion for the sport.

Vikas Krishan Boxing Career

Yadav’s boxing journey has been punctuated by several significant victories and commendable performances. His breakthrough moment arrived in the 2010 Asian Games, where he clinched the gold medal in the Lightweight category, marking the start of an exceptional run in international competitions. Notably, his participation in the 2012 Olympics and subsequent triumphs in various championships, including the 2018 Commonwealth Games, solidified his status as one of India’s most accomplished boxers.

Apart from his successful amateur career, Yadav also ventured into professional boxing, showcasing his adaptability and prowess in the ring. His dedication and skill were duly recognized, as evidenced by the prestigious Arjuna Award he received in 2012 for his outstanding contributions to Indian boxing. Additionally, his signing with the American-based Top Rank further underscored his potential to excel on the global stage, opening new avenues for his professional boxing career.

Future Plans

Currently engaged in the welterweight category, Yadav continues to aim for greater heights, building on the legacy established by eminent Indian boxers like Vijender Singh. With his persistent drive and relentless spirit, Yadav’s endeavors serve as an inspiration to aspiring athletes, reflecting the power of resilience and determination in the pursuit of sporting excellence. As he looks ahead to future competitions and endeavors, Yadav remains a significant figure in India’s boxing landscape, embodying the spirit of passion and perseverance in the realm of sports.

Vikas Krishan Achievements

World ChampionshipsBronze2011
Asian GamesGold2010
Asian GamesBronze2014
Asian GamesBronze2018
Asian ChampionshipsSilver2015
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2017
Asian ChampionshipsBronze2021
Commonwealth GamesGold2018

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Vikas Krishan [IND] vs Steven Donnelly [NIR] - Boxing 75kg - Commonwealth Games 2018

9. Hawa Singh

Hawa Singh best indian boxer

Legendary Indian Boxer Hawa Singh Early Life

Hawa Singh, born Hawa Singh Sheoran on December 16, 1937, in Umarwas, Haryana, was a prominent figure in Indian boxing history. Raised in a Jat family, he enlisted in the Indian Army in 1956, marking the beginning of his illustrious journey in the sport. His exceptional boxing skills soon became apparent when he secured the Western Command championship in 1960, a remarkable achievement that foreshadowed his future successes.

Hawa Singh Career

Hawa Singh’s boxing career reached its zenith during the 1960s and 1970s. Notably, he clinched the National Championships in the Heavyweight category for an unprecedented 11 consecutive years from 1961 to 1972. This extraordinary streak underscored his unparalleled skill, resilience, and dedication to the sport.

Singh’s prowess extended well beyond the Indian subcontinent. He etched his name in the annals of Indian boxing history by claiming back-to-back gold medals at the Asian Games in the Heavyweight division. His victories at the 1966 and 1970 Asian Games in Bangkok, Thailand, solidified his status as a boxing legend, an accomplishment that remains unmatched by any other Indian boxer to date.

Hawa Singh Awards and After Life

Upon retiring from the sport, Hawa Singh seamlessly transitioned into a coaching role, showcasing his commitment to nurturing future generations of Indian boxers. As the co-founder of the Bhiwani Boxing Club, he played an instrumental role in shaping the careers of several notable Indian boxers, including the renowned Olympic medallist Vijender Singh.

Hawa Singh’s monumental contributions to Indian boxing did not go unnoticed. He was honored with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1966, a testament to his exceptional achievements and lasting impact on the sport. In recognition of his coaching prowess and dedication, he was posthumously awarded the Dronacharya Award in 1999, a fitting tribute to his enduring legacy in Indian boxing.

Death and Legacy – Hawa Singh

Tragically, Hawa Singh passed away unexpectedly in Bhiwani on August 14, 2000, merely 15 days before he was set to receive the esteemed Dronacharya Award. His untimely demise was a profound loss for the Indian sporting community. Nonetheless, his legacy lives on, serving as an inspiration for aspiring boxers and a testament to the enduring spirit of Indian sportsmanship and athleticism.

Asian GamesGold1966
Asian GamesGold1970

Watch Hawa Singh’s granddaughter Interview:

Boxer Nupur Sheoran: My grandfather Hawa Singh is my role model

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10. Dingko Singh


Early Life and Struggles of Indian Boxer Dingko Singh

Master Chief Petty Officer Ngangom Dingko Singh was an acclaimed Indian boxer known for his exceptional contributions to the sport. Born on 1 January 1979 in the remote village of Sekta, in the Imphal East District, Manipur, Dingko Singh hailed from an impoverished family and was raised in an orphanage. He rose to prominence after securing the gold medal at the 1998 Asian Games in Bangkok. Despite facing significant hardships in his early life, Dingko Singh’s journey to success serves as an inspiration to many aspiring athletes.

Dingko Singh Career and Medals

Dingko Singh’s talents were discovered during a Special Area Games Scheme initiated by the Sports Authority of India. He began his ascent in the boxing world by winning the King’s Cup in Bangkok in 1997. His journey continued with representation at international events, including the 1998 Asian Games and the 2000 Summer Olympics, solidifying his status as one of India’s most promising boxers.

Despite facing obstacles, Dingko Singh’s determination led him to secure a historic gold medal at the 1998 Asian Games in the Bantamweight category. His victory over the prominent Uzbek boxer Timur Tulyakov marked a significant milestone in his career, as he showcased unparalleled skill and resilience during the competition.

Awards and Legacy –

Dingko Singh’s contributions to Indian boxing were duly recognized with the prestigious Arjuna Award in 1998. Later, in 2013, he was honored with the Padma Shri, one of the highest civilian awards in the country, in acknowledgement of his exceptional dedication and achievements in the sport. Dingko Singh’s legacy extends beyond his accolades, as he continued to inspire countless aspiring athletes with his unwavering determination and perseverance. Despite his success, he remained humble and committed to serving in the Indian Navy, where he held the position of Master Chief Petty Officer. His impact on the sport and his role as a boxing coach in the Indian Navy solidified his status as a revered figure in the Indian sporting community.

Dingko Singh Death and Biopic

Dingko Singh battled with liver cancer and post-COVID-19 complications, and eventually died of the illness on 10 June 2021. His contributions to the sport and his unwavering spirit continue to resonate within the hearts of sports enthusiasts and admirers alike.

Dingko Singh’s remarkable life story is set to be immortalized on the silver screen, with a biographical film in production. The movie, featuring Shahid Kapoor and directed by Raja Krishna Menon, is anticipated to be released in 2024, further immortalizing the legacy of the revered Indian boxer.

King’s CupGold1997
Asian GamesGold1998
National BoxingGold1991

Watch the Life of Dingko Singh:

Indian Boxer Dingko Singh के क़िस्से जिन्होंने 1998 Asian Games में जीता था Boxing Gold । Boxing

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