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Im-So-Hacked – Book Review a brilliant book written by debutant Gautam Mayekar.

Im-So-Hacked – Book Review
Im-So-Hacked – Book Review. Perfect insight of a hacker’s life

It is mentioned in the author’s bio about his love and for Quentin Tarantino’s movies and true to his inspiration he has written a book exactly like how Tarantino would write his script. (Not exaggerating)

Are you curious to read about Hackers and their lives? A book which I picked up by chance is a curious tale of such a hacker named @v!. !M S0 H@cK3D is not just a novel, it’s a masterpiece; a brilliant book written by the debutant Gautam Mayekar.

The book starts slow and the author takes his own sweet time describing the events and hacker @v!’s life in various chapters which are titled in Hacker’s language L33t  “L!k3 +h!$”.

Im-So-Hacked – Book Review
Im-So-Hacked by Gautam Mayekar

The story seems confusing and unpredictable, the characters seem real and vulnerable, everything is nothing but build-up for the big reveal. Just like how you need patience while watching a psych thriller, you would need a lot of patience while reading this book. The author has nailed the intrigue factor as every chapter ends with kind of a cliffhanger.

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It has everything. Romance, usual official politics, the sex scenes, murder, philosophies and in a lot of chapters there are lyrics of certain songs that adhere to the theme of that particular chapter.

Im-So-Hacked – Book Review
Im-So-Hacked – Book Cover

The author has really worked a lot on researching and fine-tuning all the aspects and thrill that builds up suspense. If you are really smart, you get the clues. And being from Software side myself, I know a bit about the intricate details which the author has added while explaining the technical jargon. He really deserves credit for writing a fictional book with realistic hacking and not portraying hacking as some magic.

Im-So-Hacked – Book Review
Im-So-Hacked – Plot

I am not going to write much about the plot because speaking about it would mean giving away spoilers and I definitely don’t want to do that; especially not for this book.

So, I will leave this up to you readers to take this thrilling ride. If you are into the IT industry, it’s a must pick book for you. Mark my words; it will blow your mind.

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