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Meet India’s Nihal Raj aka kicha: World’s youngest chef

It’s time to move aside all master chefs from India, Australia, USA and other parts of the world and Watch this 8-year-old Nihal Raj aka Kicha cook, bake and make popsicles with aplomb and teach other adults and children to do the same.

Nihal Raj is from Kochi, and this isn’t about any acting or some skit. The kid wearing a wee apron and chef’s cap has its own youtube channel for cooking and recipes.

The kid starting its cooking channel when he was just 5 years old. He gained immense popularity and his youtube channel has 36k subscribers. Nihal gained popularity when he was 5 and facebook purchased non-exclusive rights for his ice cream video titled as Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream. Nihal was paid 2000 USD at that time.

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WATCH: Nihal Raj Mickey Mouse Mango ice cream recipe:

When did Nihal Raj begin cooking?

It was a little below four years of age when Nihal began executing small recipes. And very soon Nihal raj turned to Chef Nihal and that too at such a small age. Well, now it’s proven that age is just a number!

Nihal Raj on Ellen DeGeneres Show:

When Nihal was just six – year- old, Nihal received his share of fame and that too in Hollywood. His talent was acknowledged on an international us television show hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. Her show is hugely successful.

Then young 6-year old showed Ellen how to make a Puttu. Puttu is a traditional Kerala breakfast dish made with rice and coconut.

Watch Nihal Raj teaching on How to make Puttu : 

Puttu | How to make Puttu | Steamed Rice Cake | Soft Puttu

Earlier in 2016, Nihal also nicknamed as “Kicha” has donated his part of earnings to autistic children in Kerela. The money he received from Facebook for his video.

KachiTube has been a tempting delight for its viewers and cooking enthusiasts. The mouth-watering recipes that too with simple ingredients like coconut payasam, ice cream cakes, and even Thari Kanji since the tender age of 5.

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Nihal Raj “Kicha” and his cooking:

Nihal is the son of Rajagopal V.Krishnan and Ruby. Ruby is a baker by profession. Thus Kicha was always interested in cooking. He was always seen helping and hanging around with Ruby ( Her mother ). Soon Rajagopal created a youtube channel for Kicha with the name “Kicha Tube”. Upon asking Rajagopal said he was impressed not just by Nihal’s ability to execute recipes but the way he used to explain them. He was so fluent that he could explain all of them without a script.

watch him Cook one of the most addictive things in the world: Nutella Brownie

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