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Top 10 Best Restaurants in Delhi with User Reviews

Delhi, the heart of India is incredibly famous for its history and culture. It’s a perfect place for living a joyous and cheerful life, isn’t it? Well, Delhi is also a hub for the foodies! It has plenty of amazing restaurants and cafés, providing mouthwatering dishes and a variety of cuisines starting from Mughlai to Thai. Delhi’s lifestyle is a jam of various cultural and traditional influences inherited from the city’s historical influences as well as current and western cultural influences and so are the dishes. The national capital is a host to various themed restaurants which can provide you with an exotic and new experience. In fact, some of them are famous for their ambience and dining. Not only this, some of the best and most famous restaurants in Delhi provide different cuisines and infused dishes for the foodies. And yes, if you are a fitness enthusiast then too some of the top restaurants in Delhi serve vegan and healthy meals.

Delhi is also the food capital of India, with an astonishing variety of delicious street food. The busy streets of Old Delhi are brimming with delectable cuisine. To be honest, if you are in Delhi, then food is something you can really enjoy. Did you know, eating tasty food can help you release happy hormones? Yes, food makes people happy and that’s totally normal! So, we have prepared a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Delhi based on food, cost, ambience, delivery service, theme and their abidance to Covid protocols. Moreover, they are rated based on personal reviews and customer reviews. some restaurants provide vegan and health options. Restaurants have brought in Molecular gastronomy which is basically the fusion of physics and chemistry with food!

Bestest Restaurants in Delhi
Bestest Restaurants in Delhi

Jamun Restaurant Delhi

Best restaurants in Delhi Jamun
Best restaurants in Delhi: Jamun, Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Address: Lodhi Colony, New Delhi

Cost for 2: ₹3,000

Alcohol Served: No

Rating on Zomato: 4.5

Rating on Dine out: 4.3

Food Paradise Rating: 4.5

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5

Rating on Google: 4.3

Jamun Restaurant Review

Best Restaurants in Delhi: Jamun is one of the top restaurants in Delhi and is appreciated for its delicious food and eye-pleasing interiors. The interiors of the restaurant are soothing and painted in shades of Jamun i.e., purple. It uses the gastronomical concept of cooking to fuse flavours. This restaurant is in a form of a Mangalorean verandah café with arched windows, copper tables and lots of bougainvillaeas. The indoor dining is curated with nice interiors, giving a quite luxurious ambience to the customers.

According to Jamun’s manager, some of their top dishes include Mango Curry, Ker Sangree Rajasthani, dal Panchami and Gucchi pav. The costliest dish in the restaurant is the Raan and Lobster which costs around Rs.1400.

“If you are curious to know the most ordered dish then we are happy to tell you that Pate ke Chat and Tomato Chat are massively ordered. Both these dishes are fused with exciting lip-smacking flavours that you cannot ignore. It is a small restaurant and does not have an open seating arrangement,” he told Godofsmallthing.

The restaurant provides customers with healthy options by serving Gucchi. Apart from this, dishes are made based upon the guest’s requirements. During Covid time, the restaurant fulfils all the Covid guidelines. They have fully vaccinated staff who wears masks and gloves all the time. They work at 50% occupancy, leaving every alternate table empty. The restaurant provides delivery through Swiggy and Zomato. Jamun provides you with a wide menu and dishes from all around India. The restaurant can accommodate 40 to 45 people at max but due to Covid currently, the limit is 20-25. It is one of the best restaurants in Delhi that you must explore.    

Shivani Singh reviewed this restaurant as

Had an amazing experience. The food and the ambience were very good. We ordered mutton Rogan Josh, Laal Maas, Tamatar Chaat, Chicken Starter, Dal Makhni, Stuffed Kulcha, Tandoori Roti, Butter Naan and in dessert, we ordered Jamun Kulfi, Gulab Jamun and Rabri. The service was very good and they gave us complimentary Papad etc. Must try place in Lodhi Colony.”

Jamun, New Delhi Reservations:

Direct Reservations: Jamun Mobile Number: +91 9990442244

Berco’s Restaurant Delhi

Top restaurants in Delhi Berco’s
Top restaurants in Delhi Berco’s

Address: Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cost for 2:

            Without alcohol: ₹700-₹900

            With alcohol:  ₹1000-₹1200

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.1

Rating on Dine out: 5.0

Food Paradise Rating: 4.5

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.0

Rating on Google: 4.1

Berco’s Restaurant Review

Berco’s is a Chinese and Thai fine dining restaurant located in the heart of Delhi. The interiors of the restaurant are very elegant and basic, with ambient lighting. The environment of the restaurant is quite interesting, the lower seating arrangement serves Italian, Continental, Indian, Lebanese and Mexican food whereas the offers eating serves Chinese and Thai.

If you are wondering what to order then wait, we will tell you the top dishes of the restaurant. These dishes are highly recommended by the restaurant team itself.

They quote:

“In the non-veg menu, we serve juicy chicken drumstick, chilly garlic crispy chicken, chicken con chop style, chicken pepper chop, chicken steam dim sums, and chicken chilly oil dim sums. Apart from this in the veg section, they serve all the specialities substituted by vegetables. Apart from this one of the most amazing dishes of the restaurant is the soya crispy which is a version of Indian soya chap.”

Berco’s follow all the Covid protocols, as they humbly and politely reach out to customers asking them if they are vaccinated. The service team maintains proper social distancing and properly sanitizes the environment including the chairs, tables and menu. The restaurant is open from 12 noon to 8:15 p.m. They take the last entry around this time and by 9 it closes. If you wish to spend a lazy afternoon at home after work, it provides delivery through Swiggy and Zomato. The costliest dishes of this restaurant are prawns, lamb, fish and then chicken respectively. The restaurant can accommodate 198 people at a time but due to Covid protocol, it is 50 in each section. So now we are sure that your mouth is watering, isn’t it? Why don’t you try this best restaurant in Delhi this weekend?

Sukhvinder Kaur reviewed this restaurant as

“Lovely ambience, the music, the food, everything was top notch as is expected from such an old chain. We ordered sweet corn chicken soup, Hobey chilly chicken., Classic chicken dumplings for appetizers. Everything was exceptionally good. For the main course, we had chilly garlic noodles with pepper chicken. Loved it.”

Bercos, Connaught Place Reservations

Direct Reservations: Bercos Mobile Number: +91 1143751100

Want to have the best food but on a budget? Don’t worry because we’ve got you covered! Here’s a list of the best places to eat in Delhi other than the usual cafes and the restaurant’s List of Places to eat in Delhi Excluding Cafe and Restaurants

The Spice Route Restaurant Delhi

Best Restaurants in Delhi
The Spice Route

Address: Janpath Lane, Connaught Place, New Delhi

Cost for 2:

            Without alcohol: ₹ 5000 – ₹6000

            With alcohol:  Above ₹6000

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.3

Rating on Dine out: 4.2

Food Paradise Rating: 4.4

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5

Rating on Google: 4.5

The Spice Route Restaurant Review

Here we are with another best restaurant in Delhi i.e. The Spice Route which is a southeast Asian restaurant. Condé Nast Traveler India for 2017 ranked the restaurant at number 9 on the list of Top 10 restaurants in India. The restaurant was designed by Rajeev Seth and today its design is the major point of attraction. The restaurant took 7 years in making and is based on the theme of Ramayana and Mahabharata. It is entirely hand-painted with vegetable and floral colours by mural painters brought in from a temple in Guruvayur, Kerala, with a 3000-year heritage.

The Restaurant follows Covid guidelines with 50% occupancy. The staff wears gloves and masks, to maintain the safety of the clients and themselves. It has a capacity of 109 people but due to Covid, it can accommodate 40-50 people. For the people who love having meals at home, the restaurant delivers through Zomato. Apart from this, regular guests can even pick up their orders conveniently. It also provides seating arrangements in the courtyard, which is a Thai-style arrangement. This is generally for celebrations.

According to The Spice Route’s manager, the best dish that they serve is Thai green curry and prawns. In Veg they serve stir-fried vegetables in garlic and soy sauce. The most expensive dish in the restaurant is lobster stir fry with mushrooms which cost around Rs.3250. Apart from this regular dinner might cost you around Rs.5000 whereas the cost for beverages might range from the basics to lakhs of rupees.

The restaurants serve southeast Asian dishes including Malaysian, Asian, Thai, South Indian including Kerala and Malabar, Vietnamese, Indonesian and Sri Lankan. With such a wide variety of cuisines, the restaurant is best rated for its interiors and service. In all, this proves to be one of the top restaurants in Delhi you can visit,” he said.

Shubhra Gupta reviewed this restaurant as

“The experience here was truly amazing, starting from the antique decor of this restaurant to the food which includes Thai, Malaysian and Kerala. The price is on the higher side but it is truly worth the experience. I loved the ambience of the restaurant so much that I recommend this restaurant to every other person.”

The Spice Route Table Reservations:

Direct Reservations: Spice Route Restaurant Mobile Number: +91 9990695214

Bukhara Restaurant Delhi

Top restaurants in Delhi Bukhara
Top restaurants in Delhi: Bukhara

Address: ITC MAURYA, Sardar Patel Marg, Akhaura Block, Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi, Delhi

Cost for 2: ₹ 6500

             Without Alcohol: ₹ 6500

                  With Alcohol: Above ₹ 7000

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.6

Rating on Dine out: 4.6

Food Paradise Rating: 4.4

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5

Rating on Google: 4.4

Bukhara Restaurant Review

Bukhara, one of the most famous culinary destinations in Delhi, has welcomed celebrities and leaders of the state ranging from Roger Federer to Arnold Schwarzenegger during its 40-year history. This amazing restaurant is all about having a good time and enjoying the theatricality of the dining experience. Bukhara is one of the top restaurants in Delhi that serves exquisite North Indian cuisine. It is named after the historic Silk Road city of Bukhara; it opened in 1977 and is housed in the ITC Maurya hotel in New Delhi. The enormous restaurant can seat 134 people at a time in multiple rooms, with an open kitchen accessible to part of the guests.

Chef J.P. is a world-renowned chef, and you can sample some of his most popular dishes here, like the Dal Bukhara, Sikandra Raan, and Mutton Burra. After reviewing the restaurant, we got to know that:

“One of the best dishes served by this restaurant is the dal Bukhara. The others include murg tandoori, Bhavan kulcha and murgh malai kebab. Phirni is one of the best-served desserts in the restaurant. The menu Vegetarians’ choices are limited and there is a wine list available, and you can even find vintage wines. The restaurant follows all the COVID guidelines and works on 50% occupancy. The restaurant guides the staff to wear gloves and masks all the time. The staff is fully vaccinated.”

The decor is distinguished by traditional Indian colouring as food is served amid stone walls, bumpy dark wood beams, copper caskets, and blood-red rugs covered with low-height seating. The seating is quite close together, with many people sitting on backless seats rather than the regular ones. Now you know why this restaurant falls on the list of best restaurants in Delhi.

Shubhangi Singh reviewed this restaurant as

“This place has been on my bucket list for a very long time, I am so glad I got to visit today. The food is without any doubt outstanding, as well as the staff is very attentive and friendly. It is on a pricey end, but the experience is worth the money and time. If you are visiting Delhi, definitely book a table and visit the restaurant.”

Bukhara Reservations:

Direct Reservations: Bukhara Restaurant Mobile Number: +91 11261 12233

Dakshin Restaurant Delhi

Best restaurants in Delhi

Address: Diplomatic Enclave, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi

Cost for 2: ₹ 4000 – ₹5000

                  Without Alcohol: ₹ 4000 – ₹5000

                  With Alcohol: Above ₹ 6000

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.4

Rating on Dine out: 4.5

Food Paradise Rating: 4.3

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5

Rating on Google: 4.4

Dakshin Restaurant Review

Dakshin is one of the top restaurants in Delhi that serves authentic regional food from the southern states of India. The interiors are quite stylish and attractive. The restaurant prepares dishes of Ravuthars and Mudaliars and also of Udupi, which is considered the food temple. The best food served in the restaurant is authentic preparation from Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Karnataka. Not only this, you will be excited to know that the restaurant uses different types of vessels to cook meals which include Adukku and Urli. The southern culture shows its deep significance in the restaurant, making it a major point of attraction. The ceiling lights are in a form of temple bells and so is the door, giving you a serene experience. Apart from this, the restaurant always pleases South Indian soothing music in the background to relax your mind.

The manager quotes:

“The restaurant serves amazing south Indian food out of which these are the must try’s: Chicken Chettinad, Meen Moilee and Tomato Pappu. The best coastal food served is Dakshin Year, which is a deep-fried prawn and Mamasam Kajepu which is like a Kerala chicken curry served with Malabar paratha.”

The service is excellent, and the staff is very kind. The whole personnel adhere to the covid protocols, is immunized, and the staff uses masks and gloves.

Sandeep Sarda reviewed this restaurant as

What a fine and fabulous food. Amazing dining experience had mutton which was cooked to perfection and so well spiced. Went there for dinner the next day as well to have the mutton dish. The chef was amazing and also made some adjustments to the chutneys. Parathas (south India style) were fluffy and light. Def coining back and recommend it highly.”

Dakshin Reservations:

Direct Reservations: Dakshin Restaurant Mobile Number: +91 11426 61122

1911- The Imperial Restaurant Delhi

Top restaurants in Delhi 1911- The Imperial
1911- The Imperial

Address: J6G9+25M, The Imperial Hotel, Janpath, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi

Cost for 2:  ₹5000 – ₹6000

                  Without Alcohol: ₹5000 – ₹6000

                  With Alcohol: Above ₹7000

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.3

Rating on Dine out: 4.4

Food Paradise Rating: 4.3

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.0

Rating on Google: 4.3

1911- The Imperial Restaurant Review

For over 35 years, the Imperial Hotel has been a refuge for discriminating eaters, displaying Raj tradition. Delicious Chili Cheese Toast, California rolls, Lamb polenta, Sushi rolls, Salad prawns’ chicken, and other dishes are on the menu. Artichoke hearts with wonderful stuffing are one of the restaurant’s top meals. The cuisine is quite pricey and may not be ideal for budget tourists. 1911 is ideal for a quick snack or brunch.

Some of the restaurant’s greatest dishes are lamb polenta, Sushi rolls, sago parfait pomelo, chicken and Veg lasagna, Maash Qali Chandi Tikka, and Guchchi. The eatery also offers gluten-free and vegan choices to its patrons.

The restaurant abides by all the government Covid related guidelines and keeps the place sanitized. The staff is vaccinated and wears masks and gloves, Currently, the restaurant works at 50% capacity.

A customer reviewed this restaurant as

“One of my favourite places in Delhi. The hotel has a classic architectural layout something that resembles the era of the 1920s. The service is excellent, the food is great, the hospitality is commendable and the ambience is the best. One of my favourite places in all of Delhi. Do visit for a worthwhile experience.”

1911- The Imperial Reservations:

Direct Reservations: 1911- The Imperial Restaurant Mobile Number: +919990 695214

Indian Accent Restaurant Delhi

best restaurants in delhi Indian Accent Restaurant Review
Top 10 best restaurants in delhi: Indian Accent Restaurant Review

Address: The Lodhi, Lodhi Rd, CGO Complex, Pragati Vihar, New Delhi, Delhi

Cost for 2: ₹5,000

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.9

Rating on Dine out: 4.5

Food Paradise Rating: 4.3

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.5

Rating on Google: 4.9

Indian Accent Restaurant Review

Indian Accent is one of the top restaurants in Delhi and is appreciated for its delicious food and eye-pleasing interiors. Asian’s 50 Best Restaurants ranks Indian Accent, New Delhi as the 22nd best restaurant in Asia. Indian Accent is a restaurant in New Delhi, India, located at The Lodhi hotel. It was founded in 2009 by Rohit Khattar.

The best dishes of this restaurant include Mushroom Kulcha, Sweet Corn Shorba, and Chur Chur Parantha in the vegetarian category. If you are looking for a delicious non-veg dish then Butter Chicken Kulcha, Crab with Japanese rice, Fish tikka are the best. The place is appreciated for its classy and elegant décor, with jaw-dropping interiors. It’s one of the best fine-dine restaurants in Delhi.

Ohh yes, you can even ask them for a table with a view, or outside as they have outside seating also. The staff is well-trained and still follows the Covid protocols. It is the best restaurant to visit this winter, try it yourself.

Jassika Malhotra reviewed this restaurant as

“Indian Accent is one of the most authentic and ethical fine dinings. It’s a place to experience. They have many seating options, including the pool, ground floor, and 1st floor. They serve modern Indian and North Indians. The food served is in a very unique style. We opted for the chef’s tasting menu and were shocked with the number of things we were served in that 5-course meal. The staff was very knowledgeable and sweet. The most impressive part is the number of times they change your cutlery and the pallet cleanser between courses. Also, warm tissues were served. The hospitality team is totally amazing and well-mannered.”

Indian Accent Reservations:

Direct Reservations: Indian Accent Restaurant Mobile Number: +91 11661 75151

China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency Restaurant Delhi

Best restaurants in Delhi China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency
China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency

Address: Rama Krishna Puram, New Delhi

Cost for 2:  ₹4500 – ₹5000

                  Without Alcohol: ₹4500 – ₹5000

                  With Alcohol: Above ₹5000

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.5

Rating on Dine out: 4.5

Food Paradise Rating: 4.2

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4.0

Rating on Google: 4.4

China Kitchen Restaurant Review

The China Kitchen is well-known for offering high-quality authentic Oriental flavours. The restaurant just celebrated its 11th anniversary with a brand-new menu inspired by Beijing Street cuisine. A must-try is Beijing-style roasted duck. One of the greatest meals is the spicy dan noodles and the spicy sliced chicken in Hunan style. The Kung Pao Chicken is cooked to perfection, and the Lamb Dumplings are a must-order for meat fans. The China Kitchen rendition of Chinese hot and sour soup is robust in flavour and satisfyingly thick. Isn’t the menu interesting? So now you know why this is one of the famous restaurants in Delhi.

While reviewing the best restaurants in Delhi we got to know that the new dumplings, which resemble little pieces of art, were breathtaking, with a standout spicy green dumpling filled with asparagus, lotus root, and peas. The clay pot chicken has been raised to new heights with an unctuous shrimp broth, while the prawns in black bean sauce have been given a new depth thanks to the famed bullet chilly. China Kitchen provides a classic Chinese dining experience with a luxurious atmosphere and mood-setting low lighting. The restaurant adheres to all covid requirements and operates at 50% capacity. The staff has been immunized and uses the appropriate protective equipment, such as masks and gloves.

Saurabh Bansal reviewed this restaurant as

The food is one of the best Chinese I have had in a long time. Although the place is super crowded and you have to wait for a while to get a place but it’s worth the wait. The ambience is so we’ll blend into the surroundings being beside the poolside that you end up eating more than your appetite. They offer good discounts on food and beverages so make sure to check with the staff.”

China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency Reservations

Direct Reservations: China Kitchen Restaurant Mobile Number: +91 98184 77234

Orient Express Restaurant – Taj Delhi

Top restaurants in Delhi Orient Express- Taj
Top restaurants in Delhi Orient Express- Taj

Address: Sardar Patel Marg, Diplomatic Enclave, New Delhi

Cost for 2:  ₹ 12000- ₹14000

                  Without Alcohol: ₹ 12000- ₹14000

                  With Alcohol: Above ₹10000

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.3

Rating on Dine out: 4.4

Food Paradise Rating: 4.1

Rating on TripAdvisor: 5.0

Rating on Google: 4.6

Orient Express- Taj Review

The Taj Palace’s Orient Express is based on the iconic train. The restaurant provides classic and some of the greatest European food in a setting reminiscent of a compartment on the famed train, while the bar is designed to seem like a train station’s platform. The Orient Express, at the Taj Palace in New Delhi, is a reproduction of the Venice – Simplon Orient Express, and one is sure to have a terrific experience, not just culinary but also for the senses as you are transported back to the most magnificent age of train travel. Chef Sharma began as an apprentice and has progressively advanced through the culinary ranks. He has extensive experience in European cuisines, particularly French, and will constantly astound you with his knowledge.

The most famous dish of the restaurant is Cognac flambéed lobster with Dijon mustard. Apart from this, the Double-cooked cheese soufflé is one of the must-try dishes. Some of the restaurant’s greatest dishes are Canadian lobster Thermidor with parsley rice, roasted Chilean sea bass with fennel confit, foie gras Brulée with asparagus foam, and risotto with seafood bouillabaisse. The restaurant adheres to all covid rules and operates at 505 occupancies. It requires employees to wear masks and gloves and to sanitize the areas regularly.

Sachin Bansal reviewed this restaurant as

Orient Express is a place to have a beautiful meal, with service which is par excellence. Perfect and beautiful ambience. Expensive, but definitely worth it. Outstanding food, with 3 – course and 4 – course meal options. The beautiful train carriage transports you to a different era and is the heart and soul of the restaurant. An experience worth remembering and definitely not to be missed.”

Orient Express Reservations:

Direct Reservations: Orient Express Restaurant Mobile Number: +91 11261 10202

Bo tai Qutub Restaurant Delhi

Bo tai Qutub Restaurant Review
Bo tai Qutub Restaurant Review

Address: Mehrauli, New Delhi

Cost for 2: ₹2,500

Alcohol Served: Yes

Rating on Zomato: 4.7

Rating on Dine out: 4.3

Food Paradise Rating: 4.0

Rating on TripAdvisor: 4

Rating on Google: 4.3

Bo Tai Qutub Restaurant Review

Bo Tai Qutub is one of the most famous restaurants in Delhi, appreciated for its ambience and musical environment. The restaurant provides outdoor seating and excellent service. It has roof-top seating which is perfect to create a calm and cosy ambience.

The restaurant serves Avocado Arugula raw papaya salad which is one of the best salads, it is refreshing and delicious. Blue Pea Chicken Dim sum with chilli oil is another item that tops the list. Apart from these, you can also order Thai chicken, Prawns and Shushi. The place is famous for its cocktails too.

Prashant Jha reviewed this restaurant as

If you haven’t been to Bo Tai, you have probably missed out on one of the best Pan Asian cuisines in NCR. Their picturesque location and superb interior add to their delicious food. Every time I visit there, I find the food equally tempting.”

Bo Tai Qutub Reservations:

Direct Reservations: Bo Tai Qutub Restaurant Mobile Number: +91 98705 87770

Here we are with a list of the top 10 best restaurants in Delhi. The list is made based on various factors like the food quality, ambience, delivery, vegan options and abidance of the restaurants to covid protocols. Delhi is home to various amazing restaurants and must say some of them are just on cloud 9 because of the exotic food they prepare. If you visit Delhi then make sure you visit all these restaurants at least once and try out their specialities.

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