30+ Amazing Coca Cola Facts That will blow your Mind

Nothing tastes like Coca Cola! Even many pharmacists have tried and failed in mixing syrups to taste like it but Coca Cola’s distinctive taste cannot be matched. Could you agree more? There are many more interesting facts about Coca Cola that will leave with a Wow! expression. We have for you Coke facts that date back to the year of its invention, Coca Cola fun facts, Coca Cola nutrition facts, and much more for you! So here you go!

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When was Coke invented?

Manufactured by The Coca Cola Company, Coca Cola was invented in the late 19th century. On May 8, 1886, this brainchild of the Atlanta based druggist John S. Pemberton was born. The drink Coca Cola was brought out by a marketing expert businessman Asa Griggs Candler. The Coca-Cola Company produces concentrated liquid and then sells the concentrated liquid to licensed Coca-Cola bottlers around the world. Bottlers with exclusive territorial contracts with the company use the concentrated liquid together with filtered water and sweeteners to make canned and bottled products.

Coca Cola Invented

Here is a list of 30+ Coca-Cola facts-

It’s not only about Coca-Cola! The Coca-Cola company produces so many different beverages that it would take you 9 years to drink them all if you drink one in a day

coca cola facts

One of the Coke facts that will surprise you is that it is not only Fanta, Sprite, Coca Cola to name a few, it has around 500 brands that manufacture 35,000 drinks. It includes energy drinks, carbonated drinks, soy-based drinks and others.

Coca-Cola was the first to introduce bottles with recycled material: Go Coca Cola!

coca cola facts

Kudos to Coca-Cola for producing environment-friendly bottles. Back in 1911, Coca-Cola introduced recycled bottles. Go Coca Cola!

Coca-Cola Fun Fact: It had Cocaine in it once!

coca cola fun facts

No kidding at all! It is one of the interesting facts about Coca-Cola is that once contained cocaine. The content of cocaine in the carbonated beverages is still unclear, but after consumers’ concerns about “cocainism” or “cocaine habits” were aroused, Coca-Cola reduced the content of cocaine in its beverages to “trace levels,” Frederick Allen, editor of Harper’s Magazine, previously stated.

Coca-Cola once filled their cans with disgusting cans on purpose

Yes, they did and there’s a story behind it. In 1990, Coca-Cola launched an expensive promotion called “MagiCans”. When consumers bought soda, they had the opportunity to get randomly assigned special spring-loaded cans, which will spit out a rollable bill from $1 to $500. To ensure that buyers cannot distinguish the weight of the “real” cola from the trophy, the company contained a solution of water, chlorine and ammonium sulfate. Although its taste and smell make people dare not drink, in any case, some consumers swallowed it and threatened to file a lawsuit.

Why the name Coca-Cola?

coca cola facts

Another Coca Cola fun fact lies in its name! The name Coca-Cola is so because of its two ingredients Coca leaves and Kola nuts. It can be said that it is also Coca Cola nutrition fact!

Coca-Cola cans were invented for soldiers during World War II

good facts about coca cola

The only thing more popular than Coca-Cola bottles are aluminium cans, which were born out of necessity: the company made such a request, so they can be shipped to the armed forces overseas. Although practical, the materials needed were quantitatively distributed during the Second World War, and the company could not produce these materials for the troops until the conflict ended. Coca-Cola began to provide these products to civilian customers in 1960.

Burger boxes have come a long way since their humble beginnings as plain cardboard containers. As the fast-food industry has grown and evolved, so have the boxes that hold our favourite burgers. Let’s take a look at the evolution of burger boxes, from simple to stylish.

Pepsi VS Coca Cola: The war since ages

This Coke fact will not be surprising to many. Coca-Cola was selling a million gallons in a year by the time Pepsi joined the race in 1896.

Coca-Cola tried to beat Coffee

When The Coca-Cola Company realized that a large proportion of their customers consumed sugary, caffeinated beverages instead of coffee in the morning, they decided to launch an aggressive marketing campaign to promote themselves as early risers customers. “Morning Coke” was launched in several test cities in 1988. The idea was that taking a cold drink of soft drink was easier than a glass of hot water. Isn’t it an interesting fact about Coca Cola?

Coca-Cola became the First Soft drink in Space beating Pepsi

Our favourite beverage Coca Cola got into space in 1985 and was able to beat Pepsi by 8 hours. Coca Cola Fun Fact: This space race mattered to us more than the 1960s space race.

Coca Cola Logo was designed by a Bookkeeper

Coca Cola fun facts

The company still has the same logo that was created by Frank Robinson, Pemberton’s bookkeeper. Well, he was quite an artist as we love the Coca Cola logo! Don’t we?

Amid Rivalry, Pepsi did Coca-Cola a huge favour and we are not lying!

Coca Cola facts

Yes it’s an interesting fact about Coca Cola! Pepsi actually did them a huge favor back in 2006. Back then two Coca-Cola employees were arrested. They tried to sell competitor Pepsi’s trade secrets, including information about beverages still in development, in exchange for a series of returns ranging from $5,000 to $75,000. Employees handed over confidential documents and even liquid samples to people they thought were Pepsi executives: this is an FBI agent. Pepsi has notified Coca-Cola and the FBI of this proposal. A Pepsi spokesperson told CNN that competition “must be fair and legal.” Two carbonation company spies were sentenced to five and eight years in prison respectively.

Shhh! The Big Secret Coca-Cola recipe is here..

An interesting fact about Coca-Cola is that it has a big secret recipe. What if we tell you we are going to out the recipe today? Coca-Cola is known for its big secret formula of world-famous soda, and even reportedly when the government insisted that the company disclose its formula, Coca-Cola even withdrew from India. There are also rumors that only two company executives know the formula, and each knows only half of them. Pendergrast claimed to have discovered the original formula while studying his book, although the company flatly denied it. He said that the archivist at the Atlanta headquarters gave him a copy of Pemberton’s notes, which included “liquid extract of coca leaves, caffeine, vanilla extract, lemon juice, citric acid, alcohol, and various natural spices, Including orange oil, lemon oil, nutmeg, cinnamon, and coriander.” So, isn’t it the big secret actually a no secret now?

When the company tried to alter the Big Secret recipe, it Failed big time!

Coca Cola facts

Well, it turned out to be a big disaster for Coca Cola to mess with the big secret recipe. In April 1985, Coca-Cola announced changes to the original formula, and proudly named the soda “New Coke”. The company claimed that the new formula is “smoother and sweeter.” Critics said that it tasted like it had been diluted with melted ice. Faced with strong public protests, the company changed back to its old practice three months later. It is considered to be one of the biggest marketing failures of all time-closely followed by Crystal Pepsi, another victim of the Coke War between the two companies. However, when Coca-Cola returned to its original factory, its stock surged.

McDonald’s serves the best Cola

Coca Cola facts

If you want to try the best Cola, head to McDonald’s! Thank us later! Why so? Coca Cola Fact: McDonald’s owner Ray Kroc contacted the Coca Cola company to provide fountain drinks for his fast-growing fast food restaurant chain. Since then, Coca-Cola has partnered with Golden Arches to develop menus (such as smoothies) and even allowed them to use their corporate facilities when expanding globally. However, the best cheer up of all drinks is probably the drink itself. According to the New York Times, Coke packed its syrup in McDonald’s in stainless steel containers instead of the regular plastic bags used by other suppliers. The result is considered to be the most delicious and fresh Coke.

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Back then, Coca Cola was used for treating nervous breakdown

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Today you might not prefer Coca Cola during a nervous breakdown but back then the beverage was sold as an antidepressant drink. In 1886, it was also sold as “intellectual drinks”. It was believed to cure headaches, “neuralgia”, hysteria and depression. It’s a Coca Cola trivia fact for you!

These two countries don’t sell Coca Cola

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Yes, it’s true! Cuba and North Korea don’t sell Coca Cola. After the revolution, after Fidel Castro took over, Coca-Cola left Cuba, and soda was never sold in North Korea. Now, we are eager to go ahead and open a can of Coca Cola in their countries. Aren’t you?

Guess who was the first Olympic sponsor company?

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Yes! It’s a Coca Cola trivia fact that Coca Cola was the first company to sponsor the Olympic Games. The summer games were hosted in Amsterdam in 1928. A proud moment for the Coke lovers out there. Isn’t it?

The best commercials are produced by Coca Cola since forever

Now it’s time to watch “I’d like to Buy the World a Coke” commercial from 1971. Presumably, this was inspired by an accident, when passengers on a delayed plane finally laughed at a bottle of Coca-Cola and finally got rid of frustration. We like good stories centered on Coca-Cola. It is one of the good facts about Coca Cola. Agree? Which one is your favorite Coca Cola commercial?

Coca Cola was once sold for Free!

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Yes your favorite drink was once free! Although Pemberton’s soft drinks would eventually be hit on soda fountains, he was more of a thoughtful person than a marketing expert: Coca-Cola had been in trouble for several years, until a businessman named Asa Griggs Candler took over Pemberton’s business in 1888 after his death. To increase visibility, Cander asked sales representatives to issue coupons for free. Once people tried and started loving it, the company continued to increase the price, after which it costs 5 cents per cup.

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Infants were fed with Cola to calm them down

Although there are many documents on the serious health effects of soda today, Coke enthusiasts in the late 1800’s did not fully care about the effects of sugar water on babies. Sometimes irritable babies were given a few drops of the beverage, hoping to calm them down. Well, babies still love Coca Cola more than their milk.

Alcoholic Cola is sold in Japan

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Going back to the original era of Coca-Cola in France, Coca-Cola began selling its first alcoholic beverage. In 2018, for most of us, sadly, this boozy drink is a lemon-flavoured “alcopop”, at least in Japan. Superb! We were never more excited to visit Japan!

Max Headroom became a star because of Coca Cola

In 1985, record company Chrysalis created a fake, animated Max Headroom character in the UK as a virtual TV star. At that time, the Coca-Cola Company obtained permission from Headroom and realized his appeal to young consumers, and made him the center of advertising campaigns and a series of advertisements directed by Ridley Scott. According to Coca-Cola, these spots helped Headroom gain 76% recognition among teenagers.

Some Frequently Asked Questions

When was Coca Cola invented?

Coca-Cola was invented on May 8, 1886, by John Pemberton, a pharmacist from Atlanta, Georgia, United States. The original formula was created as a medicinal syrup and was sold as a patent medicine for various ailments. It was later developed into the popular carbonated soft drink we know today.

Who owns Coca-Cola?

Coca Cola invented in 1886 was sold to the businessman As Griggs Candler in 1892. Candler incorporated The Coca-Cola Company in Atlanta which now owns Coca-Cola.

Who invented Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola was invented by John Stith Pemberton, an American pharmacist. Pemberton created the original formula for Coca-Cola in 1886. He was a pharmacist in Atlanta, Georgia, and initially developed the beverage as a medicinal syrup, intending it as a remedy for headaches and fatigue. Pemberton’s bookkeeper, Frank Robinson, is credited with naming the beverage “Coca-Cola” and designing its distinctive logo.

Who won the Coca-Cola 600?

The Coca-Cola 600 is a 600 miles NASCAR Cup Series points race held on Memorial Day weekend at Charlotte Motor Speedway in Concord, North Carolina. The first race was held in 1960 and it was also the first race held at the new Charlotte Speedway. This is the longest race in the NASCAR schedule, with a distance of 600 miles (970 kilometres). It has unique track conditions that can be changed throughout the race. The race starts at 6:20 pm. In the first third of the race, the track is bathed in the sun. The second third takes place at dusk, and the last third takes place under lights.
In 1960, Joe Lee Johnson won the first Coca-Cola 600 race in the team Paul McDuffie. The 2020 Coca-Cola 600 was won by Brad Keselowski of the Team Penske (Manufacturer Ford).

How much Caffeine is in Coca-Cola?

Coca-Cola Nutrition Fact: It depends on the can size of Coca-Cola. However, according to Healthline, a 222 ml Coke can contain 21 mg of caffeine, a 355 ml Coke can contain 32 mg of caffeine, and a 591 ml Coke can contain 53 mg of caffeine.

So, tell us honestly, were we able to amaze Coke lovers with these Coca-Cola trivia facts? Which fact surprised you the most? Comment below!

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