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let’s Have a look at What Could be the possible Causes of Corruption In India .

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Possible Causes of Corruption In India

On a daily basis, we encounter some of the other news regarding corrupt officers or Black money. The money is not in mere lakhs but in crores. This makes us wonder what can be the possible causes behind corruption in India. Some say we have this in our blood since we were slaved by the “Britishers” we have a habit of keeping our income and wealth undisclosed. Is this the Truth? Let us have a look at some of the possible causes of corruption

Lack of Strict and fast punishments

 Even if someone is found guilty or even caught red-handed by the anti-corruption officials or media, the convicts still have some 4-5 years before they could be given any kind of punishment ( due to a slow procedure of Judiciary ). First, they will be suspended for a few months or weeks and then the case might even go as long as 10 years in a court. Further, even if they are found guilty they still have a chance of applying into the higher court and the same process continues for years and years.

 Low Pay scales/ Wages

 Most of the employees in the government sector are paid low wages and salaries. Hence some employees revert to corruption for more financial benefits and paying taxes on their small wages sounds like a significant loss to them. However, it is important for the people of the country to understand that paying tax is their duty and not a burden.

Low Job opportunities

This is another cause of corruption. Due to the lack of job opportunities at will, there are many people who like to go for corruption mode to get the job offer. They will be ready to pay the lump sum amounts for the job offer to the higher officials or politicians. Further, when they are employed by some firm or agency. They tend to follow the path of being a corrupt official to extract out the money they invested in to get the job.

 Lack of ill fame

If a person is found to be corrupt or has done some unacceptable misconduct, he or she has to be avoided and not be respected.  Instead of being disrespected they are respected or even if they are not respected they are commonly accepted in the society. Don’t you think they should be with the vision of a criminal ? or much in the same manner as we treat minorities these days . ?

 Lack of transparency in affairs and deals

 Many seat selection processes like in education, contracts for a job, employee income reports (wealth possession), etc lack transparency. For this purpose, there is a new act namely RTI: the right to information. However, the act is not strong enough to prevent malpractices.

 Lack of accountability

 In government, there is a big trend of corruption. This is because of a lack of accountability. The employee’s on government offices do not perform to their par excellence. If they have 100 files to be cleared in a specific span of time say a week they may not be able to clear 50 of them in that week. They tend to postpone the clearance of the files. So people who are in the urgency of clearance have to get them done by bribing the officials involved in the clearance office. This lack of accountability is the chief cause of corruption.

Do You Think Modi Government should take some action against the corruption within the system and judiciary?

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