No Need To Carry a Driving License or other Document: Use DigiLocker App

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No Need To Carry a Driving License or other Documents: Use DigiLocker App 

This may just be it !! The Indian Government and Transport agencies have finally realized what the society wanted the most.

The government has launched a new service through which a user can access their driving license and registration certificate digitally and need not carry a physical copy all the time.

As per a release issued by the govt.  “Driving Licenses and Vehicle Registration documents can now be issued directly to the DigiLockers of individuals in digital formats.”

Download DigiLocker app for Android users: Download DigiLocker App

Download DigiLocker app for iPhone users: Download DigiLocker App


A driver would need an Aadhaar card to open an account. It would be then linked to his cell phone number that has been provided.

The ‘DigiLocker+’ service will also help the government maintain a centralized registry of all the vehicles. They can then easily access this info from any place within the country.

To make the system safe, these documents will be kept in a secure ‘DigiLocker setup’. They can be checked by the traffic police and other law enforcement agencies at any check-post.

This will not only make the system faster. It would also make it easier for Police forces to issue a fine to drivers or apply penalty points to defaulters driving licenses when they are found breaking the law.

One can access the ‘DigiLocker system’ via an app that a driver can use to show all his data on.
The police officials meanwhile will also have an application that can verify these documents on the national registry.

Despite all the tough circumstances that every Indian face on Roads (  potholes ) we at least now have something to relish and praise the Road and Transport department for.

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Launched in July 2015 and offered on Android, iOS, and the internet, DigiLocker is changing the manner individuals are carrying vital documents and certificates issued to them by government agencies.

The cloud-based platform is also bundled with CBSE to provide a digital version of the students’ mark sheet. Subscribers can also integrate their PAN number with DigiLocker. Banks such as Kotak Bank and ICICI Bank also integrate their retail online banking platform with the platform.

Like most Digital India applications, DigiLocker is still work in progress. While it makes it easier for users to carry their education certificates, birth certificates, insurance documents, driver’s licenses, and on-demand production, the user experience of the app is still a problem in several ways.

The team is working on its UI and is expected to provide an amazing transformation to the application soon.

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