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Revamping Schools To Curbing Child Marriage: How Athar Aamir Khan IAS Officer Is Transforming Rajasthan

Child marriage, Untouchability, and not letting a girl study has extincted,  this is what we think. But in reality, the scenario is totally different. We might be living in the 21st century but in some states and cities, such practices still take place. Rajasthan is one of the states in India where child marriage is no big deal.

Some people from lower castes don’t let their girl child study. Or, they marry them off before reaching 18. And, upper castes don’t let their girl child continue the study after primary or secondary education. This is the sad truth of India.  This menace has created by our ancestors and it still haunts many of us. Needless to say but this is not less than any horror story.

So many social activists are working to curb this menace.  Back then, few social Reformers also raised their voice against it like Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Ever since an IAS officer,  Athar Aamir Khan took the in charge of the district, things have been improved in the Bhilwara.

Who is Athar Aamir Khan?

A 26-year-old IAS officer who is a replica of the god has become a household name. He cracked the civil services exam and secured 2nd position in 2016. And, has become SDM of Badnor, 80 km away from Bhilwara. He took this position last year in December.

Athar Aamir Khan’s main focus is to remove all these evil practices which are still going on. He is trying to curb child marriage and Untouchability. He wants to create an educational environment for everyone and wants to put a full stop on these social evil practices.

Only a citizen of Bhilwara Or Badnor knows how lucky they feel.

One of the natives of Badnor praised Athar for his commendable job, he said, “I have never seen him annoyed Or angry.  He always remains calm. Athar Aamir Khan is trying to create an educational environment in Badnor and Bhilwara. His continuous efforts have created some wonders and improved the situation. He often meets teachers and discusses with them on how to curb this menace and focus on educating the girl child. And, he is also trying to fight against child marriage. He is one of the best officers.  We are lucky to have him“.

His Instagram Says It All!

Athar Aamir khan generally posts on his Instagram account about a few of his activities and campaigns.

This picture was posted with a caption – Our teachers who are driving the campaign to improve the education of girl child and to fight the issue of child marriage in Badnor.

Once he posted about the initiative taken by them to make everyone aware of the child marriage-

This time of the year is the marriage season in Rajasthan and also, unfortunately, the time when child marriages peak. As a part of our campaign to end the menace of child marriage, we are holding these meetings and interactions with people in every gram panchayat of our subdivision to bring awareness about the issue. We have also set up a control room and are monitoring all GPs round the clock. Though the issue is very complex and has not just one but a number of root causes we hope with motivation and strong enforcement of law we will be able to make a dent this time around!!

Athar Aamir Khan posts about almost every event which he thinks is important to share with everyone.

An IAS aspirant from Badnor district said, “We are so lucky that he got placed as SDM of Badnor. He is working tirelessly for our better future. We have been seeing poor infrastructure and education system for so long. But, the day he took charge of Badnor, everything started changing gradually. Now, computer, good study materials, and furniture are there in the school.  We are really thankful to him for all the improvement he has made“.

We salute to these types of officers who believe in working tirelessly to provide us with a better and educational environment. Don’t you think that we need these types of officers and people around us?

Though we live in town and the case must be of some rural area but these social evil practices also take place in towns which get ignored by everyone.

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We have huge respect for him.

What do you all think about him? Isn’t he doing a great job?

Do let us know in the comment section below.

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