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It’s Time To Change The way You Think about Indian Pariah Dogs “desi ” Dogs. – God of Small Thing

In a paradigm shift challenging misconceptions, the spotlight is turning towards India’s indigenous canine companion – the Indian Pariah Dog, affectionately known as desi dogs. Contrary to prevalent beliefs that cast them as unsuitable for human companionship, these resilient beings have been an integral part of Indian society for over 6,000 years.

Originally referred to as deshiya naayi, theru naai, and deshikutta in various Indian languages, the British coined the term “pariah” to market European breeds. Rejecting the pariah label, advocates encourage embracing the identity of “Indian native dogs” or INDogs.

For many, a dog is not just a pet but a cherished family member. When choosing a breed, factors such as health, friendliness, trainability, and energy levels often come into play. However, the Indian Pariah Dog emerges as an exemplary choice for various reasons.

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Desi Dogs

These dogs, often interchangeably called desi, mixed breed, mutt, or indie dogs, prove to be the best fit for Indian homes. Known by various names like Desi Dog, Desi Kutta, Indian Feral Dog, and South Asian Pariah Dog, they are versatile, intelligent, and highly adaptable.

One key strength lies in their alert and social nature. These dogs are not only highly intelligent but also amicable, making them loyal companions. Their adaptability extends to family life, as they are great with both kids and adults, infusing energy into households with active lifestyles.

Another standout feature is their robust immunity. Having evolved over generations to suit the Indian subcontinent’s conditions, Indian Pariah Dogs boast an impressive gene pool that makes them less susceptible to diseases compared to pedigree breeds.

Grooming becomes a hassle-free task with these dogs. Their short coat, well-suited for India’s tropical climate, minimises shedding and eliminates the need for frequent vet visits. Their low-maintenance nature extends to grooming, requiring only regular brushing.

Beyond being physically well-suited to Indian conditions, Indian Pariah Dogs shine in adaptability. Whether in rural or city environments, they seamlessly adjust to diverse living conditions, from farmhouses to apartments.

The versatility of these dogs also makes them ideal companions for senior citizens. With a friendly demeanor and an independent lifestyle, Indian Pariah Dogs prove to be excellent partners for those seeking moderately active and amiable canine friends.

The trainable nature of these dogs was exemplified when the Uttarakhand Police adopted a stray dog, which outperformed foreign breeds in their squad. This success story underscores the potential waiting to be unlocked when these dogs are given the chance to thrive.

Here are the Reasons Why the Pariah Dog Is the Best Companion.

I’m sure all of you prefer a certain breed but, we have a suggestion for you, and you will never regret following this recommendation. If you’re looking for a pet, Pariah dogs can be one of the best options to look Forward Too.

Indian Desi Dogs
Indian Desi Dogs.

Pariah dogs are the Native Indian dogs or as we commonly called them “Desi Dog”. Many of you might be surprised at the recommendation but when you check out the qualities of all these dogs it will turn out to be an eye-opener for many of us. it is a general trend to follow exotic or imported varieties that are not native to our land. the flag for exotic or different is rampant in India and many select their pets just by the cost and appearance or the ongoing trend.

Our Indian dog is an intelligent being. If we compare it has intelligence at par with an Alsatian, the perseverance of a Terrier, the loyalty of a Labrador and speed to envy. Read on didn’t know the unheard quality of pariah Dog start menu make you want to own then instead of them away.

Indian Pariah Dogs Qualities:


1. Adept to Indian Climate

Desi Dogs Qualities
Desi Dogs Qualities

Pariah dogs are a natural dog breed. They are very suitable for Indian and Asian climate. These regions have a wide range of temperature that varies from -10 to 50 degrees. All dogs are not able to adapt to this climate and hence need extra care and protection.

Few examples are St. Bernard, Golden retriever, Great Dane, and Cocker Spaniels cannot tolerate hot weather. And some dogs like Dalmatian, Doberman, etc., can’t tolerate cold. But Pariah dogs are well adapted to Indian weather and make a better pet, particularly for elderly people.

2. Capable of independent living.

Indian Pariah Dogs 1
Indian Pariah Dogs

Mother nature has generated pariahs. Therefore, they are physically and mentally strong enough to survive on their own. They require minimum supervision and care. Due to their strong endurance capabilities, these dogs can sustain the harsh climate of the sub-continent.

3. No Major health Concerns.

These dogs are naturally grown due to which they are very healthy. Healthy pets mean no major maintenance costs and infrequent vet visits. That’s a big advantage which makes them suitable for those owners also who are not capable of taking their pets for regular checkups or afford high grooming costs.

Another point to be kept in mind is the breeding process. They are bred by the best individuals from the race and therefore genetic health concern is not an issue in their case. Also, these dogs are moderate eaters, they seldom overeat and don’t drool or snore.

4. Highly Alert and Perfect As Watch Dog

Over the past few years, Malinois or Belgian Shepherds gained huge popularity. This was when one dog of this breed was a part of a successful strike on Osama Bin Laden. Similarly, in India, the Indian Anti-Naxal task force used a dog forced to Counterterrorism in Naxal affected regions. These dogs were to work 24/7 in dense forests and extreme weather conditions.

Indian Pariah Dogs Qualities
Indian Pariah Dogs Qualities

For such a tough operation native Pariah dogs have an advantage over the non- native dogs as they are accustomed to rough terrain. They have better stamina not get tired in the hot weather and can do well in dense forests. The dogs proved their strength, intelligence, and vigilance. Pariah dogs proved their worth within 3 months. The Naxalites had to vacate the place and also warn the villagers to either kill their pets or lock them inside during the night.

A stray Pariah Dog Chases Away Leopard from Housing Society

Caught on camera: Stray dog chases leopard away from Mumbai housing complex

5: Very Loyal and Dedicated

Pariahs are known to be the first breed to represent the evolution from a wolf to a dog. They have a long history of relationships with humans. The legends are also full of stories about their loyalty and dedication towards their masters. People often confuse Pariah dogs with similar-looking “Mongrel” or “Mutt” breeds. But those are dogs of a mixed breed.

One may spot Pariah dogs in Indian Villages and rural areas. People using them as guard dogs for protection of their cattle and fields. Pariah dogs are one of the most trustworthy and devoted companions. Also, they are very protective and caring for their families and owners.

6: Intelligent and Easily Trainable

Pariah Dog being trained for anti-Naxal operations in Chattisgarh, India.
Pariah Dog being trained for anti-Naxal operations in Chattisgarh, India.

Pariah Dogs are very intelligent and have a great grasping power. They can learn things easily. But one needs to be careful and responsible to train them from an early age. Later, they become difficult to train. If allowed to grow freely, they are stubborn and willful because they are territorial dogs. Like other animals, these too have a pack leader mentality.

Now That You Know Our Indian pariah dogs have certain qualities that are rare to find in one particular breed. Tell Us If you are willing to go for a Pariah dog, you can check from these websites.

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