Best Fielders in Cricket with Career statistics and their best performances

Cricket is more than a sport of bat & ball. There is a significant third aspect to the game called Fielding. True essence of athleticism lies at the core of fielding. Some of the best fielders in cricket have transformed the meaning of this third aspect within a generation. Many have been called the world’s best fielder in their times, but what does it take to become the best fielder in cricket? Who is the best fielder in the world today or the best fielder of India? There is a line of fielding legends, then who should be considered the best fielder in cricket history?

Go through this article and learn about the top 20 best fielders in cricket. Read their legacies and acknowledge their extraordinary contribution to the sport. You might be amazed to know how many run stoppers actually turned matches upside down and changed the course of cricketing history.

Here is a list of the world’s best fielders with a number of catches and video of their best performances: 

Sr No. Players
23. Aiden Markram
22.Manish Pandey
21.Hardik Pandya
20. Faf du Plessis
19. Dwayne Bravo
18. Ben Stokes
17. Andrew Symonds
16. Mohammad Kaif
15. Yuvraj Singh
14. Virat Kohli
13. Trent Boult
12. Steve Smith
11. Mark Waugh
10. Suresh Raina
9. Brendon McCullum
8. Glenn Maxwell
7. Ab de Villiers
6. Kieron Pollard
5. Ravindra Jadeja
4. Herschelle Gibbs
3. Ricky Ponting
2. Paul Collingwood
1. Jonty Rhodes
Best Fielders Cricket
Best Fielders in Cricket

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23. Aiden Markram

Best Fielders in Cricket: Aiden Markram
Aiden Markram

Details of world’s 23rd best fielder in cricket

Team South Africa
International Career2017 – present
International Matches46
Total Catches12

The first South African skipper to lift the Under-19 world cup entered the big arena in 2017. During AB’s last test match innings in 2018, Aiden Markram showed his exceptional batting class. The audience gawked at the 23-year-old placing boundaries off a meticulous Australian attack with complete ease. Thereon he not only became a lovely batsman but an outstanding fielder saving hard-hit boundaries. Markram’s catches have made him an element of awe on the field.

Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Aiden Markram

22. Manish Pandey

Details of world’s 22nd best fielder in cricket

Team South Africa
International Career2017 – present
International Matches46
Total Catches12

A pivotal part of the under-19 India Team that won the World Cup in 2008, Manish Pandey became one of the anticipated players to join the international side, which he eventually did. Since he keeps in and out of his batting form, Indian selectors rotate the middle-order with others standing eagerly in line to play for the country. However, one thing that doesn’t skip Pandey in the matches is a ball past him to the boundaries, yes, he is that good of a fielder. If he works on his batting, there’s no doubt that Team India would be compelled to call him into the playing XI.

Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Manish Pandey

21. Hardik Pandya

Details of world’s 21st best fielder in cricket

Team India
International Career2016 – present
International Matches119
Total Catches60

A force to be reckoned with, Hardik Pandya is the brand of the spirit that the current Indian team exhibits under Virat Kohli. Tremendous match-winning enthusiasm and vigor to play bigger matches makes Pandya a permanent member of the playing XI. The magic he shows with his bat down-the-order and his bowling in the death overs is stupendous. Nonetheless, it all shades away compared to his fielding, especially in the Indian Premier League, which many fans and experts believe helped him significantly to get onboard with the national side.

Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Hardik Pandya

20. Faf du Plessis

Details of world’s 20th best fielder in cricket

Team South Africa
International Career2011 – present
International Matches262
Total Catches168

One of the stakeholders of the world-renowned South African fielding is none other than former T20I captain of the Proteas – Faf du Plessis. Amazing in posture and a consistent batsman, du Plessis has fans worldwide. Some of the most spectacular catches recalled in the IPL memories are his, especially those where he flew on the fore! Extraordinary in every bit, du Plessis arguably contributed more to fielding than most legends of his time, which is why he finds a mention in the list of best fielders in cricket history.

Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Faf du Plessis

19. Dwayne Bravo

Best Fielders in Cricket: Dwayne Bravo
Dwayne Bravo

Details of world’s 19th best fielder in cricket

Team West Indies
International Career2004 – present
International Matches204
Total Catches114

Trinidadian all-rounder Dwayne Bravo is often called the Champion! A fun-filled cricketer who has always shown sportsmanship even in the face of adversity. Bravo’s incredible dives and catches are best known to the IPL fans. His celebration after every wicket taken is something that can make a sad soul smile. One the best fielder in the world, Bravo has earned massive love not only from his country but fans worldwide. Talking of the Windies victory in the 2015 T-20 World Cup, he even admitted that fielding gave them an edge over their worthy opponents.

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Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Dwayne Bravo

18. Ben Stokes

Best Fielders in Cricket: Ben Stokes
Ben Stokes

Details of world’s 18th best fielder in cricket

Team England
International Career2011 – present
International Matches158
Total Catches117

Possibly the most highlighted name in the world of cricket right now is of the new England skipper Ben Stokes playing a test series against Windies. In the last decade, he has successfully made a name for himself. Helping the gentlemen of the game bring back to glory, Ben has proved his skills through consistent fast bowling, impressive batting, and super-human catches! He is without a doubt one of the greatest assets to only his team but the sport itself.

Watch one of the best fielders in the world: Ben Stokes

17. Andrew Symonds

Best Fielders in Cricket: Andrew Symonds
Andrew Symonds

Details of world’s 17th best fielder in cricket

Team Australia
International Career1998 – 2009
International Matches224
Total Catches104

“Twisting and turning and diving and then swiveling without actually getting up on to his feet, and he still hit the stumps and ran the batsman out,” said commentator Richie Benaud. He was praising an amateur Aussie who had just secured a runout. It was none other than Andrew Symonds. Many cricket lovers still remember the ever-energetic all-rounder for his bold batting style, tricky spins, and magnificent fielding prowess. He was known as a cricketer who’d do anything to stop a ball from passing from his side.

Watch one of the best fielder in cricket history: Andrew Symonds

16. Mohammad Kaif

Best Fielders in Cricket: Mohammad Kaif
Mohammad Kaif

Details of world’s 16th best fielder in cricket

Team India
International Career2000 – 2006
International Matches138
Total Catches69

The fielding revolutionary of Indian cricket, Mohammad Kaif was well known for taking blinders at short-leg, silly-point, or any other position on a cricket field. For any Indian fan, Kaif’s fielding was outlandish. Something they had never seen before in their national team. But at the turn of the 21st century, everything changed as a high spirited youngster entered the game. Still today, a large number of fans credit him as the first best fielder of India. However, he is considered one of the best fielders in cricket history.

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Watch one of the best fielder of India: Mohammad Kaif

15. Yuvraj Singh

Best Fielders in Cricket: Yuvraj Singh
Yuvraj Singh

Details of world’s 15th best fielder in cricket

Team India
International Career2000 – 2017
International Matches344
Total Catches125

Kaif’s favorite compatriot in the fielding revolution was none other than the big basher Yuvraj Singh. An all-time big hitter is also remembered for his excellent fielding inside the 30-yard circle. Earlier this year Yuvi recalled an incident which propelled him to become one the best fielder of India. He reminisced his Ranji days when he failed to save easy boundaries. At the time he was 15 or 16 years old. A daily newspaper captured his fielding follies while calling the budding cricketer ‘Gateway of India’. That criticism led Yuvi to change his game forever.

Watch one of the best fielder of India: Yuvraj Singh

14. Virat Kohli

Virat Kohli fielding
Virat Kohli fielding

Details of world’s 14th best fielder in cricket

Team India
International Career2008 – present
International Matches334
Total Catches206

All hail King Kohli who never lets a ball slip from his hand. The India skipper is well known as a game-changer. Though he has done so not only with his bat but unparalleled fielding prowess. Back in February this year, he left the cricket fraternity in awe. Two flying run outs turned the kiwis winning plan upside down. In two separate matches he dismissed the firing batsmen to save the day. From the time he has taken the helm, Virat has sought to redefine fielding in India. Being one of the best fielder of India himself, Virat is exemplary of what he expects.

Watch one of the best fielder of India: Virat Kohli

13. Trent Boult

Best Fielders in Cricket: Trent Boult
Trent Boult

Details of world’s 13th best fielder in cricket

Team New Zealand
International Career2011 – present
International Matches157
Total Catches69

Overshadowing the likes of countrymen Kane Williamson and Martin Guptill is Trent Boult. More than a star bowler, Trent’s fielding capabilities hit truly like a lightning bolt! Since the last world cup preparation, Trent has taken long hours of field training and turned out to be a competitive fielder. Some of the boundary catches are well recorded in cameras as proof of his astounding fitness.

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Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Trent Boult

12. Steve Smith

Steve smith fielding
Steve smith

Details of world’s 12th best fielder in cricket

Team Australia
International Career2011 – present
International Matches198
Total Catches184

The legacy of fielding in cricket is being carried well by this generation Aussies. Prime batsman Steve Smith has left no stone unturned to fit in the shoes of his predecessors. Mind-blowing catches and flashy on-field dismissals have made the former Australia skipper a formidable cricketer. Incredible knocks joined by meticulous fielding make a great player and Smith showcases the same.

Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Steve Smith

11. Mark Waugh

Best Fielders in Cricket: Mark Waugh
Mark Waugh

Details of world’s 11th best fielder in cricket

Team Australia
International Career1988 – 2002
International Matches372
Total Catches289

Stunning catches in cricket existed before this century began and Mark Waugh is the name that comes to our mind when we think of it. One of the best fielders in cricket history, Mark was a legendary slip fielder who made sure Australia keeps winning all the tests. When experts say, ‘Catches win Matches’ Mark’s performance held true to the phrase. He orchestrated 181 dismissals in Tests making a world record that lasted seven years after his retirement. No wonder, he shows up on the list of best fielders in cricket.

Watch one of the best fielder in cricket history: Mark Waugh

10. Suresh Raina

Suresh Raina fielding
Suresh Raina

Details of world’s 10th best fielder in cricket

Team India
International Career2005 – present
International Matches245
Total Catches125

Chinna Thala is the IPL Mammoth as well as an asset for the national team. For 15 years now, Raina, with his exceptional display of fitness on the field, has raised the standards for the newcomers. With his charismatic fielding on lead, India began competing in terms of fielding attacks internationally. His enthusiasm for the sport never fades, putting his heart and soul to stop every ball, Raina is one of the best fielders of India.

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Watch one of the best fielder of India: Suresh Raina

9. Brendon McCullum

Best Fielders in Cricket: Brendon McCullum
Brendon McCullum fielding

Details of world’s 9th best fielder in cricket

Team New Zealand
International Career2002 – 2016
International Matches361
Total Catches460

Baz, the ultimate cricketing machine. Blockbuster sixes brand his name but his swift fielding technique also adds to his fame. It’s been four years since his international retirement, though he still remains one of the most acrobatic players on the field. Nobody can match his mid-field catches and athletic dives in free air. The former blackcaps captain is something of a flexible freak who can’t let go of a single ball passing by him.

Watch one of the best fielder in cricket history: Brendon McCullum

8. Glenn Maxwell

Best Fielders in Cricket: Glenn Maxwell
Glenn Maxwell

Details of world’s 8th best fielder in cricket

Team Australia
International Career2012 – present
International Matches117
Total Catches70

In most ODIs last year we found one man stopping and roping every ball coming his way – Glenn Maxwell. An Aussie gem, who has recently been playing cricket at top gear spirits. The middle order of a batsman is mostly present on the outfield, saving boundaries and turning lofted shots into impressive catches. Maxwell’s passion on the field has inspired his team members to closely watch and learn, and then join the Aussie legacy of world-class fielding.

Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Glenn Maxwell

7. AB de Villiers

Best Fielders in Cricket: AB de Villiers
AB de Villiers

Details of world’s 7th best fielder in cricket

Team South Africa
International Career2004 – 2018
International Matches342
Total Catches398

Call him superman or Mr 360, this 36-year-old outlandish cricketer never misses a chance to leave his spectators in awe. Across all formats in international cricket, AB de Villiers has set a standard of how to play the game. In his early days, AB could be seen doing marvels behind the stumps. When de Kock came in, he took up greater responsibilities of leading the team upfront. Every cricket fan, irrespective of nation & origin, can imagine AB grabbing high flying catches in the most mind-blowing manner. Noting his fielding proficiency, a cricket fan knows that AB is called Mr 360 not only for his batting master strokes but his capability to perform in every aspect of the game.

Watch one of the best fielder of all time: AB de Villiers

6. Kieron Pollard

Best Fielders in Cricket: Kieron Pollard
Kieron Pollard

Details of world’s 6th best fielder in cricket

Team West Indies
International Career2007 – present
International Matches113
Total Catches61

If you’ve ever watched a Mumbai Indians match during IPL, you’d see a giant all-rounder running every across the field. Taking impossible catches and attempting remarkable runouts are common traits for the Windies star Kieron Pollard. The middle-order big hitter fractures his opponent down to the core, whether he’s on-pitch or not. Modern time cricketers are highly influenced by his front falling dives which are eye-popping in every way! Clearly, Pollard deserves a high spot on the list of best fielders in cricket.

Watch one of the best fielder in the world: Kieron Pollard

5. Ravindra Jadeja

Ravindra Jadeja fielding
Ravindra Jadeja fielding

Details of world’s 5th best fielder in cricket

Team India
International Career2009 – present
International Matches214
Total Catches94

Sir Jadeja is the epitome of Indian fielding today. Joining the likes of skipper Kohli and strongman Raina, Jadeja has proven himself to be worthy of world-class high rankings. A complete all-rounder who has made some crucial runs and bowled out significant hard hitters on every chance. Fast feet and rocket arm seem to be the basic features of the modern-day fielding star. On several occasions, Jadeja has been named the fittest cricketer and his best performance could be witnessed in the world cup last year. Without a doubt, he’s the best fielder of India in the present times.

Watch the best fielder of India: Ravindra Jadeja

4. Herschelle Gibbs

Best Fielders in Cricket: Herschelle Gibbs
Herschelle Gibbs

Details of world’s 4th best fielder in cricket

Team South Africa
International Career1996 – 2010
International Matches338
Total Catches202

The most exhilarating protea to ever walk the field was none other than Herschelle Gibbs. Lightning reflexes and spectacular speed led the former South Africa skipper to show his fielding capabilities. Sharp-eyed outfielder joined Jonty Rhodes to become a legendary pair of fieldsmen. His cheeky smile and smooth style of play inspired a generation to follow. He’s an important mention in the list of best fielders in cricket.

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Watch one of the best fielder in cricket history: Herschelle Gibbs

3. Ricky Ponting

Best Fielders in Cricket: Ricky Ponting
Ricky Ponting

Details of world’s 3rd best fielder in cricket

Team Australia
International Career1995 – 2012
International Matches543
Total Catches355

Ranking third is the most successful captain in the history of Australian cricket and one of the best fielders in cricket history. Pointing played masterstrokes when on the crease and intimated the opponent, fielding at point. Known as the Australian fighter, Ponting was well known for his extraordinary agility and slick catches. His confrontational fielding introduced Australia as a formidable competitor in the world. No wonder, the Aussies ruled the game of cricket over a decade and won world tournaments consistently.

Watch one of the best fielder in cricket history: Ricky Ponting

2. Paul Collingwood

Best Fielders in Cricket: Paul Collingwood
Paul Collingwood

Details of world’s 2nd best fielder in cricket

Team England
International Career2001 – 2011
International Matches265
Total Catches204

The excellent all-rounder who is best for leading the English team in back to back T20I victories. Paul has often been regarded as the greatest fielder of all. The reason was some impossible, historic catches which changed the course of the game forever. Sharp reflexes, acrobatic movement on-field and superfluous run outs made the former skipper turn into a fielding legend. It comes as no surprise that the England team had him on the squad as fielding coach during the 2019 World Cup. And we all stood witness to his trainees who eventually lifted the cup.

Watch one of the best fielder in cricket history: Paul Collingwood

1. Jonty Rhodes

Best Fielders in Cricket: Jonty Rhodes fielding
Jonty Rhodes fielding

Details of world’s best fielder in cricket

Team South Africa
International Career1992 – 2003
International Matches297
Total Catches139

Who is the world’s best fielder?

Jonty Rhodes is the world’s best fielder. After the 1992 World Cup run-out dismissal of Inzamam-ul-Haq emerged the world’s first fielding superstar – Jonty Neil Rhodes. The man who made fielding fashionable, Rhodes was no less of a reformer who introduced the cricketing world to the third dimension of the sport – Fielding. With his arrival, the importance of field training shone. Teams across the continents were awestruck and improved on their strategies one after another.

Looking at Jonty field, spectators, as well as players, sensed a godly, superhuman presence. Class batsmen around the world found their arch-nemesis in Rhodes, who flawlessly stopped the masterstrokes. While the bowlers discovered nuclear against to instill firm domination on the field. To date, Jonty Rhodes is regarded as the best fielder the cricketing world has ever seen.

Watch the best fielder of all time: Jonty Rhodes

Frequently asked questions

Who is the No. 1 fielder in cricket?

At present, AB de Villiers is regarded as the No. 1 fielder in cricket. Many a times, he has been referred to as the Superman for his mellifluous catches, while the nickname Mr 360 holds on for his blistering batting prowess. AB in his early days was seen behind the stumps, hunting down edges off bats. This exceptional cricketer has fans all over the globe and there’s no doubt as to why that’s the case.

Who is the best fielder of India?

Ravindra Jadeja is credited for being the best fielder of India as of today. Fondly called Sir Jadeja, this Indian all-rounder is all one can ask for. He spins, bats and oh yes, he fields like no other. The most astounding run-outs under the ambit of India is in reality credited to this man. In just 200 Internatioanal matches, including ODI, Test & T20, he has caught bowled over a hundred batsmen.

Who is the best fielder in 2020?

There are no criteria to adjudge the best fielder. Though, AB de Villiers over others like Ben Stokes, R. Jadeja, is the best fielder in 2020. Due to less number of matches played in 2020, one looks for historical data which suggests AB to stand out among all the legendary fielding compatriots of the present. He has caught bowled over 460 batsmen in just 420 International matches of his whole career.

Where do the best fielders field in cricket?

Best fielders field at ‘point’ position in cricket. Ricky Ponting is considered the best point fielder till date. One would usually find the best fielder in the team fielding at point. The prime fielder is located square of the wicket on the off-side and has the responsibility of stopping forceful shots played off the back foot like the square cut.

Which is currently the best fielding team in cricket?

India is currently the best fielding team in cricket. With two of its players – Raina & Jadeja appearing in the top ten of the list. In the first decade of this century, Australia dominated this arena and experts believe it was really extraordinary fielding which gave the Aussies an edge over all the cricket playing teams in the world.

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