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Innovative: Traffic lights that adapt as per the traffic excelled after installation in Noida

What are adaptive traffic lights How do adaptive traffic lights work? Adaptive Traffic Light Timer Control (ATLTC) The adaptive traffic control system is a fine traffic management strategy in which traffic signal timing changes based on actual traffic demand

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Here is how India Plans to fight Climate change with it’s 100 day work scheme

India Plans to fight Climate change: India is working to achieve 3 key climate targets: Achieving 40% of installed electric power without the use of fossil fuels Reduce the emission intensity to 33% of its GDP from 35% in 2005. Creation of carbon sinks of about 2.5 to 3 billion tons. What is a carbon sink. how India Plans to fight Climate change. 100 day work scheme to fight climate change drought proofing carbon emission reduction

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A visit inside India’s first Pod Hotel- UrbanPod | God of Small Thing

Urban Pod India pricing and review What is this UrbanPod Concept? India’s first Pod Hotel- UrbanPod | God of Small Thing. urban pod hotel Mumbai a pod hotel is like your personal mini capsule with all the basic and luxury amenities possible in a room. No, we did not mention that it has a personal pool!.

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