The Best of Best Kabaddi Academy in India with Fees, Location and More!

Kabaddi is one of the most traditional and well-liked games in India. Kabaddi has come a long way from Tamil Nadu to foreign soil. Kabaddi, one of the most exciting Indian games that require a lot of energy in addition to strategy, has made it to the foreign country after a long voyage. The game has been played in various ways since prehistoric times. Since 1930, the contemporary Kabaddi game has been played throughout India and certain other regions of South Asia. After that, a committee established in 1923 revised the norms created in 1921. The All India Kabaddi Tournament, which was held in 1923, used the revised regulations. The Professional Kabaddi League began and people acquired teams representing their states, interest in kabaddi has exploded during the past few years. Now, the game is well-known over the world. Kabaddi was first made popular as a competitive sport in India, where the first tournaments were held in the late 1920s. The first Asian Games were held in Delhi in 1951 when Kabaddi was introduced as a demonstration sport. In 1990, it was added to the Asian Games.

Rules of Kabaddi

The fundamental guidelines for scoring a point, the number of players, and ejecting a player are generally the same throughout all Kabaddi variations. Let’s examine the fundamental guidelines of Kabaddi.

  • Only 7 of each team’s 12 players will be on the court at once, with the remaining players serving as substitutes.
  • Due to the physical demands of this contact sport, matches are divided into categories based on the age and weight of the participants.
  • Each game consists of two 20-minute halves separated by a 5-minute halftime break.
  • Every player from the other team that a raider touches in a single breath earns him a point. For the successful arrest of a raider, the defending team scores a point.
  • With each point earned, players that are deemed “out” when defending or raiding can be added back in.
  • Every team alternates between attacking and defending. Following the halftime interval, the courts are switched.
  • The game continues in the same way until the time runs out. The winning team is the one with the most points.

In a nation where cricket is the most popular sport, the Pro-Kabaddi League, which started in 2014, glamorised the game of Kabaddi in India. It has made it the second most viewed sporting event, behind the Indian Premier League. Many players from rural India were able to demonstrate their skills at both the international and national levels because of it. Many of the skilled players of kabaddi have found employment and a means of subsistence as a result of the game’s increased recognition. And to develop the players, there are various Kabaddi academies in India. So, Here is a list of the top 15 best of best Kabaddi academies in India!

Pro Kabaddi has given Kabaadi sport a new revival. Therefore we bring you a List of all season winners (2014-2022) with the Video Highlights. Pro Kabaddi Winners List

List of the Best Kabaddi Academies in India

S No. Name of AcademyLocation
1.Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi AcademyAdampur Dadhi village in Charkhi Dadri district, Haryana
2.Khokhar Kadaddi AcademyNeer Gulia Kabaddi Academy
3.Neer Gulia Kabaddi AcademySonipat district, Haryana
4.Neer Gulia Kabaddi academyRaipur village in Sonipat district
5.Narwal Kabaddi and Sports AcademyJind, Haryana
6.Janhit Sports AcademyGovindpuram in Utter Pradesh
7.Shivneri Kabaddi Krida SankulJadhav Wadi, Chikhli, Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra.
8.Midline AcademyRaigarh, Maharashtra
9.Yuva Ekta AcademyAurangabaad, Bulandsher, Uttar Pradesh
10.Sharda Jan Kalyan Kabaddi GurukulDharampura, Uttar Pradesh
11.Sports Academy BaramatiBaramati, Maharashtra
12.Jagadish Kumble Kabaddi Coaching & Fitness CentreKasargod, Kerala
13.Bengaluru Bulls Kabaddi AcademySree Kanteerava Stadium, Banglore
14.Kabaddi Raos AcademyGokul Shirgaon, Tal – Karvir, Dist – Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
15.Anup Kumar Kabaddi AcademyPalra-Sakatpur road, Gurugram

Which state is best in kabaddi?

Kabaddi has a long history, dating back to allusions in Vedic literature and The Mahabharata. Kabaddi, which originated in ancient India, has subsequently evolved into a globally popular sport. The Kabaddi World Cup (Standard style) was held three times in 2004, 2007, and 2016, with India winning all three times. The Indian men’s and women’s Kabaddi teams also dominated the Asian Games, capturing nine gold medals, one silver, and one bronze. The league has seen players from various states compete from all across India. states which are best in kabaddi are:-

  • Himachal Pradesh
  • Uttar Pradesh
  • Maharashtra
  • Tamil Nadu
  • Haryana

Himachal Pradesh

Himachal Pradesh is rapidly establishing itself as an unstoppable force in Women’s Kabaddi. Throughout the 66th Senior National Women’s Kabaddi Championships, they went undefeated. In the National Games, however, they were beaten by Maharashtra women by a single point. Himachal has also produced several luminaries in the men’s squad, with Ajay Thakur joining the ranks of the Pro Kabaddi League’s legends. Surinder Singh, the captain of U Mumba, and defender Vishal Bhardwaj are both Himachal Pradesh natives.

Uttar Pradesh

Uttar Pradesh took home the gold medal at the 36th National Games. They defeated Maharashtra in a low-scoring thriller, 27-23. Uttar Pradesh has been a reliable team across national events, boasting a well-balanced group with plenty of PKL experience. They are proud to have Rahul Chaudhari, the ‘Poster Boy’ of Indian Kabaddi. Rahul is a World Cup champion and one of the sport’s greatest raiders.


Maharashtra’s people have a great love for Kabaddi. In 2015, it became the first Indian state to establish an inter-state Kabaddi league for both men and women. Stars like Kashiling Adake, Girish Maruti Ernak, & Rishank Devadiga helped Maharashtra win the prestigious Senior Nationals title in 2018 after an 11-year absence, paving the door for a younger generation of players to follow in their footsteps. Aslam Inamdar and Akash Shinde of Puneri Paltan did just that, leading Maharashtra to the finals of this year’s 69th Senior Kabaddi Nationals. Despite losing against the all-star Railways team, Maharashtra will be remembered as one of the sport’s torchbearers for many years to come.

Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu, the Indian southern state where the name ‘Kabaddi’ originated, has been successful in the advancement of the sport. Inter-district tournaments are extremely competitive, and this has generated several Kabaddi legends. Dharmaraj Cheralathan is a phenomenon who is respected and idolised by all. K Baskaran is one of the most successful PKL coaches.


The surname ‘Narwal‘ has long been associated with Indian Kabaddi. Haryana players and coaches are the driving factors behind various PKL teams. Every season, more than 50 Haryana players find their way into one of the 12 franchises. Even cricket takes a back place in Haryana to Kabaddi. Sonepat hosts a number of Kabaddi tournaments with large attendance counts. These events serve as a breeding ground for future stars. Haryana has also been a prominent force in the National Games, fighting for top accolades alongside the Services and Railways teams.

As we are talking about the best Kabaddi Academy of India. Here is the list of Pro Kabaddi Winners List all seasons (2014-2022) with Video Highlights.

Best Kabaddi Academy in India

Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi Academy

Location:- Adampur Dadhi, Charkhi Dadri, Haryana.

Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi’s Fees:- Hostel fee: Rs. 4000/-

kabaddi academy in India
Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi Academy

Haryana is the powerhouse of Kabaddi Academies in India. It has many kabaddi academies. One of these is the Chaudhrai Ram Swarup Kabaddi Academy. It is famous for its tackle and defence techniques. This institution, which offers free instruction, was founded and is run by a family that is totally dedicated to the sport. Participants in events at the state and national levels include numerous kabaddi enthusiasts who trained at this academy. Amit Sheoran, Ashish Kumar, Surendar Gill, Sumeet Kumar, and Nitesh Kumar are just a few of the athletes this programme has helped develop over the last three years. There are four outdoor mud pits, a running track, a guesthouse, and medical services among the amenities offered.

Khokhar Kabaddi Academy

Location:- Anoop Sports Village, Near sector 23, Garhi Brahmanan, Sonipat, Haryana

Khokhar Kadaddi’s Fee:- Admission fee: Rs 5000 (One time)
Hostel fee: Rs 7000 (Monthly)
Training fee Rs 3000 (Monthly)

Best Kabaddi Academy in Haryana Khokhar Academy

When a Dronacharya Awardee coach trains you personally, there can be no finer setting than this. Yes, as implied by the name, Rambir Singh Khokhar, a recipient of the Dronacharya Award, owns the academy. He is returning to coaching after retiring from SAI, where he created excellent players one after the other. He never misses a day of offering the young players at the academy his invaluable talent advice. This is one of the best Kabaddi academies in India.

He expressed his optimism in producing talented and physically strong athletes who will play for India in one of our numerous conversations. Two full-time coaches in the academy help him out. He has trained athletes like Ajay Thakur, Pardeep Narwal, and Surender Nada, among others.

Kathura Kabaddi Academy

Location:- Kathura Village, Sonipat, Haryana

Kathura Kabaddi Academy’s Fees:- Admission Fee: Rs 2,000

Hostel Fee: Rs 6,000 per month

Training Fee: Rs 500 per month

kabaddi academy in India
Kathura Kabaddi Academy

Another Kabaddi Academy in India and Haryana. It has given a lot of amazing all-rounder kabaddi players. It provides all the amenities required by a player like a gym, track for running, physiotherapy and medical assistance. One of the best kabaddi clubs in Haryana is this one. From this academy come many of the talented players who dominate the PKL. One is Sandeep Narwal, the best all-around player in PKL. The academy offers a number of amenities, including a gym, a track for running, physiotherapy, and medical aid. This academy was where Puneri Paltan and PO Surjeet Singh received their training before they won gold medals at the 2014 Asian Games.

Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy

Location:- Raipur village in Sonipat district

Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy Fees:- Admission Fee: Rs 5,000

Hostel Fee: Rs 4,000 per month

Coaching Fee: Rs 1,000 per month

Best Kabaddi Academies in Haryana Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy

This Kabaddi Academy in Haryana belongs to Neer Gulia, who is himself a gold medalist as well as the assistant coach of Gujarat Fortunegiants in PKL. This academy has a well-equipped gym with advanced facilities. Neer Gulia, a former international player who won a gold medal at the Asian Games and is currently an assistant coach for Gujarat Fortune Giants, one of the top PKL clubs, formed it. A hostel, gym, track for running, and other amenities are available. This institution educates Parvesh Bhainswal and Sunil Kumar, who play for Gujarat.

Narwal Kabaddi and Sports Academy

Location:- Jind, Haryana

Narwal Kabaddi and Sports Academy Fees:- Admission Fee: Rs 5,000

Hostel Fee: Rs 5,000 per month

Coaching Fee: Rs 2,000 per month

Best kabaddi academy in India
Narwal Kabaddi and Sports Academy

One of the greatest Kabaddi academies in India, and coaching facilities in India is the Narwal Sports Academy, which is situated in Rohtak, Haryana. It is managed by a group of qualified coaches under the direction and direction of Sunny Narwal, one of the top kabaddi coaches in India. This institute offers exact training and knowledgeable guidance.

In addition to hostel amenities, it also has gyms, practice fields at both the national and international levels and other amenities. It arranges yearly and monthly national-level kabaddi tournaments. This academy has ties to several national kabaddi players, including Pradeep Narwal, Kuldeep Narwal, Rajesh Narwal, and Ankit Beniwal. After receiving instruction, the kids of this academy are eligible to participate in inter-city sporting events.

Janhit Sports Academy

Location:- Govindpuram in Utter Pradesh

Janhit Sports Academy’s Fees:- Admission Fees: Rs. 6000

Hostel:- Rs. 5000/ month

kabaddi academy in UP Janhit Sports Academy
Janhit Sports Academy

It is also one of the best Kabaddi academies in India, which provide free coaching to girls. The academy is well equipped with all the facilities and provides one of the best training in India. Janhit Sports Academy, located in Govindpuram, Utter Pradesh, is one of the very few academies that offer free instruction to female students. The academy is nicely furnished with a track for running, physiotherapy, and medical aid. Gulveer Singh, an Up Yoddha raider, and Vikrant, a raider with the Telugu Titans, both graduated from the Janhit Sports Academy. Gulveer Singh, an Up Yoddha raider, and Vikrant, a raider with the Telugu Titans, both graduated from the Janhit Sports Academy.

Shivneri Kabaddi Krida Sankul

Location:- Jadhav Wadi, Chikhli, Chinchwad, Pune, Maharashtra.

Shivneri Kabaddi Krida Sankul Fees:- Hostel fee: 6000 (Monthly)

Training fee: 1000 (Monthly)

Best Kabaddi Academy in pune Shivneri Kabaddi Krida Sankul

Shivneri Kabaddi Krida Sankul is administered by Rajendra Rajale and Satish Wadyar in the suburbs of Pune. Both Rajendra Rajale and Satish Wadyar, who were serving in the Indian military, decided to voluntarily retire. Rajale had a deep interest for Kabaddi and underwent NIS training before establishing this institution. It is the Seekh Panga Kabaddi YouTube channel’s academy. Rajendra Rajale starred at it.

Midline Academy

Location:- Police ground, Karjat, Raigarh, Maharashtra.

Midline Academy Fees:- Admission fee: Rs 1000

Hostel fee: Rs 6000 (Monthly)

Training fee: Rs 1000 (Monthly)

Best Kabaddi Academy in Maharashtra Midline Academy

Kabaddi is well-known in the Maharashtra province of Raigarh. throughout 100 tournaments take place throughout the weekends in Raigarh district during the Kabaddi season. Despite the fact that the district was home to numerous clubs, there was no professional Kabaddi academy for players to attend. Aniket Mhatre, a Kabaddi player himself, and a fitness fanatic with an MBA in sports administration, saw a chance and established the Midline Academy in Karjat two years ago.

In the first several months, visitors came from Karjat and the surrounding villages, but soon Maharashtra and other states began to receive inquiries. In addition to renting a home for a hostel, he currently operates two batches in both the morning and evening sessions.

As we are talking about the best and most famous Kabaddi Academy in India. Here is the List of Top 50 most famous sports personalities in India

Yuva Ekta Academy

Location:- Aurangabad, Bulandsher, Uttar Pradesh

Yuva Ekta Academy Fees:-

kabaddi academy in Uttar Pradesh
Yuva Ekta Academy

 Joginder Singh is the head coach while Harish Kumar is the assistant coach. Not particularly well affected by amenities. There is a gym, a track, and a hostel there. Nevertheless, it is regarded as Uttar Pradesh’s top kabaddi academy. The majority of the top Kabaddi players have come out of this one of the best Kabaddi Academies in India. Yuva Ekta Academy is the only academy that can legitimately claim to be the birthplace of PKL players. After receiving Kabaddi classes at the academy located in Uttar Pradesh, Arvind Kumar, Lalit Chaudhary, Bhanu Pratap, Azad Singh, and Harinder Chaudhary all participated in the league.

Sharda Jan Kalyan Kabaddi Gurukul

Location:- Dharampura, Uttar Pradesh

Sharda Jan Kalyan Kabaddi Gurukul Fees:- Coaching Fee: Rs 1,000 per month

Hostel Fee: Rs 3,500 per month

Kabaddi Academy in UP Sharda Jan Kalyan Kabaddi Gurukul

This Kabaddi Academy in India is known for its unique training methods. It is one of the most advanced and highly affiliated academies with a gym, swimming pool, running track and hostel. Jan Kalyan Sharda The distinctive training techniques used at Kabaddi Gurukul are well renowned. Head coach Bijender Singh provides direction and mentoring to the players during their training. An akhada (arena) for meditation, a gym, a swimming pool, a running track, a firm surface for rehabilitation therapy, and dormitories are among the amenities available at this academy.

Sports Academy Baramati

Location:- Baramati, Maharashtra

Sports Academy Baramati Fees:- Monthly Fee: Rs. 1000

Hostel Fees:- Rs. 3000

kabaddi academy in Haryana (1)
Sports Academy Baramati

If want to get trained by a former National player, this academy is the best option. The former PKL player, Dadaso Awad and former national Kabaddi coaches Mohan Kachre and Bajrang Prdeshi are coaches of this academy.

Jagadish Kumble Kabaddi Coaching & Fitness Centre

Location:- Bindu Auditorium, Aswini Nagar, Kasaragod, Kerala

Jagadish Kumble Kabaddi Coaching & Fitness Centre Fees:- Admission fee: 1000 (One time)

Hostel fee: 5000 (Monthly)

Training fee: 1000 (Monthly)

Kabaddi Academy in Kerela Jagadish Kumble Kabaddi

Kabaddi Raos Academy

Location:- Gokul Shirgaon, Tal – Karvir, Dist – Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India

Kabaddi Raos Academy Fees:- Admission fee – Rs 3000/- per month

Lodging Fee – Rs 2000/- per month

Best Kabaddi Academy in Maharashtra Kabaddi Raos Academy

Kabaddi Raos Academy is located in Maharashtra State’s Kolhapur district. A coaching centre has been built to develop young, talented male kabaddi players, polish their abilities, and improve their performance. The coach at Kabaddi Rao’s academy with a PhD in Kabaddi is Dr Ramesh Bhendigiri. It has features such as professional coaching, a gym, an indoor kabaddi court, a dorm, and scientific coaching with video analysis. Making kabaddi players at the national and international levels was the academy’s first goal.

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Anup Kumar Kabaddi Academy

Location:- Palra-Sakatpur Road, Gurugram

Anup Kumar Kabaddi Academy Fees:- Registration fees – Rs.5000

For the local player (3000Rs per month)

Others (Rs 10000 per month including Accommodation, mess)

Kabaddi Academies in India Anup Kumar Kabaddi Academy

Future Fighters Kabaddi Academy is the name of a kabaddi academy. Anup Kumar is the team’s coach. The age range is 10 to 17 years. Palra-Sakatpur road, Gurugram is the address.

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best kabaddi academy in India?

According to the data, Kabaddi is the country’s second most popular sport after cricket. India has won gold medals at international tournaments such as the Asian Games, Asian Championships, and World Cups. There are various academies in India. But these are the best:-
– Chaudhari Ram Swarup Kabaddi Academy
– Khokhar Kadaddi Academy
– Kathura Kabaddi Academy
– Neer Gulia Kabaddi Academy
– Narwal Kabaddi and Sports Academy

How can I join Kabaddi?

To join Pro Kabaddi as a player. You need to be one of the best Kabaddi players.
1. Find a good coach and join Kabaddi Club/Team.
2. Practice Daily.
3. Focus more on fitness and skills.
4. Master all the skills, and practice them 1000 a week.
5. Eat healthily, and follow a good diet plan. Better diet, more optimum performance.
6. Rest, Most important to recover your body.
7. Play as many local tournaments as you can, and try to perform better.
8. Go for selection trials of different Kabaddi leagues.
9. Participate in as many Kabaddi events.
10. Try to become the best, you will automatically get the attention of association members.
Don’t believe people who tell you that you need contacts to join Pro Kabaddi. Always remember “If You Are Best, No One Can Stop You From Playing Pro Kabaddi”. Contacts will come automatically.

Which state is best in kabaddi?

These are the five Indian states that are at the heart of Kabaddi’s continuous rise and have the largest player representation across teams, ranging from historic powerhouses to tomorrow’s stars.

Himachal Pradesh
Uttar Pradesh
Tamil Nadu

Is Kabaddi originated in India?

The game has been played in various ways since prehistoric times. Since 1930, the contemporary Kabaddi game has been played throughout India and parts of South Asia. In Maharashtra in 1921, the earliest documented framework of the rules of Kabaddi as an indigenous sport of India was prepared for Kabaddi events on the pattern of Sanjeevani and Gemini in a combined form. Following that, in 1923, a committee was formed to revise the norms established in 1921. The new regulations were implemented during the All India Kabaddi Tournament in 1923.

Who is the famous player in Kabaddi?

Because kabaddi is the fastest-growing sport in India and is becoming more famous in countries around the world, we thought we’d look at the top ten players in the sport’s history:-

Pardeep Narwal (UP Yoddah)
Anup Kumar (Retired)
Rahul Chaudhari (Jaipur Pink Panthers)
Deepak Niwas Hooda (Bengal Warriors)
Naveen Kumar (Dabang Delhi K.C.)
Pawan Sehrawat (Tamil Thalaivas)
Maninder Singh (Bengal Warriors)
Fazel Atrachali (Puneri Paltan)
Sandeep Narwal (UP Yoddahs)
Ajay Thakur (Dabang Delhi K.C.)

Who is the father of Kabaddi?

Harjeet was born in the Punjab hamlet of Bajakhana in 1971. His father, Sardar Bakshish Singh, encouraged and supported him to participate and play Kabaddi because it was popular in Punjab.
Kabaddi was originally a national sport, but it gained international recognition during the 1936 Olympics. Harjeet made his international debut in Canada in 1994. One of his raids was so well received that he received a $100,000.00 bet. Following in his footsteps, the Indian team has many budding stars in Kabaddi, and we are performing incredibly well as a country. So far, India has won the majority of the world cups in Kabaddi events.

What is the salary of kabaddi players?

At this year’s auction, all 12 PKL franchises made significant additions. The two-day event was held in Mumbai, where four players joined the PKL’s ‘Crorepati’ club. The highest salary and the bid of the Indian Kabaddi are:-

Pardeep Narwal – 1.65 crores
Monu Goyat – 1.51 Crores
Siddharth Desai – 1.45 Crores
Rahul Chaudhari – 1.29 Crores
Nitin Tomar – 1.20 Crores

What is the age limit for kabaddi?

The age limit in the Indian Kabaddi League is:-
A team can have a maximum of 12 (7+5) players. Senior Men and Women: Open. Junior Boys and Girls: 20yrs and below on the last date of the event.
Age criteria:
Senior Men and Women: Open.
Junior Boys and Girls: 20yrs and below on the last date of the event.
Sub- Junior Boys and Girls: 16yrs and below on the last date of the event.
Weight Criteria:
Senior Men and Women: Less than 85kgs for Men and 75kgs for Women.
Junior Boys and Girls: Less than 70kgs for Boys and 65kgs for Girls.
Sub-Junior Boys and Girls: Less than 55kgs for  both  Boys and Girls

What is the fees of Pardeep Narwal kabaddi Academy?

The structure of the Pardeep Narwal Kabaddi Academy fees is a hostel fee of 5000, an admission fee of 5000, and a monthly fee of 2000. This covers accommodation, admission, and monthly expenses, providing aspiring kabaddi enthusiasts with a comprehensive training program under the guidance of Pardeep Narwal.

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