Basic Grooming hacks For Men

Men’s Grooming Hacks


Men’s Grooming Hacks
Men’s Grooming Hacks

Basic Grooming hacks For Men: When the weather heats up, your grooming game better be on point. Here are few hacks for turning dull, tired skin into a great skin. The key to aging well is quite obvious: Eat a well-balanced diet, don’t smoke, drink lots of water, and get 8-10 hours of sleep every night. This good behavior can be easily said but quite difficult to apply in our day to day life, so here we have few hacks that can give you the effect of agelessness, without requiring you to live such a pure life.

  1. Daily Routine

A research has discovered that the number of men dying from skin cancer is much more than women. Sun can prematurely age you so it is the time everyone should start using sunscreen diligently.

Grooming Hacks For Men
Grooming Hacks For Men Basic men’s grooming hacks
  1. Sober look for the formal events

If you have oily skin which tends to get sweaty and shiny whenever you have a drink, get excited, or put on a suit, a mattifying gel will save you from looking like a hot mess at the summer parties and other formal events. All you need to do is put a dime-size amount on your face after moisturizing it, or just before the event.

  1. Revive 70-Hour-Workweek Face

If you’ve been stressed all day, running to appointments all over the town, or working at the office for the better part of 10 hours, you probably look less than alive. So to revive your skin and give it a fake post shower look, apply a cleansing water or reviving toner.

  1. Take the Party Years off Your Face

Grooming Hacks For Men
Grooming Hacks For Men . Basic men’s grooming hacks

Yes, technically it’s makeup, but it’s very lightweight and if it’s good enough for celebrities, then why not you? Also, there are many creams that have sunscreen built into the formulas, which is convenient if you’re prone to nose sunburns.

  1. Clean up Your Neckline

Long and messy hair is quite trendy these days but, as much as you’re digging the Bro Flow, having a neckline full of stray hairs is never a good look. If it’s not possible for you to visit your barber, you’ve to clean up what’s happening around your collar on your own. For this, you can simply use a hair trimmer to follow the line of your last haircut starting from the middle of your ear, down towards your shoulder. Make sure that your head is straight and move slowly. It is recommended to pick up a small handheld mirror to view the back of your head properly while shaving.

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