30+ Grooming Tips & Hacks for Men to up their Game

“Grooming is the secret of real elegance. The best clothes, the most wonderful jewels, the most glamorous beauty don’t count without good grooming.” These are the words of Christian Dior, French fashion designer and founder of luxury brands like Louis Vuitton. We often talk about how grooming is important for women and what hacks should they try at home to groom themselves. The most popular articles on the internet say, “Beauty hacks for women,” “Simple hacks for the ladies to bring on your face at home,” and more. Search for “Simple Men’s grooming hacks,” you will find a few articles only. Why? Don’t our rough and tough, outgoing men deserve taking care of their skin and hair? Well, of course, they do! So, here we are with a list of grooming hacks every man needs to know along with some grooming tips for men.

Men’s Essential Grooming Hacks-

grooming tips for men
Grooming tips for men

Essential Men’s grooming hacks for your hair

“How to style my hair?” “I have thick hair, which haircut should I get?” “What to do with my hair?” “Facial Hairs!” These are the basic problems of an average Indian man. Don’t worry! We have the right solutions to all your hair grooming queries.

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Your beard needs conditioning

grooming tips for men
Grooming tips for men: Condition Your Beard

Keeping a beard has become a trend amongst men. We don’t shy away from saying it but some people have made it like a ‘beauty standard’ for men. If you have a beard, that means you are qualified to be called, ‘handsome.’ Well, that’s another issue. Talking of beards, if you have kept a beard then you need to take good care of it as new beard hair can sometimes be dry and coarse. This can be itchy. When you wash and condition your hair the next time, remember to put a little conditioner on your beard too. There is no harm in doing so. Leave in the conditioner for some time and then rinse with water. Smooth beard hair can be less itchy. Here you go with the first part of the male’s grooming routine.

Hand Crème-An immediate relief for that messy hair

A GQ article suggests that using a little bit of hand crème on your hair especially during the times of humidity and rain can be a great beauty hack for men. Well, we can’t agree more. If you live in a city like Mumbai, where humidity is a constant, you must know how your hair becomes till the time you reach the office. Hand crèmes are portable and handy. Buy any hand crème and keep it in your bag always. Before entering office, apply a little bit of it to your hair, and see the magic. We bet you will get some surprising reactions.

Men’s essential grooming hacks to get rid of the Sticky hair

Sometimes, especially in summer, hair becomes sticky very soon even after you have just washed them a day ago. There is a quick men’s grooming hack you can follow to get rid of the stickiness of the hair. Take a dryer sheet and rub it on your hair. It helps in keeping your hair in place.

A haircut to enhance your look

grooming tips for men
Have a Good Haircut

Why should girls have all the fun with their haircuts? Tailoring your haircut according to your face shape is something that both men and women must do. An article in Business Insider recommends men with round face to get a haircut that’s tighter on the sides. If you have a long face, you can ask for longer hair on the sides. Make it a part of male grooming routine to tailor your haircut according to your face structure. Grooming is essential for men too!

Clean up Your Neckline

grooming tips for men
Clean up Your Neckline

Long and messy hair is quite trendy these days but, as much as you’re digging the Bro Flow, having a neckline full of stray hairs is never a good look. If you can’t visit your barber, you’ve to clean up what’s happening around your collar on your own. For this, you can simply use a hair trimmer to follow the line of your last haircut starting from the middle of your ear, down towards your shoulder. Make sure that your head is straight and move slowly. It is recommended to pick up a small handheld mirror to view the back of your head properly while shaving.

Steel tweezers from your sister

Many Indian men have unibrows i.e. they have joint eyebrows. To get rid of the extra facial hair, all you need to do is to borrow your sister’s or your girlfriend’s tweezers. You can buy tweezers for Rs 100 or Rs 200 max. Well, if you borrow from them, you can be sure it’s of the right quality as obviously, they know more. Use tweezers to get rid of super thick hair between your eyebrows. Don’t overdo it. Make it look natural. Why? Because girls like it naturally! 😉

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Shaving Hacks for Men-Male grooming routine

Shaving is an essential part of the male grooming routine. Here are a few shaving grooming hacks for men for which you will thank us later, we are sure.

Out of a Shaving crème?

No worries! You can always replace it with your hair conditioner. It works as a great moisturizer. According to an article in GQ, you can use the hair conditioner down there as well. There is no harm in using it.

Replace Alum with Lip Balm

We have grown up seen our fathers and grandfathers using fitkari (alum) on their faces when they get cut while shaving. How about bringing in a change here? Replace alum in your shaving kit with a lip balm. Next time, you see blood flowing while shaving let the magic of waxy textured lip balm work for you. Lip balm creates a seal and allows a clot formation. We are here with some tried and tested men’s essential grooming hacks for you.

Blow Dry your razor

It’s not a joke. A lot of guys shave and leave their razors wet. The moistness of the shower produces corrosion. We recommend every time you are done shaving, grab your razor and dry the blades with a blow dryer. This will increase the life of the razor and you can use it throughout the month without any fear of infection. This is an amazing grooming hack for men.

Shave -> Shower-NO! Shower-> Shave-YES!

We know you usually shave before you take a shower. That is how it has been for many. We say believe us and try the opposite. Shave after you are done bathing. Take a warm shower. It will make your face’s bristles smoother. This makes shaving easy and harmless. You might not even need a lip balm to stop the blood because you may not even bleed if you use this beauty hack for men.

How to smell good? (Because women get attracted to fragrances! ;))

grooming tips for men
smell good

Of course! Women get attracted to men who smell good. No matter how many deodorants you try, nothing will work if problem lies in your body odor. Here are some awesome ways to smell good.

Instant solution to get rid of a smelly T-shirt

Keep a fabric refresher handy. Apart from buying a fabric refresher from the market, you can also make a fabric refresher at home.

Here is all that you need to make a fabric refresher at home-

  • Half cup flavorless vodka
  • Half cup of water
  • 10 drops of tea tree essential oil (not necessary)
  • 25 drops of lavender oil (not necessary)

Add all the ingredients into a spray bottle and shake it well. Your fabric refresher is ready. This fabric refresher will make your T-shirt’s smell go away within seconds.

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Get rid of the shoe smell

Get rid of the shoe smell
Grooming tips for men: Get rid of the shoe smell. Image Credits: FeelBoosted

Take some baking soda (not baking powder) and sprinkle it in your shoes. Keep it overnight. We guarantee, the shoe smell will go away. If you are tired of the foul smell which comes right after you remove your shoes, this beauty hack for men will be of great help.

How to be Kiss-ready? Beauty hacks for men

grooming tips for men
Grooming tips for men: How to be Kiss-ready?

It is always important to be kiss-ready. You never know when you will meet someone special. Here are some essential grooming hacks for men which will make your lips ready for a perfect kiss.

Grooming hack for your brighter smile

Talking of baking soda, it doesn’t only help in getting rid of that foul smell in your shoes, baking soda works wonders if you replace your toothpaste with it. This is one of the beauty hacks for men that might take a bit longer to work but it will work. Another hack for whitening your teeth is to sprinkle a pinch of salt or turmeric to your toothpaste while brushing your teeth. To get a brighter smile can take a few weeks but these hacks are tried and tested.

Goodbye Chapped Lips-beauty hacks for men

grooming tips for men
Grooming tips for men: Say Goodbye to chapped Lips

How can you be kiss-ready if your lips are not ready? We have got a point to make here. Isn’t it? Having chapped lips is a common problem faced by men. A simple beauty hack for men to get rid of the chapped lips is to exfoliate your lips.

How to exfoliate your lips? 

  • Use your toothbrush and move it over your lips like you brush your teeth in the morning. Do it every night for a minute. Just don’t be too harsh on yourself. Believe us you will get kiss-ready soft lips within a few days.
  • Take a teaspoon of olive oil and add sugar in it. Dab the mixture to your lips before sleeping. This will not only ensure softer lips but also lighter the tone of your lips.

Say bye to bad breath

Grooming tips for men
Grooming tips for men: Say bye to bad breath

Have you ever been in a situation where you are talking and the person next to you complains about some weird smell? That might be because of the problem of bad breath. Do you know what causes bad breath? Onions? Not brushing your teeth regularly? Well, yes sort of. But the actual reason behind bad breath is the dryness in our mouth. Keep yourself hydrated all the time and get rid of the problem of bad breath. You can try having something citrus after you eat onion or garlic. This will immediately save you from that ‘onion breath’ which can be embarrassing sometimes. For some instant results, always keep a breath spray handy. Do you never know it can get you some deal or maybe a kiss? 😉

Male Grooming Routine for your Skin

Women do take care of their skin but men usually forget doing so. From just washing your face at least twice a day to moisturizing your skin, there are some skin care routines you must follow.

Moisturizer for the Calluses

Men who work out hard sometimes get calluses in their hands. Shaking hands on a date can be embarrassing if you have a rough hand. You must have strong hands but rough hands can be a minus point for you. To get rid of those calluses, all you need to do is to moisturize your hands with a regular moisturizer regularly. There is no rocket science involved in this simple grooming hack for men. It’s quick and it’s easy.

Make that Pimple Go away!

It pops up right before a date. Aren’t we right? It’s not only with the ladies. It’s with the men too. Don’t you worry guys! We have a solution. According to GQ, a toilet seat cover tissue or a coffee filter can fix your pimple. Just dab it over the oily parts of your face and you are done with the oily skin problem. Never use your fingers to touch your face or the pimple. You can hurt yourself.

Take the Party Years off Your Face

Try a basic BB or a CC crème to give glam to your face. Yes, technically it’s makeup, but it’s very lightweight and if it’s good enough for celebrities, then why not you? Also, many creams have sunscreen built into the formulas, which is convenient if you’re prone to nose sunburns.

These are some simple grooming hacks every man needs to know. Women like men who are neat and clean. Don’t overdo anything but try these simple hacks and we are sure these will make you look neat, tidy, and handsome. Grooming is essential even more than clothes. Believe us, they already have fashionable clothes, the first thing they would judge you on is how neat and tidy you look. So, here you go guys! Try these essential men’s grooming hacks right away!

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