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Has religion been good for humanity?

“Hindu Muslim Sikh Isai, sab hai Bhai Bhai” Regardless of the religion, we all were born as a part of the same race i.e. humanity.

Reading the title of this piece of writing, you might have thought that we are here to criticize religions and religious practices. Well, No! We would rather talk about something else. Let’s discuss over before we make our thoughts clear to you.

On one hand, We have heard the anecdotes of honor killing, merciless punishments, and suicides on the name of religion, while on the other hand, We, ourselves love to follow the teachings of the sacred books of our respective religions.

Whether you pick up the Geeta, the Bible, or the Quran, all of them have the same lessons in different languages.

Malala was shot on the name of religion, Justified?

6 years from today, Malala Yousafzai, a 15-year-old activist then was shot by the Taliban men for supporting female education. Do you think they were right in their act of hatred and justifying it as a lesson from their sanctified religion, Islam? We don’t think so! Tell us the chapter number, the page number, and the line number, wherein Quran, the act was justified. We believe in our religion as our parents do and so do their parents used to. But the difference is that we never quote our religion as a reason behind our actions but we do blame other people for theirs?.

Diwali, Eid, Christmas, Baisakhi, we celebrate it all!

The grand feast of Eid would remain purposeless without each and every member from the Muslim community coming together and sharing warmth. Don’t you ask your Khan friend to share Kheer on Eid?

How would Diwali become “Khushiyo wali” without an act of togetherness?

Santa Claus has now become a part of all of our families irrespective of our religions. A group of friends is incomplete without a Punjabi friend bringing Paranthas in his lunch box.

Religion teaches us the lesson of togetherness and gives us an opportunity to associate ourselves with people of the same race yet unique in their way of living. In India, we believe in happiness and peace which lies in rejoicing with everyone. Today, people develop individualistic characteristics as a part of their job, but no one forgets to go home during the festive season.

Don’t misjudge the teachings of our religions

There is a fine line between following the religion and misusing its teachings. No religion says that men and women should be treated any differently. No religion suggests merciless killing if a person performs any crime. We haven’t read in any of the hallowed books that we should treat any human being as untouchable. It is unreasonable though to blame religion when you treat anyone differently.

Think Differently, It’s the mindset and not the religion!

Don’t you feel blessed to be born in a country like India, where everyone believes in charity and peace? We follow respective religions and encourage the others as well. Yes, there are people who still behave indifferently with each other because they belong to other religions. But, India has changed on a large scale. We see, the saying “Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isai, sab hai Bhai Bhai” actually becoming true nowadays.

If our boss is a Sardar, then our colleague is a Christian and we work in a place of many religions bonded by a race “Humanity”. It is the mindset of people which leads them to have disputes on the name of religion. Open your minds, and you will see, all of the religions teach us to love and charity.

How could religion harm anyone? Unless it is tormented! What do you say?

We are here keen to insist on maintaining a balance between the profound religions and the human bond we share. Don’t play the blame games of who started first and who ended.

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