11 Most Iconic Jersey Numbers In Cricket History with Their Astrological Connections

Cricket is being played in over 120 countries around the world. It has been linked to ancient Greek games and is thought to be the ancestor of baseball. Famous players like Sachin Tendulkar, Brad Haddin, Viv Richards, and David Gower have made cricket one of the most popular sports in the world. However, what sets it apart from other sports is its place in astrology; each player has their own number with an astrological connection associated with them. When a cricket player is given a jersey number, it is usually chosen by the captain of the team. Some believe that these numbers can influence the performance of the players. They are associated with different zodiac signs and will bring out different personalities in the player. All these numbers have a unique story to tell, and through them, we learn more about astrology and the global impact of sport. We all have our favorites, but there are favorites worldwide, and they are known for their iconic jersey numbers. Here is a list of the top ten Most Iconic Jersey Numbers In Cricket.

1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni Jersey Number: 7

Dhoni Jersey Number 7

MS Dhoni is the only number 7 who has made it to this list. He is a very aggressive wicketkeeper-batsman and an excellent limited-overs captain. His calm and composed nature became an asset for the team during difficult situations, and he was one of the most successful captains in ODI cricket. He can bowl at good speeds as well, which makes him a complete package for any team. His induction into professional cricket started when he was given a jersey number at the age of 16, which was the same year he made his international debut in 2002 against Sri Lanka.

The story behind his selection of Doni’s t-shirt number 7 is that Dhoni was born on July 7. It has also been said that Mahi decided to have the number 7 because of his love for Manchester United legend David Beckham who used to wear the same number. Some reports also say that he believes in astrology too, and he consulted an astrologer and found the number 7 suitable for him. The ex-captain admires the number 7 so much that he even has a company by the name ‘Seven’!

2. Virat Kohli Jersey Number: 18

Virat Kohli Jersey Number 18
Virat Kohli Jersey Number 18

The former captain of the Indian cricket team Virat Kohli has been wearing the number 18 since his Under-19 stint. It was his father Prem Kohli, who sent him to the game of cricket, and he dreamed that his son would one day represent his nation. His father, unfortunately, passed away when he was only 18 years old (December 18, 2006). His father never got to see his son play for the Indian national team, but Kohli definitely has been ruling the cricket world carrying the number 18 on his back.

3. Rohit Sharma Jersey Number: 45

Rohit Sharma Jersey Number 45

The current captain of the cricket team Rohit Sharma was suggested to wear jersey number 9. However, he didn’t want a single-digit number before his mother picked the number 45 for him when he was playing for India U-19 in the 2006 World Cup. Moreover, 4 and 5 add up to 9, and so Rohit gladly accepted the number. And since then, the world has witnessed his amazing performance in cricket.

Numerology is a highly effective science that has played a massive role in many people’s lives. Science is more apt to guide many individuals from different walks of life, including sportsmen and women. Cricket is an exciting game that brings many aspects of our personal lives into the open. That may be why the sport has so many legends attached to it who have left us with memories that we’d cherish forever. Maybe it’s just by chance that some of these numbers have been awarded to these personalities. But it sure seems like it was their destiny to sport these particular numbers on their jerseys. So, this is all about your favorite cricket players’ jersey numbers. Do you know any other best jersey numbers in cricket? Do write back to us!

4. Sachin Tendulkar Jersey Number: 10

Sachin Tendulkar Jersey Number 10
Sachin Tendulkar Jersey Number 10

The greatest batsman to ever play this game Sachin Tendulkar started his career with jersey number 99 but changed it soon to 10. This was because Tendulkar faced several issues in his early career, which could have further disrupted his latter games. It was during these times when an astrologer suggested an alternate number. It was 10, and his game went through an enormous revolution as he started to wear the number.

When Tendulkar retired, he had played 13 Tests, 67 ODIs, and 39 T20s and was by far the highest scorer in the game’s history. His playing technique is pretty simple yet highly effective, as he rarely wastes his time in the middle and plans each shot according to its position on the field. Captaincy was never an issue with this number 5, as he was always seen as someone who could inspire and motivate others around him. He was an icon in the 2000s, and his vast achievements both on and off the field have made him a legend.

5. Shane Watson Jersey Number: 33

Shane Watson Jersey Number 33

An attacking batsman who is capable of playing any position in the batting order, Shane ‘Banger’ Watson is a massive all-rounder who can bowl at the death. He prefers to play the reverse sweep in his short-pitched deliveries and is known to build partnerships with other players while captaining his team. His number 33 meant he was very quick on his feet and was a good fielder in both legs. He was pretty accurate with his bowling, too, as he always left a few balls for the fast bowlers to finish it off. He worked as an opening bowler for Australia before suddenly becoming a full-blown all-rounder.

6. Hardik Pandya Jersey Number: 33

Hardik Pandya Jersey Number

The new sensation Hardik Pandya wears number 33. He started with the Number 228 but got rid of it soon. Later he shifted to jersey number 33, and the motivation behind Hardik choosing the number 33 was because of his belief in Numerology. He is known to be a believer in Numerology. In number 33, if digits are added, it turns out to be 6, and the number 6 has great significance in Indian cricket. And then his game talks for him and justifies his decision to change the jersey number. What do you think?

7. Gautam Gambhir Jersey Number: 5

Jersey Numbers In Cricket Gautam Gambhir Jersey Number 5

He wore jersey number 5, which was a sign of preparation to strike. It is represented by Aries, which symbolizes passion and shows a deep desire for success. His aggressive nature has made him a serious player in today’s cricket game. He is a very good fielder and can bowl at economical rates, making him one of the most valuable players in the Indian team. Gautam Gambhir is also known for his shot selection, as he can pull off any shot that involves going behind the wickets. He has the ability to negate spinners as well as pacers, proving his worth in both departments.

Ever thought about Virat Kohli’s background or dreamt about the Virat Kohli story? Well, if you haven’t, then today is the day. Take a look here to learn all about Virat Kohli’s biography. It includes- Virat Kohli’s family, Virat Kohli’s statistics, Virat Kohli’s net worth, and Virat Kohli’s centuries.

8. Prithvi Shaw Jersey Number: 100

Prithvi Shaw Jersey Number 100

One of the most gifted Indian openers to rise through the ranks recently is Prithvi Shaw. After playing a lengthy 546-run inning in a Shield match, the swashbuckling opener burst into the spotlight, and he has only gotten better since then.

Shaw was appointed the team’s captain for the Under-19 World Cup in November 2016. India went on to win a competition in the Sri Lankan young Asia Cup. Two months later, in Mumbai’s semi-final match against Tamil Nadu, he made his Ranji Trophy debut. His century helped his team win. At 17, Shaw broke Sachin Tendulkar’s record for the youngest player to strike a century on their Duleep Trophy debut in September 2017.

It’s intriguing to consider the jersey number Shaw wore given the enormous shoes he has to fill. On his back, he carried the number 100. A three-digit number on a cricketer’s jersey is typically unusual to see, but Shaw was wearing it for some time. His justification is too naive and, in a way, amusing.

Shaw confirmed to Indian Express that his jersey number is not a lucky charm or the result of any superstition. I like the number, he said. It sounds like my last name, Shaw, in Hindi (sau). The Hindi word for hundred is “Sau,” and the surname “Shaw” has the same pronunciation.

9. Chris Gayle Jersey Number: 333

Chris Gayle Jersey Number

An aggressive Jamaican left-hander, Gayle received a black mark on his initial senior tour to England in 2000. Because the younger players weren’t seen to be treating their seniors with enough respect. But since then, Gayle has benefited from having no respect—at least for the bowlers of the opposition.

He can obliterate the numbers of even the most frugal opening bowlers thanks to his height and dominance at the crease. He enjoys carving over the covers off either foot. And Gayle has flourished more than any other batsman in this age of Twenty20 cricket.

All cricket fans are likely aware of the image of Chris Gayle donning the jersey featuring the number 333 on the back. The large West Indian’s biggest score in the game’s longest format. Which happened against the Sri Lankans, is represented by the number 333. Additionally wearing jersey number 175, Chris Gayle recorded his greatest score in the 20-over format.

In the T-20 universe, Chris Gayle is a Godzilla (UNIVERSE BOSS). Like Godzilla, he has amused many cricket enthusiasts while harming a group of people who will never be Chris Gayle fans and have fallen prey to the “GAYLE-STORM”.

  • The tired cheerleaders
  • The unlucky birds staying in the stadium
  • The pack of bowlers getting hammered by Gayle

10. Murlitharan Jersey Number: 800

Jersey Numbers In Cricket murlitharan jersey number 800

For Cricket fans, Muthiah Muralidaran is one of the finest ball spinners in history. His ability to bowl long stints and turn the ball sharply on nearly every surface was apparent. A lesser player would have retired after five seasons rather than 18. Murali became the go-to man for almost half a dozen captains. Regardless of whether Sri Lanka played at home, on surfaces where he was frequently unplayable, or abroad. He rarely let me down.

Muttiah Muralitharan, a master spinner from Sri Lanka, played for the Chennai Super Kings, a team in the Indian Premier League and wore the recognisable shirt bearing the jersey number “800.” It goes without saying that the icon took 800 Test wickets throughout his illustrious Test career.

With 800 & 534 wickets in the Test & ODI formats, respectively. Muralitharan continues to hold the record for the most wickets ever in the long history of the sport. Muralitharan wore the number 8 jersey throughout his career. But after he retired, he had a record-breaking 800 inscribed on it to represent the total amount of test wickets he had ever taken.

11. Virender Sehwag Jersey Number: 00

Virendra Sehwag Jersey Number 00

Virender Sehwag has built an outstanding career thanks to his talent for boundary-hitting and an unwavering pursuit of it. He has amassed Test runs at a rate faster than anyone in cricket history. While using little footwork and all of his desire. A batter who uses so many strokes must always be a bowler’s dream target. Sehwag, however, is considerably more confident in his chances.

Sehwag became one of the greatest courageous and aggressive batsmen to ever represent India, and his batting approach didn’t depend on chance in the least. However, the Nawab of Nazafgarh is said to be a firm believer in numerology. So when he went numberless and donned a jersey without any numbers, spectators and players were taken aback.

Sehwag changed his normal number 44 jersey to one without a number in the later stages of his career. Because, in his numerologist’s opinion, 44(4+4=8) was not the proper number for him.

12. Herschelle Gibbs Jersey Number: 00

Herschelle Gibbs Jersey Number 00

Herschelle Gibbs, who once admitted with twisted pleasure to having never read a book, has played enough explosive innings to fill a thick volume and has taken out numerous batters in the field with the electric grace of a furious poet. Gibbs may not use many words beyond yes, no, wait, and mine. But those who witness his voracity for the extraordinary are moved to awe. He is not typical.

One of South Africa’s all-time greatest batsmen, Herschelle Gibbs had a lengthy, if contentious, career with the Proteas. Gibbs had a custom of choosing jersey numbers that corresponded to the year’s final two digits.

He wore number 05 in 2005, number 06 in 2006, number 07 in 2007, and so forth. He wore the number 74 when playing for the Mumbai Indians, which stands for the year he was born. Later, Mashrafe Mortaza cited Gibbs as an influence and wore the number “0” in the BPL. Claiming that he was motivated by what it meant: “Start from zero again.”

So these are your favourite players and their jersey numbers with astrological connections. Do you know any more we missed? Write back to us and let us know.

What is Dhoni jersey number?

The iconic No. 7 jersey worn by MS Dhoni will be permanently retired in Indian cricket, much like Sachin Tendulkar’s No. 10. The decision to retire Dhoni’s jersey number follows the precedent set a few years ago with Tendulkar’s number, signifying a symbolic tribute to these legendary cricketers in the history of Indian cricket.

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