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Working five days a week, sometimes six days a week is a horror dream for everyone. Who doesn’t want to work for only three or four days a week? And, to your uttermost surprise, a legal firm in the UK has made it possible.

What if this happens with you? Wouldn’t it be the most exciting news ever?

Staff at the legal firm left surprised when their boss switched the work days from five to four. Not only this news left them stunned, but their pay scale has been raised also.

Making their employees happy, Portcullis Legal in Plymouth, England has become the first company to switch to 4-day work policy. 3 days off is not only making the employees happy but, it also helps in increasing the overall productivity of the firm.

It was not any sudden plan or something. They tested this policy before. They kept a 5-month trial with nine staff members. After seeing a huge difference in their performance, they decided to keep it permanent.

Managing director of the firm said, “The initial results have been heartening – our team is happier and our customers are receiving a better service”.
The response was so good. I’ve seen positive growth in everyone“, he added.

He said, “I have contacted businesses far and wide to find out the benefits and deadfalls of the four-day week, working with academics and industry leaders to find out the best way to apply the policy at Portcullis. The response has been extraordinary”

“Our staff is more motivated and focused than ever. Even, we have started receiving good reviews from the customers also. The reason behind is the staff works with a happy heart, and it makes the customer happy, also.” he further added.

Well, working in this type of firm has become almost everyone’s dream though. 3-day off in a week is bliss. Don’t hesitate to share this article with your boss. Let them know how much it benefits you and the firm also. He might get melt after reading this article and switch to 4-day work policy.

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