Struggling in Life? Here is how to motivate Yourself to work hard and Shine

There are times when you realize that the path to success is getting gloomy and you feel depressed.Or your work hours have pushed you down to a level that you feel like quitting and sometimes even when everything is going smoothly you just feel that life has become monotonous and dull and you start feeling low. What can be done to avoid such negative thoughts that come into your mind? Here is a list of things that you can do to motivate yourself to work hard.

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Remember Your Goal

If you are going through tough times and all you think of is quitting, remember your goal and aspirations. If you want to become something extraordinary you have to strive hard. As they say ” nothing in this world comes easy ” so tell yourself that the path will never be easy otherwise everybody would have already been there. You are onto a path that is less traveled by and since it is less traveled it would be rough. If you wish to be Steve Jobs you have to struggle through thick and thins but remember he made it to the top and so can you. The path was never easy but he did and so can You.

Create Goals that are too hard.

This is a very important aspect of what can be done to reach out to your goal. While many will find it contradicting this is one of the best methods to motivate yourself.

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You need to do a work that can be done in a month. But what if you decide to do it in 10 days? You will strive and hustle to achieve that target in 10 days. Here is the trick, even if you cannot complete the task in 10 days but you will end up doing it in 15 . Now look back at the point where you started, You were thinking of the time this task will take for a normal person (30 days ) and look yourself now! You completed the task in 15 ! You will have that feeling of a winner, and your hustle will bring happiness to you.

 Don’t let fear Overpower Your Thoughts

Fear of being defeated or fear of being cheated is one common issue that instills a sense of quitting among every person. When you start something different, there are people pulling up from behind and mocking you for their fun. That’s, where you need to realize that you are onto a path which is different and there will be tough times and there will be defeats. But, it’s upto you to accept the defeat and stand up much stronger. While for many fear of being defeated act as a motivation, some others tend to feel demoralized. Don’t let the fear play over your desires and thoughts.

Find Happiness

It’s not easy to find happiness in tough and sad times just because of that negative frame of mind. But that’s the point where you need to realize that you can take control over your thoughts. Find something that makes you happy. Some people have a habit of releasing stress by listening to music, dancing and much more. If you don’t have a hobby that makes you happy, talk to your friends who have got your back. Even a sentence can inspire you to continue working harder.

Ease of your stress

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Sometimes due to work, you tend to stress yourself too much and that can lead to depressing feelings . in order to ease out your stress, walk around play around with people or if you are that sleep kind of a guy /girl. Take a day off and sleep . There are a lot of stress busters that can help you in easing your stress. This will help you to start your work with a fresh and a positive attitude and you can work even harder and excel in your field.

Change Your Podcast

There will be times when you have no one around except your work and struggle and you just cannot quit because the work needs to be completed anyhow by a deadline. Even if no one is around your mobile is always there with you, tune your podcast and fill it with songs that are motivational and inspire you to keep working. Tell yourself ” you gotta do this because you ain’t someone who quits  “.

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And above all Keep telling yourself that you can do it you can take that pain that very few can absorb and shine.

Read and Watch Inspirational Stories

motivate Yourself: Every multi millionaire was once a normal person who strived extraordinarily to be at the top. Their stories are something that can inspire you to the core. One thing that you should be saying it to yourself is ” nothing comes easy “. Their stories have a starting struggle with which you can relate to. The struggle eventually paid off and they became successful. If they can, so can you! Have faith and every time you feel like giving up, remember that your idol in the movie also went through the same and dint gave up. This is something that always works.

You are the one who will be great someday and your success will justify your struggle. Let Your hustle speak it for you till the time other people don’t start.

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