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Things Your Boyfriend is tired Of hearing

Do you think that Boyfriend is tired of me? Here are Things Your Boyfriend is tired Of hearing: No matter how much love is there in a relationship, At some time every person gets annoyed and tired of hearing things which usually repeats on a daily basis. Girls are not the only one who gets to hear things and get annoyed, here is the list of things that guys are tired of hearing when they are in a relationship.

Relationship advice for dating: Just 5 minutes more

Oh so, It’s your date night and you are waiting in the car for your girlfriend to come hastily but we have to accept that girls take time in getting ready as they have to look their best on that night. So you will always get to hear that * Yes I am coming in 5 minutes* but sadly you end up waiting for approximately 1 hr. Relatable? Ah! don’t worry everyone is feeling the same.

Relationship advice for dating: I always like you more when you dress like I want you to

So yes, every girl loves their boyfriend more when he dresses according to her or in her favorite color. So whenever the guy dresses not according to her girlfriend’s choice, he gets to hear one of these statements. But girls! Sometimes go in favor of your guy’s choice also, it will make them really happy.

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Relationship advice for dating: You didn’t call me.

This is the statement that a guy listens most frequently because whenever he forgets to call or get really engaged in any work, he gets to hear this. Girl, you all should not worry when your guy doesn’t call you at times, as he may be really busy with his work and Yes when someone really cares about you they will free their time to call you. Do You Indulge in fights? Boyfriends are always tired of fighting so don’t opt for that option in case you are thinking to.

Relationship advice for dating: You always hang out with your friends

Girls always need attention from their boyfriends even when the guy is with his friends. So, the girl never really likes when her bf hangs out with his friends more than her and really get protective. So shoutout to all the guys who are always with their friends rather than their girlfriends, This is for all of them.

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Relationship advice for dating: Don’t talk to her

There is a little jealousy in every relationship and there is always that *Third person* in the relationship because of whom many fights take place between the two. Girls always ask their boyfriends to not to talk to the girl they don’t like or get really insecure when that girl and your boyfriend talk. This thing happens in most of the relationships. So , girls trust your boyfriends more than any other person.

Relationship advice for dating: Do I look fat or Am I even beautiful?

This is the question that girls often ask their boyfriends and sometimes it does annoy the boys also. When a guy truly loves you, he will never judge you on your body rather he will make you fall in love with your own body even if it is fat, dark or anything. Girls, fall in love with your body and you will never need to ask this question to anyone out there.

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Relationship advice for dating: I am okay.

We all are humans and we cannot be happy all the time. So whenever a girl is not happy or she is not having a good mood, she pretends that she is OKAY even though she is not. When asked by their boyfriends – then also they always say “I am okay”. This is the one thing that guys get really pissed off on and is tired of hearing. So to all the girls, sharing everything with your loved ones will make you calmer so just do it and don’t keep everything to your heart.

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Relationship advice for dating: He is my best friend.

This is the statement that makes any guy angry or full of rage. When they see that their girlfriends are getting really close with their guy best friend, they never like it. So whenever your guy asks them to stay away from him or not getting frank to them, “He is my best friend.”  is what they receive in return. This is something that really pisses off.
Do you have any more to add to this list? feel free to add them in the comments section below.

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