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Book Review: Set on You book by Amy Lea

I recently enjoyed reading “Set on You” by Amy Lea, and I wanted to share my thoughts on this captivating contemporary romance novel. A charming and uplifting romantic comedy, “Set on You” deftly covers body acceptance and self-love issues. The book revolves around Crystal, a fitness teacher and Instagram influencer for curvaceous women, as she negotiates the difficulties of self-acceptance and embarks on the inspiring journey of self-love in this captivating story. The narrative strikes a unique balance between amusement and reality while tackling significant issues, including the influence of social media, self-confidence, body shaming, and the value of encouraging friendships and familial ties

The novel immediately draws the reader in with a fast-paced narrative from Crystal’s first-person perspective. Due to her independence, assurance, and tenacity, Crystal’s persona is both likeable and admirable. Her vulnerability gives her character depth and intensifies the appeal of her journey towards self-love.

The book’s exploration of body positivity and the realities of social media lends a depth of authenticity to the narrative, while Crystal and Scott’s journey toward self-love and their developing romance make for a beautiful and inspirational read. This novel is a must-read for anyone looking for a feel-good and thought-provoking romance because it has likeable characters, clever dialogue, and a happy ending.

Book review Set on You book by Amy Lea

Plot Summary

thriving Instagram platform dedicated to promoting body positivity, crosses paths with Scott Ritchie, a fit firefighter, in a Boston gym. Their initial meeting kicks off with a playful competitive spirit, as Scott playfully absconds with Crystal’s beloved exercise equipment, igniting a lighthearted rivalry. Their interactions are filled with witty banter, challenging workout sessions, and even a heated dispute within the gym locker room. Unbeknownst to them, a shared familial connection emerges when they coincidentally learn that their respective grandparents are on the brink of matrimony. This unexpected twist of fate compels them to spend more time together beyond the gym, gradually uncovering the underlying chemistry between them.

As Crystal and Scott spend time together beyond their competitive gym sessions, their playful rivalry transforms into a passionate and sincere romance. Their love story unfolds against the backdrop of their respective journeys of self-acceptance. Crystal not only falls in love with Scott but also embarks on a personal journey to confront societal norms and the effects of body shaming. This transformation is tested when a photo of them together goes viral on social media, attracting internet trolls and critical comments. Crystal’s resilience and newfound self-love become central to the narrative as she faces the reality of online persecution and grows stronger as a result.

“Set on You” is a heartwarming romantic comedy that explores themes of love, self-discovery, and the challenges of navigating online fame. It portrays the evolution of Crystal and Scott’s relationship from rivals to lovers, emphasizing the importance of self-acceptance in the face of societal pressures and online scrutiny.

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Character Analysis

Crystal Chen

At the heart of the story is the captivating fitness influencer, Crystal Chen. With a substantial following of 200,000 on Instagram, she passionately encourages her audience to embrace themselves, transcending societal beauty norms with her infectious self-assuredness. However, beneath her strong exterior lies a hidden vulnerability, stemming from past experiences with body shaming and relentless online harassment. Crystal, a fitness expert, is deeply committed to championing body acceptance and self-love. Throughout the narrative, her transformation is evident as she learns to love and trust Scott, a seemingly arrogant firefighter. Crystal’s journey serves as a poignant testament to resilience and the yearning for self-acceptance in a society quick to judge based on appearances.

Scott Ritchie

The handsome firefighter Scott Ritchie, who initially comes across as arrogant and haughty, gradually shows his vulnerable and empathetic side. The heart of the story is his surprise rivalry-turned-romance with Crystal. While his intimidating physique may frighten Crystal, I am drawn to him because of his kind nature. The evolution of Scott’s character is evidence of the healing power of love and the capacity for vulnerability.


Crystal’s sister Tara adds a touching familial element to the narrative. She is a testament to the value of family ties during personal growth and transition with her steadfast support and sisterly affection.


Mel, Crystal’s buddy and a fellow influencer provides understanding and empathy in the world of influencers. Her persona emphasizes the value of close friendships and a solid support network in overcoming the difficulties of social media.

Genre, style, and narrative of the book


The main focus of “Set on You” is romance, which is beautiful. However, this romance is not just any romance but an exciting story about rivals who fall in love. Have you ever relished the excitement of watching two characters transform from enemies to ardent lovers? This narrative certainly has it in plenty. Remember, it is also a romantic comedy, so be prepared for some hilarious scenes. There is more, though; this is not your ordinary romance. It is also women’s fiction and addresses contemporary problems like body positivity and self-acceptance. So, if you are looking for a genre-bending, heartwarming read, you are in for a treat.


“Set on You” has an engaging writing style laced with humour that will have you grinning from ear to ear. You may laugh with the characters because of their amusing dialogue. Some sensual romance sequences will make your pulse beat quickly, so it is not all fun and games. A special touch is added by including Crystal’s Instagram posts and comments, which gives you a glimpse of what it is like to be an influencer in the modern world. This style provides a balanced reading experience that is enjoyable and thought-provoking.


The primary character, Crystal, sees the events as they happen, and I promise you will feel as though you are travelling beside her. Because it is written in the first person, you may delve into her thoughts, insecurities, and personal development. The plot revolves around the cliché of rivals-to-lovers, and witnessing Crystal and Scott transform from foes to lovers is an emotional rollercoaster. However, it is not just a love story; it addresses significant issues like body image and self-acceptance. Through Crystal’s Instagram photos, you may also glimpse the difficulties of living a social media existence. Moreover, have no fear—everything is resolved in a touching way that will make you smile broadly.

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Some lines and excerpts from the book that I found most appealing

  • “Four sets of squats and I’ll be high on endorphins for at least a day, fantasizing about the strength of my thighs crushing the souls of a thousand men.”
  • “loving myself isn’t realistic at all times. I’m allowed to feel self-conscious and sad at times, but also confident and happy at other times, as long as I’m accepting and respecting myself. And I want you on my team.”
  • “Confidence and love for yourself are ever changing. I’m allowed to feel good sometimes, and so good at other times. Who’s to tell me I should be ashamed for not feeling my best.”
  • “I don’t think confidence and self-worth is something you magically attain. And you don’t simply hold onto it forever like a tangible object. It’s fluid. You can be confident in every aspect except one. Or something could happen and all your confidence can be shattered in an instant.”

Some more!

  • “I want everyone who doesn’t conform to mainstream beauty standard to know that they are worthy of an epic love.”
  • “Crystal” I don’t think he’s my type. Grandma Flo “Oh honey, He’s everyone’s type!”
  • “body respect’ and ‘self-acceptance.’ Why? Because loving yourself ALL THE TIME is unrealistic. We all have days where we doubt ourselves. And that’s when we need to focus on acceptance and respect for ourselves, not hate or love. I can love my body and still have moments of doubt without feeling guilty about it.”
  • “I no longer use terms like ‘body positivity’ and ‘self-love’. Instead, I now use ‘body respect’ and ‘self-acceptance’. Why? Because loving yourself all the time is unrealistic. We all have days where we doubt ourselves. And that is when we need to focus on acceptance and respect for ourselves, not hate or love. I can love my body, and still have moments of doubt without feeling guilty about it.”

How much would I rate this book?

I give “Set on You” a strong 8.5/10. This book was a light, enjoyable read I could quickly get into without getting overwhelmed. The author’s creative storytelling stood out, engrossing me in a setting full of recognizable characters and touching passages. I will not soon forget Crystal, particularly since she perfectly illustrates how compelling characters can improve a narrative.

The plot’s timing was perfect. The events moved along at the perfect pace that never felt hurried or drawn out. I was hooked from beginning to end. Additionally, the book’s length was ideal when I needed a gratifying read but didn’t want to devote much time to it. In essence, “Set on You” was a delightfully balanced combination of comedy and romance in a small package. It is one of those novels that made me feel good and smile, earning it an 8.5 out of 10.

About The Author

Amy Lea Author of sent on you book
Amy Lea Author of sent on you book

Internationally bestselling author Amy Lea has cultivated a devoted following among both adult and teenage readers through her charming romantic comedies. Her books, including “Set on You,” “Exes and O’s,” and “Woke Up Like This,” have earned acclaim from prestigious publications such as USA Today, Entertainment Weekly, and Cosmopolitan. These works not only possess the potential for cinematic adaptation but have also garnered international recognition through translations into more than a dozen languages and widespread sales.

When she isn’t crafting enchanting stories, Amy Lea dedicates herself to passionately exploring the world of romance fiction via her Instagram account, @amyleabooks. Despite her literary success, she maintains a delightful quirk—a steadfast love for potato chips. Amy currently resides in Ottawa, Canada, in the company of her husband and two endearing Goldendoodles. Her readers worldwide are captivated by her compelling storytelling, as she infuses her romantic comedies with strong, relatable female characters, clever dialogues, references to mid-2000s pop culture, and the cherished promise of happily ever afters.

Where to Get Set on You by Amy Lea?

You can find “Set on You” by Amy Lea on Amazon. It is readily accessible in physical and e-book formats, making it convenient for readers to enjoy this engaging romantic comedy. Visit Amazon’s website or app to explore and acquire a copy of this delightful book.


In closing, “Set on You” by Amy Lea is a heartwarming and humorous contemporary romance that entertained and inspired me. The journey of self-love and acceptance undertaken by the main character, Crystal, is relatable and uplifting. The enemies-to-lovers plot is skillfully executed, and Crystal and Scott’s evolving relationship is a joy to witness. I would rate this book a solid 8.5/10 because of its imaginative storytelling, well-timed plot, and memorable characters. It is perfect for those looking for a feel-good, thought-provoking romance. As for Amy Lea’s international success in the romantic comedy genre and her engaging presence on Instagram (@amyleabooks) make her a talented author worth following.

If you are searching for an engaging and heartwarming read, “Set on You” is readily available on Amazon, making it accessible to readers of all preferences. So, whether you seek laughter, romance, or a reminder to embrace self-acceptance, this book has it all.

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