Sony YAY! Brings For The Kids A Brand New UP Style Cartoon–Know Everything Here

Cartoons for me were like Tom and Jerry, Powerpuff girls, Oswald, Scooby Dooby Doo and maybe later Shin Chan and Doremon, all of which were fun, unique, and made my childhood memorable. But, cartoons for today’s kids are evolving with time. No, seriously! Can you imagine a cartoon show where objects are talking and not only talking these objects are saying phrases like–“Chacha Vidhayak Hai Humare”? I couldn’t believe that writers and creatives could bring any such animated show to life any soon. But to my surprise, this brand new show on Sony YAY! called Ha.Go.La is all that kids of today would love to watch after school. This is a new way of imagining how non-living objects can speak in an Uttar Pradesh ascent.

Ha.Go.La a conversational comedy, set in the Northern heartlands of India, transports kids into the world of three crazy friends – Hathgola, Goli and Lattha, where inanimate objects come to life to go on misadventures of a lifetime. The show features on Sony YAY! from Monday to Friday at 9 p.m.

Ronojoy Chakraborty- Head of programming, Sony YAY! said, “Kids are at the centre of the Sony YAY! universe, and it is no different as we bring to our audiences a new homegrown offering – Ha.Go.La. The show celebrates the nuances of day-to-day seemingly mindless, giggly meandering conversations of kids, in a cultural setting close to home. With the launch of these two brand new shows, we increase the width of likeable genres that Sony YAY! offers to kids.”

Apart from the characters, the show has a theme song that will steal your heart and you will remain at your lips all the time. Don’t believe us? Listen to the theme song yourself here:

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Trendy Title Track Ha.Go.La in UP Style

HaGoLa I Brand New Show I Sony YAY! I Title Track I Starts 20th June I Mon – Fri 12:00 PM

Raghubhir Yadav, Actor and Musician, who has given the voice to the song said, “Lending my voice to songs of animated characters has always been a thrilling experience for me. For a brief period, you enter the world of these funny characters and learn to laugh and have fun in their unique universe. With Ha.Go.La, I got to enjoy the unique and uncanny friendship between three household objects and this new song brings that out wonderfully. I hope that kids will love singing along to this fun song we have curated for them.

Meet the Writer of the Show

Renowned writer Shobhit Sinha, who has written scripts of shows including comedy circus, Comedy Nights Bachao, Honey Bunny ka Jholmal, Sony Yay animation shows, Entertainment Ki Raat among others, is the lead writer of Ha.Go.La.

At the event launch, Sinha said, “The show is not only for the kids. It’s for everyone who is going to watch it. It’s a very unique show where objects speak. They have their characteristics and their thoughts. We have picked the language from Uttar Pradesh’s cities like Kanpur and Lucknow which you also see in some of the TV shows and films.”

Ha.Go.La has three main characters Hatha, Goli and Latha–all of them are objects. These are shown as best of friends and the animation show is all about the bond of friendship they share. Each episode has been designed such that at the beginning you will see that the characters are stuck in a situation and how they get out of it is where the show comes to an end.

“We wanted to make ‘Baaton ki comedy’,” he said.

“The show is a biproduct of the brainstorming of all of us including Sony YAY! creative team and the writers.”

The show has been created such that the kids not only have fun but also learn something by the end of the episode, Sinha said.

Sinha’s association with Sony has been long and he looks forward to working with Sony YAY! in the near future as well.

Meet the voice behind the characters

Well, the wonderful voice of each of the characters will definitely attract you to watch the show. Wondering who’s the voice behind these unique characters? It’s none other than the popular comedian Mubeen Saudagar. Though he needs no introduction, here is a little something about him. He is an Indian stand-up comedian and mimicry artist who has worked in comedy shows including Laughter Ke Phatke, Comedy Champions, Pehchan Kaun, Yeh Chanda Kanoon Hai, Comedy Circus, Comedy Classes and Comedy Nights Bachao. In 2017 he dubbed for Sony YAY! series Honey Bunny Ka Jholmaal and Ogie and the coacroaches.

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Speaking at the launch event, Saudagar said, “Never have we seen such a show in Indian animation. This show will be something else. Every character is lovable. Every character has its own style. The show will be loved by both kids and adults.”

Saudagar revealed that he has designed the voice of the character based on their unique characteristics.

Watch Saudagar mimic Ha.Go.La characters

I loved the first episode of the show and definitely fell in love with the characters, their UP wala style and the theme song. To all the kids and parents out there, do watch this unique slapstick comedy show Ha.Go.La at Sony YAY! Already 5 stars from Team Godofsmallthing! See you soon!

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