Scherezade: A Royalty Inspired Bathroom Suite For A Luxurious Experience

I say and most of you would relate to the fact that the bathroom is no longer a space to just take a bath and clean up–it’s more about a space where you can relax, take some time off, think, and just breathe. Everyone wants this space to be beautiful and royal to feel confident, lift up our spirits, and just be there for at least some time of the day. To fulfil all those fantasies, Sternhagen has launched a signature bathroom suite collection – Scherezade in collaboration with Farah Khan, a prominent jewellery designer. The launch took place on April 28 at the Sternhagen store in Worli, Mumbai.

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A Collaboration of Art , Design and Engineering

Now, this might sound odd to many– what would a jewellery designer do to a bathroom? And the answer is simple. This collaboration of design, art and engineering has enhanced the magical experience that Sternhagen’s designs already provide.

Asked about the same, Khan said, “A Bath suite is more than just a place to take a shower. It’s where one pauses to think of the day to begin or the day gone by. It is a time to reflect with yourself alone and time to prepare or even unwind for the day. With my first lifestyle brand association, I chose bathrooms because it involved the use of ceramic, metal, and Quartz, all materials with which I’m familiar with working within my line of jewellery.”

Chirag Parekh, Chairman and Managing Director at Acrysil Limited said, “As a brand, every Sternhagen product is all about creating intricate designs with beautiful aesthetics and uncompromised quality along with practical functionality. This collaboration with Farah is yet another manifestation of the perfect union of art and engineering.  It enhances bathroom spaces with a luxurious touch while retaining a sense of Indian heritage. Scheherazade is a testimony to our philosophy – where art and style meet technology and innovation for bathrooms.”

Aayat faucet – The Showstopper

The highlight of this event marked the unveiling of the Aayat faucet which is meticulously crafted in silver and studded with a total of 473 natural diamonds that weigh a total of 8.62 carats.

“Sternhagen is all about art and design and Farah Khan is all about luxury so when two like-minded people come together, you always get magic,” said Khan speaking at the launch of the Aaayat faucet.

The event was marked by the presence of Khan’s family and friends along with people from the media fraternity.

Scherezade: What’s In The Name?

The name of the collection Scherezade is inspired by an ancient royal character from One Thousand And One Nights. This, essentially means, that with this collection in your bathroom, all you will feel will be luxury.

The faucet and basin are sophisticatedly designed with soft organic curves and are delicately embellished in imperial gold with subtle finesse. The grandiose of the towel holders and the tissue paper holder lies in the bold usage of the Aayat motif, which tends to instantaneously elevate the bathroom spaces. Adding final touches to the majestic style of this collection is a simplistic water bidet that has the brand motif softly and seamlessly imprinted along the edges. 

“I chose Scherezade as it describes princess and royalty. Inspired by palatial arches and royal historic monuments from the Indian architecture with roots deep-seated in the awe-inspiring history of our country’s heritage, this collection is an ode to that glorious rich Indian culture. I have tried to put this in the form of sleek designs in the collection,” Khan said at the launch.

Scherezade: What’s My Take Of The Collection?

I was invited to attend the launch of the collection being a member of the media fraternity. Now, that’s an ordinary thing to do, to invite media to a launch but as I entered the store, all I could feel was extraordinary. The Sternhagen’s Atria Mall store was lit with exquisite bathroom fitting designs and of course the most beautiful people there could be.

It takes years of hard work and precision to build a magical experience for the customers and Scherezade was reflective of all that must have gone in for the same. The white collection with the sleek design was nothing less than a royalty experience as its name suggests. One thing I liked the most about the entire collection was that there was nothing over the top. The designers have taken care of the fact that royalty is no more about clutter.

When I was invited to the event, the first thought I had was that “What’s the purpose of a jewellery designer working with a bathroom brand? How will it all turn out? I ran a lot of permutations and combinations in my mind about the designs and of the lot, I think, what I saw was the chicest design I could imagine. The bathroom fittings looked elegant and like a package of some detailed designs at the same time.

Talking of the faucet, which was of course the highlight of the event, and was unveiled at Matahari club, in the presence of Khan’s family and friends, I thought it was the most stunning piece of art, design, and engineering I have ever seen. Before the unveiling, Khan mentioned, “The faucet might look nothing special to many.” And sort of from the far, I felt what she said. But, as soon as I took a closer look at the design, I was mesmerized by the precision with which the diamond-studded faucet was created. It was absolutely gorgeous!

When you get to attend such launch events, it’s not only about what’s in there, but also about how welcoming are the hosts. Both Khan and Parekh were extremely humble and welcoming. They were open to answering all sorts of questions about the collection and treated everyone with generosity. Everyone there was inclusive and the launch party was overall a great success.

Overall, I would say, if you have got it, then you must spend the money to have this luxurious bathroom suite experience at home. First, because it inculcates the fragrance of Indian art and culture and secondly because this is what you deserve after a long long day of hard work and slogging.

About Farah Khan Ali

With over two decades of experience, Farah Khan is not just a jewellery designer but also a visionary, an artist and a storyteller. Her designs are flamboyant, opulent and have a flair for the unexpected, with forms that are intricate, striking and bold, yet always feminine. Farah Khan Fine jewellery is renowned for its exacting standards in quality, design detail and elegance, and is recognized across India and the world. From music icon Beyoncé and tennis star Serena Williams to A-list Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities, the biggest names in the business have worn her jewellery on the most photographed international red carpets. For more information please visit: 

About Sternhagen

Sternhagen is a German brand of premium sanitary ware and bathroom fittings is owned by the Acrysil Group. Sternhagen’s core values can be traced back to its origin. As a German brand, we are committed to offering high-quality products that are artistically designed, yet engineered with cutting-edge proprietary materials and technologies. When it comes to taste and quality, today’s customers are more discerning than ever. This is why we make exciting products: products, which are thought-provoking and raise the bar of excellence in design. The perfect blend of fine art and flawless engineering – this is our competitive advantage. As a design-driven brand, we will constantly innovate to create products with new technologies and designs worthy of the Sternhagen name. Besides, the brand has consistently won industry-leading awards such as the RedDot design’s Award and the iF Design Award along with a German Design Award nomination in the recent past. For more information please visit: 

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