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Forgotten and ignored, Here are some sports heroes of India no one knows about

Sports has been of great importance in India, but when it comes to popularity it gets restricted to cricket only. India is very diverse and has its roots in all sports. However, it is disheartening to see the struggle they have to go through and the facilities they receive. Getting deep into Indian sports we get to know that many sportsmen in the country are in miserable conditions. Some even strive hard to earn their living. In this modern era, our many sportsmen who excelled in the past are still unknown to most of us. Here are some sportsmen from the past who brought fame to the country and but have not had their share of limelight and love.

Sports heroes of India: Jimmy George

India’s best Volleyball player who nailed the sport with this excellence in the country as well as outside the country. He was the first Indian to play club volleyball in Italy. Jimmy George was an immensely talented sportsperson and was the only Indian to play in the world’s best volleyball league. UAE selected him as the best player in the Gulf Region. Brescia an indoor stadium in Mortician is named after him. In Italy, a tournament for youth teams is held in his memory. Jimmy George award is even given to the best team in Series-A volleyball.

Sports heroes of India: Virender Singh

Better known as the Goonga Pehelwan, India’s deaf and dumb wrestler has won 5 medals including 2 gold medals for India. A very strong wrestler who defeated opponents which were considered much stronger than him. Virender, a talented sportsperson, is facing very drastic conditions. He is working as a clerk in Haryana Power Corporation to earn his living. The government has not been supportive towards him. He lacks facilities to train himself and strengthen himself in wrestling.

Sports heroes of India: D.K. Jadhav

He was the first Indian Individual to get an Olympic Medal. He was the only Indian sportsman to achieve this honor until 1996. D.K Jadhav won a bronze medal in the Hellishly wrestling championship. He made India proud by winning the first medal. He was one of the most talented sportsmen of India.

Sports heroes of India: Maria Irudayam

India’s one and only carom player who has won world championship twice! He painted his excellence internationally. In 1998, the German Federation awarded him as the best international player. The Indian government even awarded him with the Arjun award. He is a pride for the country who has extreme talent but is unknown to the people of India.

Sports heroes of India: Vikas Gowda

A very talented sportsman and Indian discus thrower and shot putter. He is a player who has won numerous medals for the country. Vikas Gowda has grabbed gold for India in 2004 Common Wealth Games. He even gave the country a bronze medal in Asian games held in China. Vikas Gowda has represented India at 4 consecutive Olympics- 2004 Athens, 2008 Beijing, 2012 London and 2016 Rio. On 25th January 2017 Indian government announced Padma Shree for Vikas Gowda. He is the second Indian to win the NCAA (National Collegiate Athletic Association) title where the first Indian was a triple jumper Mohinder Singh Gill.

Sports heroes of India: Tintu Luka

Tintu Luka is an Indian Guangzhou Asian Games bronze medalist in the 800-meter race. She is of the very talented sportspersons in the country. A girl born and brought up in a very small village of Kerala has always aimed high for the country. With a dream to win a gold medal for India, she joined the Usha School of Athletics. Soon with her high confidence, she won the bronze medal in 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games. She has won gold in the 2013 Pune Asian Championship for 4×400 meter race. She has numerous other achievements on her name and gives tough competition in the Olympics to win gold for the country. The best of all, she holds the national record of 1:59.85 for women’s 800-meter event.

Sports heroes of India: Humpy Koneru:

Humpy Koneru is the queen of Indian chess. She is an Indian Grandmaster who ranks 2nd in the world in the strategic board game. In the year 2009, she achieved a peak rating of 2623. At the age of 15, she held a record of being the youngest woman player and maintained the title for 6 continuous years. In 1999 she became as Asia’s youngest International Woman Master. She even won the Athens World Junior Championship

These are few sportsmen/women of India who are unknown by their own country people. It is very concerning that people of India are unaware of those Indians who have made the country proud. It is shameful that people know about foreign sportsmen but not their own country’s sportsmen. Every Indian knows about Usain Bolt, the fastest runner, does anyone know that who’s the fastest runner of India?  He is Anil Kumar Prakash. People of India should be aware of talented Indians. Godofsmallthing has taken this responsibility to make these talented people famous. Are you with us?

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