The Lady Has Been Behind AGNI Missiles. Tessy Thomas: Missile woman of India

Tessy Thomas – missile woman of India: Dr. Tessy Thomas is a name which is the inspiration for many and while many others must be wondering who she is? Tessy Thomas is termed as the ‘Missile Woman’ of India and has been a very important facet of the Indian defense. Tessy Thomas was the woman behind the successful development of AGNI-IV AND Agni- V. Her journey is inspiring. Let’s have a quick look at her personal and professional life.

missile woman of India -tessy thomas
missile woman of India -Tessy Thomas

Education :

Dr. Tessy Thomas was born in Kerala in the year 1963. She did her engineering from Government Engineering College Thrissur. She has an M.Tech degree in Guided Missile from the Institute of Armament Technology, Pune. Her parents named her after Mother Teresa and wanted her to work for the country which she is into. Since her childhood, she spent her days near a rocket launching station. Since then her fascination for rockets and missile took a flight. She made her mind to deal with the rockets and missiles of the country.

The Journey :

missile woman of India -tessy thomas
missile woman of India -Tessy Thomas

Dr. Tessy Thomas is the first woman scientist to lead a missile project for the country. The Missile Woman of India has been the Associate Project Director for missile projects. Tessy Thomas was appointed as the project Director  3000 km range Agni-III missile project.

Missile Woman was appointed as the director of the successfully tested Agni- IV in 2011. Further, she was appointed as the Project Director for the 5000 km range Agni- V testing, the nuclear-capable destructive missile of 2012. She is a rare lady who plays a key role in making the most potent long-range ballistic missile. Tessy Thomas is a very hard-working scientist who works in India’s Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO).

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Personal Life

Dr. Tessy Thomas, the Missile Woman of India, is a very simple lady and gives no way to glamour. She is like any woman next door who loves her family and can give away anything for them. Only one thing sets her apart from the other women and i.e. she makes missiles. She is the mastermind behind the Agni series, the strongest weapon of the Indian Defence. The Missile Woman of India has sharpened many other woman scientists working under her supervision. The former PM of India, Manmohan Singh once said that “Tessy Thomas is a great inspiration and a woman who made her mark in a traditionally male bastion”.

Along with Missile Woman of India, the media even loves her calling ‘Agni Putri’. She is a powerful lady who loves to work continuously without taking breaks. During a successful test of Agni-V Missile Woman barely could exult from work as she works full 12 hours of the day. In 2012, Lal Bahadur Shastri National Award was awarded to her by the former President of India, Pranab Mukherji.

In the year 2008, The Indian Woman Scientist Association quoted for her that “like every woman Missile Woman of India goes on a tightrope walk between home and career. Tessy Thomas Missile Woman serves as a role model and an inspiration for all women scientists”. This courageous lady should be praised in all possible ways so as to encourage every other woman of the world to be like her!

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