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Dalit Family was Denied water access, What he did next is Inspirational

Everybody in India is striving to earn a livelihood for themselves and their family. And, a series of sacrifices for their family is one common thing in India. It’s the love towards their family which compels them to sacrifice their own meal for their children. However, what if you had some resources and are snatched away from you just because you belong to a lower caste. This is an Inspirational story of a man named Bapu Rao Tajne living in a drought-affected region of Maharashtra. The Dalit family was denied access to the well because of their caste.

It all started, when Tajne’s wife was refused and humiliated to draw water by the owner of a well. That is when Tajne decided to dig well for his wife. Digging a well is a tedious task and must be done by a group of 4-5 people, however, he decided to do it alone. Bapurao was a poor labourer of Kalmbeshwar village of Washim district located in Maharastra.

He worked for 40 continuous days and spent 6 hours digging the ground. The villagers started making fun of him, thinking that Tajne has gone crazy.

However, the fate had something else for Tajne, and his efforts became the reason of his glory and he successfully dug 15 feet deep well when he hit the water. Everybody went in a shock on hearing the news and the entire locality of Dalits rushed in and they now draw water from that well.  Presently, the well is 6 ft wide and 15 feet deep and Tajne aims to make it 8 ft wide and 20 feet deep.

His story is inspirational and is one of the most inspirational stories of people because he didn’t-give up but rather paved his own way through difficulties. His modesty should be everyone’s goal. While speaking to media he refused to take the names of the upper-class people who insulted his wife, as he does not wish for any caste-tension in the village.

He told, how he almost broke down when his wife insulted. It was the month of March when Tajne decided to devote himself towards digging well. So he went to Malegaon and bought tools for it. He prayed to God to help him in his efforts.

Tajne, a daily wage worker who has studied upto final year of BA. He could not skip the work he has been doing to earn. So he used to dig ground for four hours before leaving for his work and two hours after returning to work. The total adds upto 14 hours of back breaking Do you have an inspirational story to share? Share with Us. We will be more than happy to feature

2 thoughts on “Dalit Family was Denied water access, What he did next is Inspirational

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  • B P Singh

    It should be Eye opening heart wrenching to so called High Caste people. They should come forward as to how to eliminate Caste from Society. I urge people to Volunteer to remove their caste Surname and bring equality in Society. We are about 75 Yrs old Independent Nation but carrying on centuries old traditions which is based on inherent INEQUALITIES so we especially youths should themselves come🙏forward to remove such surname and motivate persons to discourage openly caste identity by telling and enquiring castes


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