Dying Out? Need Some Motivation? Read A Struggle of a woman Fighting with destiny :’)

Fighting with destiny :’) 

fighting with Destiny
How to fight with destiny, Do you fight or accept your destiny?

I have always been a fighter and it took me thirty long years to make peace with the fact that you can never win a battle against fate. Let’s travel back to the time when I was born. My parents had been expecting a boy to grace their lineage. To their utter disappointment, I was born. Thus, eight years and three months later when my baby brother was born, my family left no stones unturned to enlighten me with the truth that I was their second preference. And will always be.

I never thought that friendship could be ranked. And when I came to know that it did, out of the billions of people in the world out there. I thought there would be somebody to offer me the first rank. Alas! It never happened. For them, I have always been the option they could turn to when they had none. I was the first priority in nobody’s life.

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love entered my life:

All my struggles and pain came to an end when I fell in love with the man of my dreams and he chose me back. But naive me! I never knew that love too, like life, is a race where you have to keep fighting to have the upper hand. That you need to continuously keep on proving yourself to be better than the next best alternative. I failed. And thus I lost him to someone who was much hotter, smarter and richer than what I could ever be!

Today, as I stand to hold my husband’s shirt, with the lipstick stains of his lover on it, I just smile to myself, remembering all those times when I lost because I couldn’t win against fate. Because I was never good enough. I have always been a fighter. And it took me thirty long years to realize that you can never wage a war against destiny.

Learning and mastering the art of endurance is the only key to survival. And of living? Perhaps, it would take me another lifetime to figure that out. I am not going to quit nor am I going to commit suicide but I will learn to live with my pain and be strong enough to face those hard comments which are used for me for no reason. I am going to be stronger even stronger and show this world I am not weak, I am someone who can fight destiny to achieve what I want and one day I will

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