9 Month Pregnant Women Cleared UPSC Exam. An Inspiration for All UPSC aspirants

Poonam dala upsc story
Poonam Dalal

In a remarkable display of determination and resilience, Poonam Dalal, a woman from Haryana, shattered barriers by clearing the UPSC exam at the age of 31, even while being nine months pregnant. Poonam’s inspiring journey serves as a beacon of hope for aspiring UPSC candidates, highlighting the power of unwavering commitment and hard work.

Poonam’s educational journey began in Delhi, where she worked as a primary school teacher. Despite facing numerous challenges, she pursued her graduation from Delhi University as an external student, showcasing her dedication to learning. Her journey into the competitive realm commenced when she successfully cleared Bank PO and SSC exams in 2003, setting the stage for her future achievements.

After three years in the State Bank of India, Poonam clinched an impressive 7th rank at the all-India level in the SSC graduate level examination in 2006. Despite her initial lack of confidence in pursuing the IAS, this achievement ignited a newfound belief in her capabilities. Undeterred by her age, which was nearing the UPSC’s general category limit of 30, Poonam decided to make her first attempt in 2009.

Although her initial attempt led to her recommendation for Railways (RPF), Poonam chose not to join and instead aimed for the UPSC exam once again in 2010. She faced another hurdle with the age limit, being 28 at the time. Undeterred, Poonam joined the Haryana police as Deputy Superintendent in 2011 after clearing the PSC.

Poonam dalal upsc
Poonam dalal

9-Month Pregnant Woman Achieves UPSC Success, Inspires Aspirants 

Fate intervened in 2015 when a pattern change in the UPSC exam, prompted by protests and petitions, allowed Poonam another opportunity. Despite being out of practice, married, and nine months pregnant, she undertook the prelims with unwavering determination. Through sheer self-study and relentless effort, Poonam achieved the seemingly impossible – clearing the UPSC exam with an impressive all-India rank of 308.

Poonam’s story stands as a testament to the adage that success is not merely a product of luck but is crafted through willpower and hard work. Her inspirational journey resonates with UPSC aspirants in 2023, encouraging them to stay focused, work diligently, and persistently pursue their dreams. Poonam Dalal’s triumph is a reminder that challenges can be overcome with resilience and dedication, serving as an enduring source of motivation for those navigating the demanding path of UPSC examinations.

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