(Free) Best call recording apps for android and IOS with reviews

You called up your teacher over the phone and asked him the doubts and couldn’t remember it later? Or your customer called up and informed you about his complaint and you couldn’t remember it now? All these dilemmas can be solved with just a single download of a recording app. A call recording app is a mobile application that allows you to record all your important outgoing and incoming phone calls. All you have to do is enable it once from the setting and then you can keep up with all the details.

Call recording apps make our work so easy and convenient for us. You can simply maintain your employee details or any other details on your phone for later purposes. Sometimes these same apps can be used to keep details as evidence for forthcoming crises. There are several call recording apps for Android as well as IOS available on the Google Play Store. With the advancement of technology, the phone now comes with a pre-installed call recording app. But these apps have basic features and lack improved features. So, I heard you saying you too have this basic featured app, And now you want the advanced amazing app on your phone with better features, privacy to recorded calls, and many other important features. Go ahead this article is for you! Looking for an accurate and best app to record audio while on a call? Here is a list of Best call recording apps for android and IOS with
reviews and Download Links

best call recording app
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Mspy | Best call recording apps

Best Call recording app Mspy

With the installation of mSpy on your target phone, you can keep an eye on their mobile activity from a distance. The programme provides data about calls, social media activity, tracking of instant messengers, locations, and much more. It has the amazing feature of running completely incognito in the background, keeping the target unaware that they are being watched.

  • We’ll get to Mspy’s remarkable array of features in a moment, but for me, the Control Panel or Dashboard is its standout feature.
  • It makes it really simple for me to remotely control my child’s phone and keep an eye on all the data it gathers.
  • Because of how well-organized the Mspy dashboard is, I had no issue finding the data I wanted.
  • It’s simple to keep track of what my youngster is viewing online with Mspy.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store- “The app is great. The map shows exactly the convenient function of how much battery is left in the child’s phone.”

Customer rating- 2.5/5 on Play Store

Rev Call Recorder | Free call recording apps

Best Call Recording app Rev Call Recorder

Record any crucial phone call, including sales pitches and interviews, and then obtain a flawless transcription of the recording. Start recording incoming and outgoing calls on your iPhone by downloading our free call recording software. Users from all throughout the nation have downloaded the Rev Call Recorder app more than 100,000 times. Why? You may download the only completely free call recording app in the world right now. It is the best call recording app for android.

  • Speech-to-Text API for pre-recorded audio, driven by the top speech recognition engine in the world.
  • Streaming API: The world’s top voice recognition API powers speech-to-text live streaming for live captions.
  • API for captioning and transcription.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store- “It was a five but since the upgrade last week I have no email option and Bluetooth transfer does not work. So I have recordings I need to share but can’t hours of work down the drain.”

Customer rating- 3.2/5 on Play Store

Cube Call Recorder ACR App | Best call recording apps

Cube Call Recorder ACR App

You may record conversations in other VoIP apps and messengers, like Viber, Telegram, Skype, Line, WeChat, and many more, using the Cube ACR call recorder. Using the Cube ACR smart call recorder, capture both sides of the conversations in the highest quality possible. Choose the recording option and source that best suits you from a variety of available choices.

  • Online backup. Your recordings can be saved and shared by email or Google Drive.
  • Mute mode. Cover up the app and recording widget for the Cube ACR.
  • Geotagging. View the locations of calls on a map.
  • Shake-to-mark. Mark crucial passages in a conversation.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store- “Works great on my Note 8 but on my Samsung tablet s7 it doesn’t work at all, I’m sorry but it just doesn’t work. I just looked at tablet’s version and it’s 12.0 and that’s the reason.”

Customer rating- 4.0/5 on Play Store

Galaxy call recorder | Free call recording apps

Galaxy call recorder call recording app
Galaxy call recorder

As per the name, the app works best with the Samsung Galaxy phone full stop it also works with other Android and IOS phones. Galaxy call recorder supports both types of recording-manual and automatic. You can choose a certain contact as per your preference for recording your calls. It is also available with various nice options that make it different from other recording apps. Such features are where you can disable your recording for some contact for an outgoing call for an incoming call. You can also disable call recording when your device is connected to Bluetooth or your headphone is on. This program also gives you an option where it can delete your record automatically when they are becoming old or when the recording length is not long enough to be saved.

  • It provides cam and cyber threat protection
  • disable call recording when Bluetooth device is connected or headphone is plugged in
  • You can also write notes and mark the recording as your favorite
  • It can delete recorded calls automatically as per its predefined policy

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store – ” works flawlessly on my note. also managed to save me quite a bit of money from fraudulent calls.”

Customer rating- 3.5/5 on Play Store

RMC call recorder | Best call recording apps

RMC call recorder call recording app
App: RMC call recorder

RMC call recorder allows you to record all your calls- manually and automatically. It also allows you to record from your microphone. For a clear voice from the other side, you can also turn on the speaker during the conversation. With the record my call option in the app for Android, you can easily save all your recorded files in the phone memory. It’s supported by folders to keep the recording. This makes it easy for you to access the data later. You can also use this great feature where you can show or hide your recording notification. Taking care of your privacy the app also provides you with the option to add 4 digit passcode to keep all your recording safe. After saving your recordings you also have an option to upload your recording automatically to your Google drive.

  • You can record calls in both manual and automatic mode
  • It supports MP3, MP4, AMR, and WAV automatic format
  • The movable manual record button
  • Change the recording home folder
  • Featured with a trash folder to avoid accidental deletion.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store “This app is very good recording transfer from one phone to another. i love this app.”

Customer rating- 3.7/5 on Play Store

Super call recorder | Free call recording apps

Super call recorder call recorder
Super call recorder

The Super call recorder helps to record your mobile phone calls in real-time. It is one of the best call recording apps for Android. Once the call has been required you can directly play it from the app. This eliminates your efforts to go through the hassle of depending upon any other storage device for media. you can use this build in-app playback to easily export your recorded calls to an SD card and then use nothing platform like WhatsApp for email for sharing recorded voice. This enables you to experience better training as well as information sharing of your recording.

  • You can share your recorded calls via emails WhatsApp and other social media channels
  • Supports every version of Android phone 2.1 till 9.0.
  • It allows you to record both sides of the voices of incoming outgoing calls.
  • Allows exporting all your recorded calls to an SD card.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store – Not crazy about ads but i’m fortunate there’s a recorder that catches both outgoing and incoming calls and clearly. Option to send great. Add an option to trim recording to grab a certain part, as mp3 and I’d play for a fantastic app.”

Customer rating- 3.8/5 on Play Store

Parrot voice recorder | Best call recording apps

Parrot voice recorder call recording app
Voice recorder Parrot

Parrot is a free voice recorder that allows you to play records and share voice recordings. It delivers a customizable HD voice recording experience. You can also edit your voice recording and configure them as per your desired specifications. The recording allows you to automatically record both incoming and outgoing calls. one of the special features of parrot voice recorders is that it also has the option for recordings during meetings, discussions, and other sessions. You can also record with cam corded Mike standard mic and Bluetooth microphones.

  • Both side of the call
  • It helps you to add, delete and edit notes in the program.
  • You can also share your recorded calls and audio files.
  • You can also make a list of the contacts to be recorded
  • Allows sharing the track with your popular apps.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store “works really well. Easy to set up, does not shut down randomly like installed apps.”

Customer rating- 4.1/5 on Play Store

Automatic call recorder | Free call recording apps

Automatic call recorder
Automatic call recorder

An automatic call recorder is a recording tool for Android devices. It is one of the best call recording apps for Android that can automatically record any going on incoming calls with HD quality. After the call has been recorded, it is directly saved in the phone’s internal memory of the SD card. you can easily manage your recording cause listen to the recording at the note and share it with another person with the help of this app. A remarkable feature of this app is that it has settings such as record on contacts, ignore/record everything. Format supported by the apps is MP3, AMR, and WAV.

  • Call recording is automatic.
  • You can prepare a list where you can add selected and ignore calls for recording
  • Play audio recorded conversation
  • Give the confirmation dialogue to save the recorded call
  • Different recording formats
  • Recordings can be saved to SD card cloud service.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store –” It just automatically records every call, unless i specified certain numbers not to be recorded. After i hangup from a recorded call it gives me the option right then to delete or re listen or save or whatever. Great app totally seamless.”

Customer rating- 4.2/5 on Play Store

Tape Acall pro | Best call recording apps

Tape Acall pro call recording app
Tape Acall pro

TapeAcall pro allows you to record all your phone calls whether incoming or outgoing. There is no limit to recording your calls. After recording you can easily download your recordings to your computer or your phones. After recording a push notification comes on the screen that takes you to the recording. You can also transfer your recording to a new device. And the same recording can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, or SMS.

  • Record All Incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Excess call recording laws.
  • Customer service with real humans.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store –” Great app. simple to use. Good that the record button is not red, so less off-pushing to quickly start recording when you’re having great inspiring conversations and want to capture your thoughts…Thanks!”

Customer rating- 4.2/5 on Play Store

Call recorder by lovakara | Free call recording apps

Call recorder by lovakara
Call recorder by lovakara

The Call recorder by Lovakara is a free call recording app that automatically records all calls. It functions well with available different versions of smartphones. The quality of the recording is high and outstanding. for better call accuracy all the recordings get saved in a format of mp3. After the call recording, the recording is saved directly to your SD card or any other cloud service. which of the app is that it also allows you to set your call recording as your ringtone.

  • You can playback or save your call recording to mp3 file on your SD card
  • You can share all your recordings via email or messaging apps
  • It is all your recording organized so that you can view the recorded notes by time, date, or group.
  • It offers Android wear support where you can record directly from your smartwatch.

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store – ” Records caller and voice of other participants in the conversation unlike some other apps which record callers voice only which is useless. Good Sound quality. Sound file can be shared why email or Viber, WhatsApp etc. Records all call unable to change the setting to record only desire call. No caller ID in recorded calls history.”

Customer rating- 4.2/5 on Play Store

Cube call recorder ACR app | Best call recording apps

Cube call recorder ACR app call recording app
Call Recorder: Cube call recorder ACR app

Cube call recorder is one of the best call recording apps for Android as it gives you a popular choice for automatically recording both incoming and outgoing calls. It has a built-in file explorer that helps you to manage your recordings, delete them, play them or export them to other devices or services. under-setting is enabled and it automatically records all your conversation the moment it starts. One of the great features of the cube call recorder is that it can record calls from multiple mediums like Viber, Skype, and WhatsApp. The saved recordings automatically move to Google drive.

  • Compatible with a wide range of Android devices
  • It allows you to create a list of people who always want to record
  • You can mark important cause and filter them quickly for quick access
  • Pin lock feature helps to secure the recording done so far

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store – “I didn’t search for an app for a long time, needed it asap, i gave it a try..was great..easy to use.Did exact what I wanted.”

Customer rating- 4.3/5 on Play Store

Truecaller | Free call recording apps

Truecaller call recorder

Best spam blocking and caller id app. It helps you to identify unknown numbers or any spam calls. Truecaller also allows you to block numbers and auto-block robocalls and telemarketers. Recently, Truecaller has rolled out a call recording feature so that it has been voted one of the best recording apps for Android. The app is free but the call recording feature of the app is not free, it comes with a premium plan. You need to pay if you want to use the call recording feature of the Truecaller.

  • Create a backup of recorded call on Google drive
  • Flash messaging features help you to share emojis instant location with others
  • Also pay bills from transactional SMS check your bank balance

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store – “Brilliant app to use. Let’s you know who’s calling even if the number isn’t saved on your contact list. Very helpful with avoiding spam calls. Definitely worth the download. I only use the free version and it works perfectly.”

Customer rating- 4.5/5 on Play Store

Smart voice recorder | Best call recording apps

Smart voice recorder call recording app
Smart voice recorder

The smart voice recorder is easy to use a voice recorder for Android. It comes with an advanced call recording feature and a variety of audio codecs. It has high quality and long time recording with a clean and simple user interface. users can easily switch between the call recordings and normal recordings depending upon the business need. You can simply enable your recording in one tab with the launcher shortcut. It also records your call even if the mobile display is off. It is one of the best call recording apps for Android.

  • Option for automatic and manual sensitive control for skip silence mode
  • It offers limited recording time by available space on your device storage
  • Microphone gain calibration tool
  • Save pause resume cancel recording process control

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store – “First of all, does what it’s supposed to. It records audio well, and I value the audio quality settings. Second, it’s free, and has no ads. Finally, I love the extra bells and whistles like the auto-skip silence feature. The settings were really easy to understand, and just the mass amount of them is enough to set apart from a standard audio recorder app.”

Customer rating- 4.6/5 on Play Store

Easy voice recorder | Free call recording apps

Easy voice recorder call recorder
Call Recording App: Easy voice recorder

Easy Voice Recorder is a best-in-class call recording app for Android that can be used by employees of any organization. It is generally used by businesses for sharing meetings, interviews, personal notes, songs, and more with no time limit. Once you have recorded the call these can be shared easily. The app works with all types of devices such as phones, tablets, and smartwatches. The powerful widgets and shortcuts of an easy Voice recorder can be used to ensure quick voice capture.

  • You can easily share and manage your saved recordings and share them on your computer
  • recording can be done with a microphone or Bluetooth
  • You to record classes and lecture with clear and high-quality sound
  • It also allows setting voice recording as your ringtone
  • you can share your recording easily through emails and messaging app
  • Allow recording voice to PCM and MP3

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store –

“This is the best app for recording because:-

you have any settings for recording
A good interface
The main reason to choose it that it has no ads in it.Thank you. Developer”

Customer rating- 4.7/5 on Play Store

Voice recorder pro | Best call recorder apps

Voice recorder pro call recording app

Voice Recorder Pro is the best audio recording app which is fully featured with high-quality recording and one of the best features. you can easily record your voice notes and memos for a long duration. Apart from recording your normal calls, record business meeting concert songs, etc. You do not require any external storage for storing your recordings; it gets directly saved to your internal storage.

  • The app supports both mono and stereo recording
  • Built-in media player for volume control
  • Customize your recording folder
  • Adjustable sample rate ranging from 8 khz-44 khz phone quality.
  • It supports different audio format-amr (3gp), MP3, AAC (m4a/mp4) & PCM (wav).

Customer Review

To quote a user from Play Store – “Marvelous app, it has the best crystal clear audio formats I need for my records. So so soooo simple to navigate through.Good job developer, keep up with the good work.”

Customer rating- 4.7/5 on Play Store

There was a time when people had to carry a separate recorder recording all their important movements at work and their personal life. With the advancement of technology and call recorders on the Android mobile, life has become easier. So here is the list of the best call recording apps for Android and IOS. Mobile call recordings are very important for recording all our calls during meeting classes or any personal calls with our friend or relative full stop one should always have a call recorder app on their mobile phone.

If you are not satisfied with the default call recording app on your phone, you can check all these recording apps. Depending upon your requirement, you can select any. If you have any other call recording app that can be included in the list of best call recording apps in India for Android and IOS 2021, do comment. We’ll appreciate your efforts.

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