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Mexican food is one of the most loved cuisines all around the globe, just like the place Mexico. The taste and exotic flavors of these Mexican dishes are overwhelming and mouth-watering. Generally, Mexican food is immensely irresistible. We can call it a blend of different cultures, with a great sense of spices, colors, and seasoning. All of the Mexican dishes have a great historical origin, connecting them with their culture. Especially when we talk about a Mexican sushi roll, it is heavenly. The amazing combination of avocado, black beans, and salsa is mesmerizing. Making Mexican roll sushi is a very simple job, all you need to do is follow us carefully. We have made sure that the article is updated so that we can serve you with fresh content. If you want to jump directly to a particular section click on the topics below.

What is Mexican sushi?

Mexican sushi recipe step by step
Mexican sushi. Image Credits: Visit Phoenix

Mexican sushi is quite similar to traditional sushi made by softening the tortillas. You add it to the pot with cream, along with a mixture of salsa and black beans on your soft tortilla. You can even add cilantro and avocados over your tortillas, to enhance the flavor. Then finally you wrap them to convert them into sushi. Does this seem interesting to you? Well, it might seem complicated. Let’s have a closer look at how things are done.

What is a Mexican roll?

Mexican Rolls
Mexican Rolls

A Mexican roll is slightly different from Mexican sushi. It is a simple roll, made up of tortilla. The filling depends upon person to person. You can have the same avocado filling, with salsa and black beans. On the other hand, people also prefer the filling of ground beef, tomatoes, and pepper.

Mexican sushi rolls Ingredients

Mexican sushi roll Ingredients
Mexican sushi roll Ingredients

We are here with a recipe of Mexican sushi roll. You may need these ingredients for 6 servings.

  1. 3 ounces Low-fat cream cheese softened
  2. Half tablespoon Seeded and finely chopped Chipotle in adobo
  3. 3/4 cup chopped cilantro leaves
  4. 1 large each Plain Flour Tortilla, Tomato-flavoured Tortilla, and Spinach-flavoured Tortilla
  5. 6 tablespoon Salsa (Pico de Gallo)
  6. 3/4 cup Low-fat Refried Black Beans
  7. 1 1/2 medium Avocados from Mexico, peeled, pitted, and diced
  8. You can add various other ingredients as per your choice including beef steak, cream cheese, jalapeño, breaded shrimp, avocado, and Tampico salad etc.

 How much time will it take?

Preparation TimeCook TimeRefrigerate TimeServings
15 Minutes5 MinutesOverNight6

Mexican sushi roll Recipe

Let us look how a Mexican sushi recipe is made, please follow the steps carefully. In case you miss any, don’t panic.

  1. First of all, take your tortillas and put them in the oven, to make them soft
  2. Add chipotle Cream to a bowl, mix it properly.
  3. Spread the mixture of cream and chipotle on the tortilla evenly
  4. After this, and salsa and black beans in a similar manner. Do not overload your filling.
  5. Scatter cilantro and avocados after spreading beans and salsa.
  6. Wrap them in plastic wrap and refrigerate them overnight.
  7. Serve your Mexican roll sushi with a dip of your choice.

Nutritional value of the Mexican sushi roll:

Mexican sushi roll Nutritional value
Mexican sushi roll Nutritional value

Let’s take a look into the nutritional value of the Mexican roll sushi roll.


How to Make Mexican sushi roll at Home | Video

Take care of the following while curating Mexican sushi roll

  1. DO EVERYTHING GENTLY- Do not use pressure while spreading your ingredients, or when rolling the sushi. Do not over-pressure, as the material and filling will come out
  2. BE CAUTIOUS- Go slow on your work. Don’t force or panic while making.

People also ask!

What is it called when sushi is wrapped in cucumber?

Sushi wrapped in cucumber is known as Gunkan maki in Japanese. It is very easy to make and is highly healthy with good nutritional value. Naruto Maki is also cucumber sushi, made with tuna and avocado.

What does a Boston roll have in it?

Boston Roll is filled with poached shrimps, creamy avocado along crunchy cucumber. This combination is truly amazing and exotic. The fresh flavor of sushi rice and nori seaweed sheets makes it taste more unique. for more information check our recipe based article specifically answering all your questions around Boston Sushi roll.

What meat is used in sushi?

Sushi can be made with seafood including crab meat, tuna, salmon, squid, eel, and yellowtail. All this is combined with sushi, which can be either brown or white. You might even find vegetarian sushi. If there is sushi made up of salmon, it would be known as sashimi.

What is a Chicago Roll Sushi?

Chicago sushi roll is made up of crispy asparagus, cream cheese, scallions, and seared filet mignon all wrapped up in sushi rice and soy paper. It is topped with avocado, different types of sauce, and even spicy mayo. This is an enriching flavor, you would not give up to.

What do you call a sushi roll without rice?

Naruto Sushi Roll is made up of fish and vegetables wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber without rice. It is an absolute key to saving calories. For those just wanting to maximize their portions, this is a high protein, low carb choice.

What sushi has the least amount of carbs?

There are various low-carb recipes if you’re willing to have sushi. It can include cauliflower rice spicy tuna roll, Nori Roll along with avocado and cucumber, Naruto roll made up of cucumber, and even salmon roll with red onions, avocado, and cucumber. A healthy option generally avoids white rice, replaced with cucumber or any other vegetable.

Can you eat sushi on a keto diet?

You might be sad to know that you cannot eat regular and traditional sushi on a keto diet. This is because it is mostly made up of rice, Rice contains carbs which will infringe your keto diet.

What is Dragon roll made of?

Naruto Sushi Roll is made up of fish and vegetables wrapped in thinly sliced cucumber without rice. It is the best way to save calories. For those just wanting to maximize their portions, this is a high protein, low carb choice.

What is a Tampa Roll?

It is made up of fried grouper, scallions, Mayo. You would need a bamboo rolling Mat; to roll you need nori seaweed paper along with sushi rice. It is served with Wasabi paste or even pickled ginger. The taste is amazing and a must-try.

What is crunchy roll sushi?

It has a shrimp tempura core, a combination of snow crab, cucumber, and avocado, and it is then filled with crunchy tempura flakes, which is how it got its name. The making is not too tough, but it is very tasty and satisfying.

What is the healthiest sushi?

Various sushi rolls are good in terms of nutritional value. It may include Edamame and Salmon Sashimi; Salmon-Avocado Roll made up of brown rice and Seaweed Salad, rainbow roll, salmon, and tuna sashimi. Avocado roll and naruto roll. if you are diet conscious, these are the best.

Is Sushi high in carbs?

Yes, it is high in carbs because it is made up of rice. It has almost 4 ounces of white rice, in each roll that adds 140 calories and 30 grams of carbs in each roll.

Is sushi good for weight loss?

Sushi is also considered weight-loss-friendly food. Yet, with high-fat sauces and fried tempura batter, several types of sushi are made, which increases their calorie content significantly. Additionally, there are normally very small numbers of fish or vegetables in a single slice of sushi

What is the lowest calorie sushi I can order?

The lowest calorie sushi rolls are those of 6 pieces of vegetables or fish without added sauces or mayo, such as tuna or cucumber rolls weighing less than 200 calories. Salmon, avocado, or spicy tuna makes your sushi reach 300 calories

Are sweet potato sushi rolls healthy?

Generally, a 6 piece sweet potato tempura sushi roll may range from 105-277 calories. It could be healthy if you prepare it healthily by proportionating your ingredients.

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