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The vibrant cultural diversity is the true essence and beauty of India. Traversing through different parts of India, a dramatic change in the lifestyle of people can be observed. Vast cultural differences and widespread diversity marks the unity in India. The unique sections of India live in harmony while preserving their traditions. One such diversity exists in clothing – fabrics, and textiles from all over the country. Owning to this, each state of India has its own traditional dress that the citizens flaunt in style. In a country so rich in traditions, Indian clothing takes many forms in different parts. This article details the traditional dress of Indian states and provides an eloquent account of how these clothing traditions contribute to the history of the country. You will also find traditional dresses of India with pictures in here. So, let’s begin.

Traditional Dresses Of India Statewise

StateTraditional Dresses MaleTraditional Dresses Female
Andhra PradeshDhoti kurtaLanga Voni
Arunachal PradeshSilk shirts with lungiJacket over chemise
BiharDhoti kurtaTussar silk saree
Uttar PradeshDhoti kurta/pajamaSaree/Salwar kameez
AssamDhoti and gamosaMekhela Chador
MaharashtraDhoti with pagadiNauvari saree
GoaHalf shirts, trousersNav-vari saree
OdishaDhoti with sambhalpuri kurtasIkat/Sambhalpuri saree
ChattisgarhDhoti and kurtasaree with Polkhas
JharkhandSanthals and PaharisTussar silk sarees
Madhya PradeshDhoti KurtaLehenga Choli
West BengalPanjabiCotton saree
GujaratChorno with KediyuGhagra choli
HaryanaDhoti kurta with PagriDaman Kurta
Himachal PradeshKurta pyajamaGhagra Cholis
KarnatakaKurta lungisKanjeevaram sarees
ManipurDhoti with JacketsInnaphi with Phanek
Meghalayaunstitched dhoti with jacketsjainsem with blouse
Mizoramcloth with colored coatsPuan
PunjabKurta pajamaPunjabi suits with Patiala
RajasthanDhoti and AngrakhaGhagra with kurti
SikkimBakhuBakhu with Tago
Tamil NaduLungi and AngvastraSilk sarees or Pavda
TripuraRikutu Gamchi with shirtRignai and Risa
TelanganaPancha DhotiLanga Voni
UttarakhandDhoti KurtaGhagra Choli
Jammu and KashmirPheranPheran
Traditional dresses of different states of India

Andhra Pradesh Traditional Dress: Dhoti kurta

One of the culturally affluent southern states, Andhra Pradesh is famous for its weaving and dying industries. The clothing style transitions from the traditions that have nurtured the people of the state. Women in Andhra dress in handloom sarees made of silk. These handloom sarees have their own unique weaving patterns, styles, and methods. The younger women or girls wear Langa Voni, which is a two-piece or a half saree, consisting of a skirt, blouse, and a dupatta. Andhra Pradesh is distinctly famous for its Kalamkari sarees. These beautiful sarees have mythological figures and epic stories etched on them. If you are visiting Andhra, don’t forget to add this one to your saree collection! Men in the state wear full sleeves or half kurtas, paired with dhoti, lungi, or pyjama.

Traditional Dress of Andhra Pradesh

Arunachal Pradesh Traditional Dress: Silk shirts with lungi

The mesmerizing eastern state has a clothing culture as appealing as its natural beauty. Arunachal Pradesh’s traditional attire is an extension of the tribal cultures in the state. Women’s clothing comprises a jacket that is more or less like a full sleeves coat. They wear it over a sleeveless chemise. The conventional wear is tied over with the help of a belt called Mushaik. Bamboo accessories and silver jewellery complement the look. Men wear silk shirts, pinned to the shoulder area. They pair it with customary green lungis that display colored stripes of blue, yellow, or white. The Sherdukpen men – the tribal community is famous for the skull caps called Gurdam, which are made from Yak hair as decorative. The skull caps are an important tradition and complete the look.

Traditional Dress of Arunachal Pradesh

Bihar Traditional Dress: Dhoti kurta

The Land of Buddha, Bihar is an enriching state full of ancient traditions and cultural heritage. The costumes worn by the people of Bihar are a mirror of the age-old traditions of the place. Costumes Of Bihar are known for their handwoven textiles. Men wear traditional dhoti-kurtas while women dress up in Tussar silk sarees in seedha aanchal style.

Traditional Dress of Bihar

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Uttar Pradesh Traditional Dress: Dhoti kurta/pajama

The traditional dress of the Pradesh imitates the ones around the country. The women of Uttar Pradesh usually wear a saree or Salwar-Kameez while the men dress up in a kurta, dhoti, or pajama. The men also wear Pagri.

Traditional Dress of Uttar Pradesh

Assam Traditional Dress: Dhoti and gamosa

The graceful women of Assam take pride in wearing the beautiful ‘Mekhela-Chador’ or ‘Riha-Mekhela’ which is wonderful traditional clothing. Mekhela Chador is a two-piece garment and it has a long piece of cloth that is draped from the waist downwards and is then folded into pleats and tucked in. This part is called the Mekhela. Chador is also a long piece of cloth whose one end is tucked into the Mekhela, and then the rest is wrapped around the body. Wearing the traditional dress is a very difficult endeavour and it takes practice. Men of Assam wear Dhoti and Gamosa to keep their look minimalistic. The Gamosa is a rectangular piece of cloth and has significant value. It is a white cloth with a beautiful red border on three sides and woven motifs on the remaining one.

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Traditional Dress of Assam

Maharashtra Traditional Dress: Dhoti with pagadi

Maharashtra is an iconic state in all its grandeur. Filled with Bollywood vibes and mega festivals, it is a state of rich culture and traditions. The beautiful people of Maharashtra wear costumes that are as glorious as their state itself. Women in Maharashtra wear sarees that are 9 yards long and are called a Lugade or ‘Nauvari’ saree. Wearing this has a different draping pattern. The saree is tucked in a middle to give it a Dhoti-type look. The rest of the saree is wrapped around the upper body. Men in Maharashtra usually wear Dhoti and cover their heads usually with Pehta, which is a pagadi.

Traditional Dress of Maharashtra

Goa Traditional Dress: Nav-vari saree

The Indian state known for its beaches and beautiful sunsets had different attire for men and women. Women in Goa also wear nine yards long saree, called the Nav-Vari saree which is studded with stones. Another type of saree that they wear is Pano Bhaju. Men keep it casual with half shirts and trousers.

Traditional Dress of Goa

Odisha Traditional Dress: Sambhalpuri saree

Located in the eastern region of India, Odisha is known for its deep religious roots. A state comprising various and distinct dialects, dance forms, and music, Odisha is a beautiful place to visit. Women wear traditional handwoven ikat sarees in which weft and warp are tie-dyed before the weaving process is done. The popular sarees of Odisha are Sambhalpuri, Bomkai, and Khandua sarees. Men wear Dhoti and Sambhalpuri kurtas.

Traditional Dress of Odisha

Chattisgarh Traditional Dress: Saree with Polkhas

Women in Chattisgarh also wear knee-length saree in a unique local style called the Kuchhora fashion. The blouse women wear is called Polkha. The garment is a product of cotton, silk, or linen in deep hues. Men mostly wear Dhoti and kurtas or pajama kurtas. Men belonging to tribal groups, such as Abhuj Marias, Ghotuls, Halbas, Murias, etc wear dhotis and headgear to protect themselves from the harsh sun during the day. You can read more about the clothing trends in Chattisgarh, here.

Traditional Dress of Chattisgarh

Jharkhand Traditional Dress: Santhals and Paharis

The so-called land of the forest, Jharkhand is an eastern Indian state whose clothing pattern is unique to its population. Women in the state wear Tussar silk sarees and Parthan and Panchi costumes as upper and lower garments respectively. Santhal Pargana is one of the main tribes of Jharkhand where men wear Santhals and Pahari to give them a unique look. Men also wear a single piece of cloth known as a Bhagwan. The male population prefers dhoti and kurtas too.

Traditional Dress of Jharkhand

Nagaland Traditional Dress: Alungstu

Even in the modern world, the Nagaland population still preserves their traditional dresses and history. The traditional dresses of Nagaland have a distinct flair to them and its different from the rest of the country. The rich men of the state wear Alungstu which is dyed in yellow color and has flower prints. Kilt is another dress that is worn and is black in color. Women wear Angami which is a traditional dress and is worn over a petticoat and a white skirt. Other dresses include Azu Zangup Su which are skirts having red and yellow stripes.

Traditional Dress of Nagaland

Madhya Pradesh Traditional Dress: Lehenga Choli

The traditional dresses of Madhya Pradesh have some similarities on the line to the costumes of Rajasthan, but it is still unique in their own way. Women in Madhya Pradesh wear lehenga choli. Lehenga is a long skirt with intricate designs and is available in different patterns, silhouettes, and for different occasions. Choli is a simple blouse. They also drape a long, light cloth, called the Orni or Lugra. Men in the state wear a dhoti, kurta, and shirt with coats which is called Bandi, or Mirzai with a turban called Safa.

Traditional Dress of Madhya Pradesh

West Bengal Traditional Dress: Panjabi

Known for its delectable Bengali dishes and charming architecture, West Bengal is an amazing state with stellar aesthetics. The traditional clothing of the state is as diverse as it can be and the red color palette of clothes is surreal. Bengali women wear traditional cotton sarees with rich red borders in an elegant and distinguished manner. The men of the state wear Panjabi, which is a long shirt-type kurta, and pair it with dhotis or lungis.

Traditional Dress of West Bengal

Gujarat Traditional Dress: Ghagra choli

And now Gujarat! The state’s diverse traditions and friendly culture speak for itself. Gujarat is the hub of many cultural festivals in India throughout the year. The Gujarati women wear colorful Ghaghra or Chaniya Choli, which is quite similar to the lehenga. Women also wear Chunni. During Raas Gharba, the women wear Ghagra Choli. Gujarati men wear ‘chorno’ which are cotton pants and pair them with Kediyu at the top.

Traditional Dress of Gujarat

Haryana Traditional Dress: Daman Kurta

Haryana, just like Punjab, has bright and colorful outfits that represent the culture of the state in a lively way. Women in Haryana wear shirts and kurtas with Ghagra. Instead of blouses, the women choose shirts that add to the beauty of the state in a unique way. Men wear a Dhoti kurta with Pagri.

Traditional Dress of Haryana

Himachal Pradesh Traditional Dress: Ghagra Cholis

The one-stop tourist destination in India, Himachal Pradesh is a state known for its scenic beauty. The clothing type in the state is diverse and tourists often dress in the enchanting costumes of Himachal. Women in the state wear kurtas, ghagra cholis, and salwar kameezes with scarves and shawls. Pashmina shawls are very famous in the region. Men mostly wear a long Kurta over Churidar Pyjamas and pair it with Himachal caps. Brahmins in the region also wear a long overcoat with turbans.

Traditional Dress of Himachal Pradesh

Karnataka Traditional Dress: Kanjeevaram sarees

Karnataka’s heritage, ethnicity, and history have a major effect on the outfits adorned by people. A beautiful state with rich culture and traditions, Karnataka people love keeping their cultural legacy alive through their clothing style. Women in Karnataka wear pure silk sarees woven intricately. The Kanchipuram or Kanjeevaram sarees of Karnataka are popular throughout the world among women. These sarees are available in different styles and designs. Astonishing zari work is done with pure silk thread and silver and gilded wires. Men in the state wear kurtas and lungis. On special occasions, men wear Panche which is a type of dhoti made in white color. It is paired with traditional kurtas and Angavastram.

Traditional Dress of Karnataka

Kerala Traditional Dress: Mundum-Neriyathum

The dressing sense of people in Kerala exudes simplicity and attracts attention from everyone. Women in Kerala wear a pair of Mundus which are known as Mundum-Neriyathum. The entire ensemble represents a saree. Men in Kerala wear Mundu which they wrap around the waist and the Mundu is white in color. They pair it with Melmundu or a basic white shirt.

Traditional Dress of Kerala

Manipur Traditional Dress: Innaphi with Phanek

Women in Manipur wear Phanek which is a skirt designed with horizontal lines. Innaphi is the shawl they wear with Phanek. Other costumes include Lai-Phi and Chin-Phi. Men wear Dhoti with jackets and Pagris. The superior member of the society wears Khamen Chatpa.

Traditional Dress of Manipur

Meghalaya Traditional Dress: jainsem with blouse

Meghalaya is a colorful state both in terms of beauty and attire. The state has families belonging to Khasi, Jaintia, and Garo tribes. Women of the Khasi tribe: wear a jainsem along with a blouse. Garo women wear long dresses made from cotton. The women of the Jaintia tribe cover their heads with checkered cloth garments known as Kyrshah. Men mostly wear unstitched dhoti with embroidered jackets.

Traditional Dress of Meghalaya

Mizoram Traditional Dress: Puan

Just like the other northeastern states, the traditional dress of Mizoram also hits differently and represents the beauty of the state. One of the traditional attire worn by women in Mizoram is the traditional dress called ‘Puan’. Puan consists of a black and white striped blouse, leggings, and a dupatta. Mizo women also wear Puanchei during festivals and special occasions. The traditional dress of men is mostly 7 to 5 feet of cloth over the body paired with white-colored coats and red bands from neck to thighs.

Traditional Dress of Mizoram

Punjab Traditional Dress: Kurta pajama

Punjab is an evergreen state known for its friendly culture, diverse cuisine, and energetic people. The attire of people in Punjab depicts the true nature of the state – carefree, lively, and enthusiastic. The gorgeous ladies of Punjab wear charismatic Punjabi suits with Patiala. Other variations include kurta-dhoti and suit with churidar. Men in the state wear kurta with dhoti or pajama and wear Punjabi turbans which are an important and religious part of their attire.

Traditional Dress of Punjab

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Rajasthan Traditional Dress: Ghagra with kurti

The land of palaces and royal beauty – Rajasthan is grand in all its ways. The sharp spices and delicacies of the state and the rich traditions of Rajasthan capture the hearts of many. The outfits of people in Rajasthan represent their royal culture and stellar personality. Women of Rajasthan wear long skirts called ghagra with kurti or Kanchi. Women in various regions of Rajasthan also take the traditional Odhni, which is a long piece of cloth worn as a veil. Men in the state wear Dhoti and Angrakha. Angrakha is a piece of cloth that covers the chest. Pagari is considered the honor of men in Rajasthan. It is mostly a 2-meter-long cloth and is worn in the traditional style.

Traditional Dress of Rajasthan

Sikkim Traditional Dress: Bakhu with Tago

Outfits of people in Sikkim represent the various cultural and religious beliefs of the people of the state. Men and women both wear Bakhu. It is a loose cloak-like cloth piece that people tie at the neck and tighten around the waist with the help of a belt made of silk or cotton. The Lepcha women wear the Dumvam garment, along with the loose-fitted blouse called Tago.

Traditional Dress of Sikkim

Tamil Nadu Traditional Dress: Lungi and Angvastra

Tamil Nadu is the southernmost state of India, known for its beautiful temples, southern food, and traditional clothing. People in Tamil Nadu hold traditions in high regard and abide by the lines of their culture. Women in Tamil Nadu wear silk sarees and half sarees are also popular. Kanchipuram sarees are very famous in the state and have rich textures and color variations. Pavada or the half-saree is another traditional outfit of Tamil Nadu especially worn by girls before getting married. Men generally wear lungi and angavastra. They also pair it with shirts. White color lungis are the most popular.

Traditional Dress of Tamil Nadu

Tripura Traditional Dress: Rignai and Risa

Rignai and Risa are the important dresses of Tripura. Women wear Rignai which is the lower part of the dress resembling a draped skirt. Risa is the upper part of the dress and it is also worn in drapes. Men in Tripura wear Rikutu Gamchi with shirt.

Traditional Dress of Tripura

Telangana Traditional Dress: Pancha Dhoti

The traditional dress of Telangana for Women is Langa Voni. Telangana is famous for its tie and dye techniques. Langa Voni is is usually a cloth of cotton or other fancy materials. Men in Telangana wear Pancha Dhoti. Hyderabadi Sherwanis are worn during weddings and special functions.

Traditional Dress of Telangana

Uttarakhand Traditional Dress: Ghagra Choli

Uttarakhand is a picturesque state and is an important religious site according to Hindu beliefs. Uttaranchal or Uttarakhand is also known as ‘Devbhoomi’ or the land of gods and the traditional attire of the state reflects the culture of the different communities living here. Most of the women wear Ghagra with choli. Ghagra is a long skirt that is available in myriad designs. Men mostly wear Dhoti and Kurta.

Traditional Dress of Uttarakhand

Jammu and Kashmir Traditional Dress: Pheran

Jammu and Kashmir is now one of the eight Indian territories of India, but the state has a unique contemporary and special traditional dress and so Jammu and Kashmir is here on the list too. The surreal, heaven on earth, has a clothing style that is unique to the land. The conventional wear of Kashmir is called Pheran, which is a long gown that extends below the knees. Pheran is usually accompanied by a headdress named Abaya.

Traditional dress of indian states: Jammu and Kashmir
Traditional dress of indian states: Jammu and Kashmir
What is the traditional dress of Goa?

A widely embraced traditional attire in Goa is the “Pano Bhaju,” a long skirt that is typically accompanied by a blouse and a scarf. Crafted from either cotton or silk, this dress is often embellished with lively patterns or intricate hand embroidery, reflecting the vibrant cultural heritage of the region.
Note: The dresses of different states of India have been told above.

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