Struggling in Life? Read the story of a man with no hands and has designed 450 Websites !!

RYAN HUDSON PERALTA: A man with no hands is an Inspiration for Many

LIFE is a beautiful gift of God.

It is precious, yet hard. Life has not been a bed of roses for many, one finds it difficult to live.
But one should be always ready to face adversity and challenge, it is a part of life. Nothing comes easy. One has to be determined to discover vision and success in life.

RYAN HUDSON PERALTA, who was born with a situation called “Congenital Limb Deficiency”. He has shorter arms with no hands and short legs which stopped growing under the knees. But, this is not it! He is a well known ‘web-designer’, who has no hands. Despite this very innovative, artistic, and successful at whatever he does.

His doctors said that he want to able to live a normal life, going to school, playing with kids, enjoying or getting out of the wheelchair. Even after this, his mother refrains from adopting or giving birth to him. She always believed him.

Now in his thirties, Ryan has proved those physicians, doctors, and all doubters wrong while endorsing his mother’s faith in his resolve.

He said that his mother is the reason for his success and triumph.

He always thanked her mother for supporting him throughout this journey of his life.

By using a standard computer mouse and keyboard in place of hands, Ryan has designed more than 450 Websites for professional clients nationwide through his own company, NewMedia3, served as creative director for two Detroit-based magazines.
Currently, he is working for Quicken Loans in downtown Detroit as a Web & User Interface designer.

He has to struggle and grapple every day to make his day count. Ryan has constructed a life full of wisdom and incitement.He refused to be on the bed, he worked hard, he never took this disability as his weakness but his strength.

RYAN has a pessimistic view of life. Regardless of his problems and infirmity, he still manages to touch the height of success and carve a niche for himself.

PERALTA never wants people to know about his disability, and he keeps that out for a reason because he doesn’t  want people to see him as a person with a disability. He wants us to see him as “who he is today.”… Someone that has never let anything stand in his way, a person with a passion for helping people and showing others that with positive thinking anything and everything is possible.

He is truly an inspiration for all the people out there, who consider their life quite difficult and hard because LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT.
Adversity and hardships make a person strong and proficient. He accepts all the obstacles and challenges of life with composure.

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