Meet The Most Followed Person on quora and he is an inspiration to many

Meet The Most Followed Person on Quora: Balaji Viswanathan

We all follow people on Quora to get answers for the storm of questions building up in our mind.  So we tried to dig in as to who is the most followed person on Quora. So, Balaji Viswanathan here emerges out as a man who is most followed a user on  Quora. A famous quote by Thomas Pynchon goes well for Balaji Viswanathan, “If they can get you asking the wrong questions, they don’t have to worry about answers”. Viswanathan has answers which are always correct and inspiring. Being a CEO of Invento he has time to entertain people in his busy schedule to answer their question.


The rock star of Quora, Balaji Viswanathan has answers to all questions of a heterogeneous mass audience. Balaji since his childhood is a very comprehending person. His childhood was full of praises and awards for his knowledge. His present is just the same as the platform of his prominence is still the same and he has earned fame and respect all over the world. He has received awards not only from India but even internationally. The beams of his wisdom are spread all over the world. Balaji is a very resourceful person who has answers to all the question of millions of people.

He was born in Tiruchchirappalli Bangalore and started his career as a software engineer in the core developing team of Microsoft. Balaji didn’t receive much success in this work, he had a keen interest in writing blogs. He got fame and popularity through his writings. He joined many new popular firms but couldn’t get inner peace he wanted. For his satisfaction, he started writing blogs from the year 2005.

Balaji Viswanathan started writing on Quora in 2011 which was a bitter meeting and he felt Quora was little sickening and thought of departing. His wife gathered and crafted all his potential back and asked him to continue with Quora. Balaji spends almost 2-3 hours of a day to answer the questions of the people. Quora is a brain exercise and tool of expression for him and he loves doing it. He is also well known for his political knowledge and support for BJP. His base of followers who love his bullet point answers extends in millions. He has almost 328,188 followers who question him with their queries and confusions. He holds an achievement of answering 213.5 million questions till date.

Quora has awarded him as the best writer in the year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017. His followers believe that there is no question to which Balaji has no answer. Balaji breathes his life into his answers which make them stand out. He is a symbol of excellence and knowledge. Such great people with great intellect need to be glorified and honored. Kudos to you sir for your this excellence.

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