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With the increasing number of career choices in front of students, there is always confusion amongst the students to wether choose a good job or go for entrepreneurship. After the launch of the “Startup India Scheme”, by the Indian government, people are getting more inclined towards entrepreneurship but with the upcoming time, this scenario might change.

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Pros and Cons of Job :

Job is any activity that is performed in exchange for money and similar benefits.


In a corporate or any job, you can have the freedom to choose your field of interest to work, with multiple projects and variety of positions, one can choose the field of interest and also upgrade the skills working in different departments.


Corporate jobs provide us to work with a variety of people, which develops our team working skills, develop leadership qualities and also increases mutual understanding among the employees.

3. No investment required

No job requires any type of down-payment or investment and involves lesser risk in terms of job stability even if you lose the job you can get another easily if you have the credentials.

4. Time Barrier

Every government or private sector has some rules and work ethics that need to followed and there is always a time constraint to complete the assigned task.

5. Getting time off

Having a job doesn’t give much personal time,  one needs to work overtime and also need to follow the same routine, which is sometimes tiring.

6. Recognition

Hard-work is not always proportional to success. In some governments as well as private sectors people don’t always get promoted on the basis of their abilities but due to their connections.

7.Keeps you Confined in a box

An Entrepreneur never hesitates from taking risks or to work in any position in the company, while a person in a job usually spends his half of time in a cubicle working on someone else’s dream.


The willingness to start a new venture keeping in mind the risk and difficulties in order to make a profit is entrepreneurship, or when someone identifies an opportunity and converts them into a viable process.

Pros and Cons of Entrepreneurship:

1. Be your own Boss

As an entrepreneur one gets to create things, makes one stronger, and a lot more courageous and confident to work according to their own schedule as well as can bring out more job opportunities for everyone.

2. Adaptability.

An entrepreneur knows how to use the resources in the best possible ways and know how to survive in the worst conditions possible. They are more flexible and have more leadership qualities and you end up being the jack of all trades.

3. Retirement

At the end of the day you cannot own the thing you are working on but being an entrepreneur one has something of their own and you can also give your family a secure future.

4. Advantages of entrepreneurship: Satisfaction

One gets to follow his/her passion which brings more satisfaction and gives more happiness in contrast to the job or working for someone else’s dream. The degree of satisfaction is directly proportional to success.

5. Responsibility

Entrepreneurship is a risky task. Each and every step one takes involves risk and planning and any loss incurred or damage would be the accountability of an entrepreneur.

6. Huge Capital required

Starting your own venture requires a large sum of money and manpower which requires huge investment or funding which is sometimes very difficult to get through.

7. Makes you live a simple life

Very few entrepreneurs live a good lavish life, most of the entrepreneurs in the early phase live an ordinary life.

8. More Stress and Risk

Building a company from scratch requires a lot of work to do and makes one go through a lot of stress both physically and mentally.


Every sector involves a certain kind of risk and benefit. Taking into consideration, both sections are essential for the development of a nation, it resides upon the individual thoughts and interests to choose they want to follow. One needs to discover from the instincts which path to follow.

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