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Baba Harbhajan Singh: A Man Protecting The Border’s Even After Death!! – God of Small Thing

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Baba Harbhajan Singh: A Man  Protecting The Border’s Even After Death !!
“Once A Soldier, Always A soldier “

We all love to sit in our rooms and do stuff we like. We all know who makes this possible! -The Indian army and other forces who sacrifice their nights and days so we can sleep in our homes peacefully. None of us actually wakes up to safeguard and pray for our soldiers every day. But do you know, there is a mythology that a person protects the borders of the country and its soldier even after death?

The story seems to be something which science won’t believe. But wars are not won over science but faith and love towards motherland right?.

While many not agree but military mythology is a thing. This is the story of Late Baba Harbhajan Singh, a major in Indian army who served the country till 1986. Baba Harbhajan Singh martyred in 1986 but it is believed that he is serving the motherland and his ghost is still protecting the borders and brother-in-arms at the border.

Who is Baba Harbhajan Singh?

Indian army story:

Baba Harbhajan Singh was born on August 3, 1941, and died on October 4, 1968. He was a ranked soldier and was Major in the Indian Army. Baba Harbhajan Singh died near the NathuLa in eastern Sikkim. He is revered by soldiers as the “Hero of Nathula” . He was a great soldier and the proof for that is that the upcoming generations and fellow mates of Baba Harbhajan Singh have built a shrine in his honor.

Harbhajan has been accorded with the status of a Saint. A saint who protects the borders even after death.

He was granted a commission and was posted to serve with the14 Rajput Regiment. It was in the year 1967, near Nathu-La pass, that Singh met his end after slipping and drowning in a glacier while he was leading a column of mules carrying supplies to a lonesome outpost. His body was recovered after three days and cremated with due honors. But did he really die?

Legend has it that it was his own ghost that led the search party to his own dead body.

Soon after his cremation, it was believed that he appeared in of his fellow friend’s dream. Harbhajan Singh asked him to erect a shrine in his memory. Following what his friend told, a shrine was dedicated to him.

The jawans of the region and many others believe that the post of Nathu-La is been protected by Harbhajan Singh. The jawans even believe that in a state of any attack, Baba Harbhajan Singh warns them beforehand of any such incidents. The Soldiers of the Indian army are then alert and are able to cope with the situation. It is believed that Baba Harbhajan Singh informs them at least three days before any kind of impending attack.

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The story of Harbhajan Singh protecting the borders is just not confined to Nathu La and India but even the Chinese believe he exists. During any kind of flag meets, a chair is kept aside to honor Harbhajan Singh.

It is also believed that the water from the shrine of Baba Harbhajan Singh has the capability to heal ailing soldiers. The shrine of Late Harbhajan Singh is guarded by a group of barefooted soldiers. His uniform and boots are been cleaned every day.

Watch This Video For having a Real-Time Glimpse of his Shrine

His valour was appreciated even by the Indian army. The army promoted Harbhajan to Captain and monetary benefits are also sent to his family. People believe he is still performing his duty and thus he is awarded a leave on every 14th of September.

His belongings were packed and accompanied by soldiers, sent to Kapurthala by train and brought back the same way. This was done annually until he was retired a few years ago.

Clearly, faith is stronger than anything else here.

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