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A man, a name, a feeling – Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Every time he walks into the stadium wearing his No. 7 jersey, crowds cheer at the top of their vocal cords to welcome the legend who took Indian cricket to its pinnacle. As a right-handed, middle-order batsman in the Indian team, he initially went on a run-scoring spree. His game naturally changed as he assumed the role of captaincy and turned himself into a magical finisher as well as a formidable wicket-keeper. If you are looking to get some of his best achievements as a captain you can check them out separately. Best achievements as captain for Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Although most of us talk about him while speaking of cricket, today, we shall rather discover more about MS Dhoni and his family. Some might know about MS Dhoni’s wife and daughter, however, we shall dig deeper and learn about MS Dhoni’s brother as well as his supportive sister. And most importantly, his mother and father. 

A little about MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni Personal Life
MS Dhoni

Born: 7 July 1981 (age 39 years), Ranchi
ODI debut (cap 158): 23 December 2004 v Bangladesh
Test debut (cap 251): 2 December 2005 v Sri Lanka
T20I debut (cap 2): 1 December 2006 v South Africa
Last ODI: 9 July 2019 v New Zealand
Last Test: 26 December 2014 v Australia

Before we rummage through the details of MS Dhoni’s family, let’s take a glance at what our all-time favorite Mahi has presented Indian cricket with. He made his ODI debut in 2004 and entered the Test arena the following year. While Mahi’s long, smooth hair sat comfortably on his shoulders, his bat grew unstoppable at every chance of hitting a six. In 2007, he became the debut Indian captain for a young team appearing in the inaugural T20 World Cup. As he lifted that cup, Indian cricket found its new hero. He eventually reigned for a decade, taking India to unprecedented heights and becoming the greatest captain in history.

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Apart from being the first wicket-keeper to effect 100 ODI stumpings and one of the highest run-getters in the format, he’s proved to be a strategic leader. Under his captaincy, India became the first team to whitewash Australia in Test after 40 years, and topped the ICC Test rankings in 2009, for the very first time. He has won several accolades for his contributions to the game. Recently, Mahi received the ICC Spirit of Cricket Award of the Decade. One of the reasons backing this award is that India won all the major ICC trophies under his captaincy – 2007 T20 World Cup, 2011 ODI World Cup, and 2013 Champions Trophy. Dhoni played a central role in shaping modern-day cricket.

Without further ado, let’s catch up on the focal point of this article – MS Dhoni’s family.  

MS Dhoni Father

MS Dhoni Father: Pan Singh Dhoni
MS Dhoni Father: Pan Singh Dhoni

There are a lot of people who remain curious to know about MS Dhoni’s father and keep inquiring about him. Today, we put all those questions at rest. MS Dhoni’s father belonged to Lawali village in the Almora district of the hilly state of Uttarakhand. His name is Pan Singh Dhoni.

MS Dhoni Father: Pan Singh Dhoni

According to the reports of the Times of India, MS Dhoni’s father left the village, like many others in the 1970s, in search of a proper job. MS Dhoni’s family migrated to Ranchi, which was earlier a part of Bihar, now the capital city of Jharkhand. Here, MS Dhoni’s father began working in junior level management positions at the Metallurgical & Engineering Consultants (India) Limited, a PSU under the Central Ministry of Steel. In the movie MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, famous Bollywood actor Anupam Kher played the role of MS Dhoni’s father. Pan Singh Dhoni is a proud father but someone who has rarely appeared in media, other than the special occasions. 

MS Dhoni Mother 

MS Dhoni Mother: Devaki Devi
Dhoni’s Mother: Devaki Devi

MS Dhoni Mother: Devaki Devi

Every cricket-loving human must hail the woman who brought a child, like Mahi, into this world. A child, who grew up to dominate the cricket world, has become one of the most celebrated athletes of the century. He has yet managed to stay humble and respectful to all. Such gentlemanly character is incomparable and that inner build-up is owed to none other than MS Dhoni’s mother. Her name is Devaki Devi. She managed all the essential chores and looked after the well being of MS Dhoni’s family when her husband had been engaged in making ends meet financially. Blessed with three kids, MS Dhoni’s mother had a wholesome household experience of an Indian mother. And honestly, she brought up her family beautifully well. In the movie MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, well-known theatre actress Neeta Mohindra played MS Dhoni’s mother. 

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MS Dhoni Brother 

MS Dhoni Brother: Narendra Singh Dhoni
Dhoni’s Brother: Narendra Singh Dhoni

MS Dhoni Brother: Narendra Singh Dhoni

All was good and happy when MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Mahi’s biopic came out in 2016, except for one controversy that flared up. It concerned MS Dhoni’s brother Narendra Singh Dhoni. India Today (see the YouTube video) and several other media outlets ran the story of the missing brother in the film. From the coach who persuaded Dhoni to give up football to the friend who taught Mahi the signature helicopter shot, all found a place in the movie but not MS Dhoni’s brother. Nonetheless, the story lost fuel very soon. Fans and media-persons learned about the matter from the neighbors of MS Dhoni’s family. They were convinced that since MS Dhoni’s brother hardly made any contributions to Mahi’s career, his character was not included. 

Narendra Singh Dhoni is a politician by profession. Earlier, he was a member of the Bharatiya Janata Party but defected in 2013 to join Samajwadi Party. 

MS Dhoni Sister

MS Dhoni Sister: Jayanti Gupta
MS Dhoni Sister: Jayanti Gupta

Dreams of building a sports career are usually not fancied by Indian parents, who wish for a stable and secure life for their children. MS Dhoni’s family was no different. No wonder, he had to take the job of a Traveling Ticket Examiner (TTE) at Kharagpur railway station. While Mahi’s passion was denied to take shape initially, it was MS Dhoni’s sister who backed him against all odds. She knew her brother pretty well and instilled faith in his talent, long before anybody could sense Mahi’s caliber. Her name is Jayanti Gupta, an English teacher and happily married to a man named Gautam Gupta.

MS Dhoni Sister: Jayanti Gupta

Dhoni’s sister is not a hidden story, her photos have appeared multiple times during important matches. MS Dhoni’s sister has played a supportive role throughout his life and her smiling presence must delight Mahi as and when he recalls his long cricketing endeavor. In the movie, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story, Bhumi Chawla played MS Dhoni’s sister.

MS Dhoni Wife

MS Dhoni Wife: Sakshi Rawat Dhoni
MS Dhoni Wife: Sakshi Rawat Dhoni

The Super Queen to the Superking is Sakshi Rawat Dhoni, a popular figure in B-town gossip. Born in Guwahati, Assam on 19th November 1988, Sakshi turned 32 recently. She is one among the three children of Mr. R.K. Singh and Mrs. Sheila Singh. She did her schooling from Welham’s Girls School and Jawahar Vidya Mandir. Interestingly, Sakshi and Anushka Sharma once studied together! After completing her graduation from the Institute of Hotel Management in Aurangabad, Sakshi interned at Taj Bengal, Kolkata. 

MS Dhoni Wife: Sakshi Rawat Dhoni

It was her last day of internship when an unexpected guest had arrived. Sakshi, unaware of his rising celebrity, greeted Mahi sweetly as with any other guests in the hotel. Mahi instantly fell in love with her and asked his manager Yudhajit Dutta to arrange for her phone number. On receiving a text from Mahi, Sakshi thought it to be a prank. As Mahi convinced her of his real identity, a love story ensued. They started dating in March 2008 and on 4th of July 2010, Sakshi became MS Dhoni’s wife. 

In a decade of their marriage, MS Dhoni’s wife has never shied away from sharing MS Dhoni’s family’s happenings with the fans and media. She’s an active Instagrammer and has often been found hanging out with her best friend Poorna Patel. MS Dhoni’s wife has had a fair share of controversies but she overcame each of them smartly. After stepping down from the directorship of Rihti Alamode MSD Pvt. Ltd, a sports association in New Delhi, MS Dhoni’s wife now runs a foundation for orphan kids – Sakshi Rawat Foundation. To learn more about MS Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi Rawat Dhoni, visit 

MS Dhoni Daughter 

MS Dhoni Daughter: Ziva Dhoni
Dhoni’s Daughter: Ziva Dhoni

MS Dhoni Daughter: Ziva Dhoni

The cutest member of the MS Dhoni family is none other than Ziva Dhoni, the five-year-old daughter of MS Dhoni. She was born on 6th February 2015 in Ranchi Jharkhand. On the day of delivery, Mahi was away in Australia, leading the Indian team in the 2015 World Cup. On being questioned about his absence on such an important day, he famously replied, “I am on national duty so everything else can wait.” (Source: Deccan Chronicle)

MS Dhoni’s daughter is often under the spotlight. Fans from every corner of the world pour their affection on the little sweetheart. There’s a series of social media posts, uploaded by Mahi as well as MS Dhoni’s wife, where Ziva can be seen playing or sporting adorable dresses. In this article, one can find a link tree of stories revolving around MS Dhoni’s daughter. From sporting Disney princess dresses, sharing Besan laddoo, watching Bigg Boss to playing piano and getting a haircut, many such Ziva posts have gone viral. Moreover, the dad-daughter pair have an end number of videos exhibiting the love they share. MS Dhoni’s daughter is no doubt one of the most famous celeb kids in the country and carries a separate fan base altogether. 

MS Dhoni Best Buddy

MS Dhoni Best Buddy Santosh
Dhoni’s Best Buddy Santosh

MS Dhoni Best Buddy: Santosh

The bestie who taught Mahi how to shoot a ball off a helicopter swing was Santosh Lal. Back then, he called it the Thappad shot. Since childhood, Santosh was MS Dhoni’s best buddy and shared innumerable cricket memories. In fact, Santosh went on to play first-class cricket for the state of Jharkhand. Though celeb limelight drives away old friends, Mahi made sure to keep in touch with his dear friend with whom he had spent much time during the job at the railways. 

Mahi made every effort to save his best buddy when discovered that Santosh was suffering from acute pancreatitis. When his health deteriorated, Mahi arranged for an air ambulance to take his best buddy to New Delhi. Sadly, he couldn’t make it and passed away on 17 July 2013, aged 32. (Source: India Today). An early death that must’ve shaken Mahi to the core. With a lost friend, MS Dhoni still managed to make the world smile. 

To keep the information credible and accurate. A lot of information has been acquired from Wikipedia.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the father and mother of MS Dhoni?

Pan Singh Dhoni is the father and Devaki Devi is the mother of MS Dhoni. They migrated to Ranchi (then in Bihar), now the capital city of Jharkhand in search of proper work. MS Dhoni’s parents have three children: Narendra Singh Dhoni (elder brother), Jayanti Gupta (elder sister), and Mahi (the youngest of all). While MS Dhoni’s father worked in junior-level management positions for MECON, a PSU under the Ministry of Steel, MS Dhoni’s mother has always been a homemaker, looking after the needs of the family.

Does MS Dhoni have a child?

Yes, MS Dhoni has a girl child. Her name is Ziva Dhoni. MS Dhoni’s wife, Sakshi, and Mahi had her on the 6th of February 2015. The dad-daughter duo has featured on several media coverages and there are a number of cute social media posts that showcase their perfect bonding. Ziva is loved by millions and supposedly, has got her own separate fan base.

How did Priyanka Jha die?

According to DNA India, Priyanka Jha was MS Dhoni’s first love interest. Prior to entering the Indian team, in 2002, he had fallen for a girl. While he was selected in India A to play a tri-series with Zimbabwe and Kenya in the period 2003-2004, he had reportedly decided to marry Priyanka Jha. Mahi performed excellently well, however, sad news awaited him off the pitch. He discovered that his lady love, Priyanka Jha had met her end in a tragic road accident.

Who is the sister of MS Dhoni?

Jayanti Gupta is the sister of MS Dhoni. She has always been an unconditional pole of support for Mahi, be it in his cricketing career or life. When members of MS Dhoni’s family opposed Mahi’s decision to take up cricket as his career, it was Jayanti who stepped forward in support of his decision. Media outlets have often captured clicks of her during crucial matches, signifying that she carries on with her supporting role.

How old is Ziva Dhoni?

Ziva Dhoni is five years old. She was born to MS Dhoni and Sakshi Rawat Dhoni in February 2015. At the time of her birth, her father, MS Dhoni was away in Australia, leading team India in the ODI World Cup. On being asked about his absence on such an auspicious day, MS Dhoni resorted to the highest level of sportsmanship and replied, “I am on national duty so everything else can wait.” Fans and reporters were awestruck in admiration, listening to his response.

Who is MS Dhoni’s wife?

Sakshi Rawat Dhoni is MS Dhoni’s wife. After dating for almost two years, Mahi tied knots with her on the 4th of July 2010. Sakshi has been super-active in both, managing a beautiful family and engaging in a hectic public life. She is open with all her answers and often makes her stand clear to rid of the annoying controversies. Earlier, she was the director of Rihti Alamode MSD Pvt. Ltd, now, she has switched to dedicating her life to the betterment of orphan kids, residing in Sakshi Rawat Foundation.

Who is MS Dhoni’s best friend?

Santosh Lal was MS Dhoni’s best friend. Santosh had taught MS Dhoni the signature helicopter shot, for which the latter became a global sensation. Mahi and Santosh were childhood friends and shared numerous cricketing memories. In fact, both played for the same Ranji team of the state of Jharkhand. Even after rising to immense popularity, Dhoni kept in touch with his best friend. However, fate had decided something else. In 2013, Santosh succumbed to his long ailment of acute pancreatitis. Mahi tried his best to save him but unfortunately, failed.

Who was Dhoni’s first girlfriend?

Priyanka Jha was Dhoni’s first girlfriend. Both of them had started dating prior to Mahi’s entry into the Indian cricket national team. While on a tri-series tour of Zimbabwe and Kenya in 200-2004, playing for India, Dhoni had decided to wed Priyanka Jha. Nonetheless, tragedy hit him hard as he received the sad news of her sudden demise. After much discussion, this storyline was portrayed in Mahi’s biopic, MS Dhoni: The Untold Story. Disha Patani played Dhoni’s first girlfriend, Priyanka Jha, and did justice to the role.

Is Dhoni blessed with a baby boy?

No, Dhoni is not blessed with a baby boy, but a sweet little baby girl named Ziva. She is five years old and has earned the media spotlight multiple times, owing to her delightful cuteness. Born on 5 February 2015, the celeb kid is no less than a star for having posed in the most adorable dresses, including Disney’s princess variety.

Where does MS Dhoni live now?

As per Stars Unfolded, MS Dhoni lives in an eye-catching farmhouse in Ranchi, Jharkhand named Kailashpati. The farmhouse is located in Harmu Housing Colony, where the MS Dhoni family- Pan Singh Dhoni, Devaki Devi, Sakshi Dhoni, Ziva Dhoni, and Mahi live together. During the lockdown period of 2020, Dhoni spent a lot of quality time with his daughter Ziva in this home.

Why Dhoni’s brother is not in his biopic?

Narendra Singh Dhoni, MS Dhoni’s brother is not in his biopic because he did not much contribute to either Dhoni’s life or cricketing career. Narendra Singh Dhoni is a politician, currently with Samajwadi Party after defecting from Bhartiya Janata Party in 2013. The controversies revolving around this issue arose when MS Dhoni: The Untold Story was released in 2016, but soon, it was put to rest.

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