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Are slot machines a game of luck or math?

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Are slot machines a game of luck or math?

Gambling is built in the human’s nature, and it has been present for centuries. Also, there has always been a debate if gambling is based just on luck, or you can improve your chances of winning thanks to specific skills. In modern days, casinos are the most popular venues where gambling activities take place. Players can enjoy lots of games, and most of them are games of chance. The most famous type of casino games are slots, and they represent around 80% of the casino’s game library. They also fall under the category of games of chance, and thus many players are wondering if slot machines are a game of luck or skill.

What is a game of chance?

Let’s first answer this question. It is a game where a random number generator has a strong influence, and a player may choose to wager on the outcome. Also, a player doesn’t need to have any skill to play the majority of these games, although some of them may require a small level of skill to play them optimally. The majority of casino games qualify as a game of chance, basically all of them except for blackjack and poker.

Another important term that we should address is the “house edge.” The “house” refers to the casino, and the house edge is the advantage that a casino has over the player. It is a built-in advantage that represents the casino’s average profit per bet. You should always do some research, compare the edges, and select the game with the smallest edge. There are websites like where you can find all the information you need about the best slot sites in India. 

Skill vs Luck

It is essential to understand the difference between luck and skill in casino games. Most of the people may think that poker is based only on luck, while, for example, Bingo requires some skill. Let’s make a clear difference without overcomplicating. A game of chance, including slots, indeed requires the luck to get a really big payout. So, if you headed to one of the top Indian slot sites, you should rely on a good fortune to beat the house in the long term. Of course, there are people born lucky and could get really big winnings by hitting the jackpot.

Skills in gambling usually refer to maths. In some games such as blackjack or poker, you can use maths to your advantage so that it can bring you a minimal edge over the house. Yes, there is a small part of luck in those games as well, but you can develop specific strategies based on maths to increase your chances of winning. In the case of slot games, specific techniques can help you lower the house edge, although their impact is not that strong as on other types of games like blackjack.

The same applies to Pachinko, the Japanese version of slot machines. Some players indeed use various strategies to improve their chances of winning. Even if they are based just on selecting the type of device they play, its variance, or its location in the casino, every strategy that can lower the house edge can be considered as a good one.

But what about skill slots? There is a type of slot game that can actually provide you with an extra reward based on your skills. You can find these titles among the best online slots in India. Besides the classic slot, these games include bonus rounds where you can boost your winnings based on your skills. For example, if you play an arcade-themed slot, your bonus round may include a race. Based on your position in the race, you can give an extra value to your winnings. Although you still need to rely heavily on luck, specific skills can result in higher winnings.


Slots are an incredible way of having fun in a casino. They are very straightforward to play, and everybody can enjoy the thrill they provide to players. Numerous titles are available at online casinos as well, and if you have some money to wager on slot games, that can be an excellent way to get entertained in these times of a lockdown. Who knows, you may hit the jackpot as well!

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